Will the Reopening of Disneyland Paris be delayed further and NOT open in April?

Will the Reopening of Disneyland Paris be delayed further and NOT open in April?

The reopening of Disneyland Paris is being discussed again, and according to multiple sources, the opening will be delayed once again! This could be the forth time the Disneyland Paris opening date has moved. Initially, it was planned to reopen over the festive period, this was moved back to February, and then moved again on April 2nd.

The decision to delay the reopening again was apparently discussed after the French government announcement on March the 5th, which confirmed no restrictions would be lifted until at least mid April. Without these restrictions being lifted it would be impossible for the Parks to reopen.

So when will the Disneyland Paris reopen?

Whilst we have had multiple sources confirm that Disneyland Paris will not reopen on April 2nd, no new opening date has been supplied. However, we are hearing two possible scenarios.

Firstly, similar to the first closure in 2020, Disneyland Paris will simply announce a ‘closure until further notice’. This will make sure they do not have to delay it again, and avoid many guests having to rearrange their plans once again. Once the French government has supplied new information which would allow the reopening of the Parks, they would then announce a new opening date.

Alternatively, we have heard a lot of rumours that the reopening of Disneyland Paris will happen in June, just in time for the peak summer season.

We assume in the next few days, or next week we will get an official announcement from Disneyland Paris. However, in the mean time we will have to sit and wait until we know for sure when we can go home to Disneyland Paris.

Whilst we’re waiting for an official announcement please do contact the Disneyland Paris reservation center. They will be unable to confirm any new reopening date until this announcement has been made.

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