How to Buy a Disneyland Paris Annual Pass Online

How to Buy a Disneyland Paris Annual Pass Online

We have been asked many times how we buy our Disneyland Paris Annual Pass online, as many of our followers and website visitors are unable to see a purchase option when viewing the Disneyland Paris website. Therefore we have created this helpful guide to show you how you can buy a Disneyland Paris Annual Pass online!

You can only purchase a Disneyland Paris annual pass online when the website language is set to French.

We have noticed that in most cases people are unable to see this “to buy” option due to the language settings on the website.

We are unsure why this is the case, but usually, the “French” language version of the Disneyland Paris website provides more information. For example, see the two screenshots below…

How to Buy a Disneyland Paris Annual Pass Online in french
How to Buy a Disneyland Paris Annual Pass Online in english

I don’t speak or understand French, can I still buy a Disneyland Paris Annual Pass online?

Yes, you don’t need to speak or understand french to buy a Disneyland Paris Annual Pass online. We have a great tip to help you use the french language website but display the text in your native language.

If you use the Google Chrome browser this has an option to translate any webpage. See the screenshots below which shows the same page with the additional option, but it is now displayed in english using this option.

How to Buy a Disneyland Paris Annual Pass Online
How to Buy a Disneyland Paris Annual Pass Online

How to Buy a Disneyland Paris Annual Pass Online

  • Download and use Google Chrome Browser – click here to download
    If you already have this browser installed please skip this step.
  • Once installed please follow this link to purchase your Disneyland Paris Annual Pass Online
  • By default, this will load the Disneyland Paris Website in your native language. Please change the language to French by clicking on the Flag icon (UK flag shown on the screenshot below) on the top right-hand side of the page. A pop up will show on screen, please choose Europe followed by the France option.
disneyland paris website change how to change language
disneyland paris website change how to change language
  • The website will then load the French language version (in some cases this will take you back to the Homepage). However, you should notice a small popup occur in the top right-hand corner of the website asking if you would like to translate the page. Make sure you choose to translate the page and tick the box which says “Always Translate French”.
disneyland paris website change how to change language
  • If you were redirected back to the Disneyland Paris Homepage, please follow these steps to navigate back to buying a Disneyland Paris Annual Pass Online.
    Hover over “Tickets and Stays” and click on “Annual Passes
disneyland paris annual pass
  • This will now load the Disneyland Paris Annual Pass Page, and you should be able to see the purchase options. Click the “To Buy” button on the page to start the checkout process.
buy a disneyland paris annual pass online

Disneyland Paris Annual Pass Checkout Process

Once you have reached this page, you can simply follow the online steps to buy your Disneyland Paris Annual Pass online.

Payment Options

They are two options available when choosing to pay for your Annual Pass, a single payment option or a pay monthly option. If you choose to pay monthly, you would have a single upfront cost followed by a smaller monthly fee. The amount you pay each month will depend upon the Pass level chosen.

When choosing the single payment option, we would advising using PayPal as the process is far easier. You can still use any credit or debit card and you simply choose or enter your card details on the PayPal popup screen.

Delivery Options

They are also two options on the way you can receive your Annual Pass, either “Sending your Pass at Home” or “Printing a Temporary Pass”. They are benefits of both of these options.

If you choose to print a temporary pass, this means you would be able to book a single day within the Advanced Registration system, and then collect your Annual Pass on your first day at Disneyland Paris. This would mean your Annual Pass would start from your first visit.

If you choose to have the pass delivered to you, this means the pass would start on the day it was dispatched to you. This also allows you to book up to 3 days on the Advanced registration system and use all the other benefits before your visit, such as hotel discounts, privilege tickets and booking VIP areas (for Infinity Pass Holders)

disneyland paris annual pass checkout

Confirmation email from Disneyland Paris

A few moments after completing the checkout, you should receive a few emails from Disneyland Paris. Please keep a close eye on an email with the following subject line…

Confirmation de votre achat Disneyland® Paris (#XXXXXXXX)

This email will contain the following…

  • A link to your Order
  • Your username: your e-mail address
  • Your reservation number: 11111111
  • Your secure key: XXXXXXXX
disneyland paris annual pass order

Please ensure you have the following information ready to complete all the required information.

  1. A passport-style photo is uploaded from your computer. This has the usual restrictions such as plain expressions, eyes and mouth closed, no head coverings etc.
  2. If choosing to pay monthly, please also have your Bank Account IBAN number to hand. An IBAN number is your International Bank Account Number, which you can use when making or receiving international payments. This is usually shown alongside your Account number and Sort code.
disneyland paris annual pass order

That’s it, you have now purchased your Disneyland Paris Annual Pass online!

If you have any questions please do leave us a comment, or send us a message on our Instagram page @my_castle_club

15 thoughts on “How to Buy a Disneyland Paris Annual Pass Online”

  • Hi, I have been following your very useful guide to buying an online Disney Annual pass and have got all the way through to the payment page. However, a message has popped up saying that “To setup your monthly payment, you must hold a bank account domiciled in France” You make no mention of this in your guide, but it would seem to suggest that unless I have a French bank account, I can’t pay monthly. Can you advise please? I have my IBAN number ready but am reluctant to go to the next step because it also states “In the next step the booking and payment can no longer be changed”. I’ve never bought a pass online before, having purchased them in the park in 2018 (the last time I had one) and am just a bit nervous in case I’ve done something wrong. Hope you can help.

    • Hi

      Thanks for your comment. I am not sure what has happened in this instance as we completed these steps only a few weeks ago and this was not flagged with this potential issue and we have set up our monthly payment plan with a UK bank account.

      Can you please advise which step this popup occurred,

      Thank you

    • Hi,

      No, you don’t have to get the same for each person. You can have 1 person with Infinity and the rest with Magic Plus, or any combination you create that suits your needs.

      The main aspect I would keep an eye on is the “available dates” each pass has assigned to it to make sure all the whole family can visit at the same time

  • I have done all the above, so I have to send documents off in the post? The ones it tells you to download? Do I print them and she dthem to the address given?

    • Hi

      Yes, you can post them to the address provided at the bottom of the document. However, to speed up the process you can complete the documents and email them to the Annual Pass team. Please do make sure you complete and sign all the documents to make sure they are no delays.

      If you have any specific questions, please do message us on our Instagram page and we can help further.

  • If I purchase a Discover annual pass, and have it sent to me at home, am I able to use it when I go to Paris 2 months after for my 3 consecutive days? I notice that it says that it can’t be used on your first visit with it on days 2 and 3.

    • Hi

      Thanks for your comment. If you get it sent to your home address, you will be able to book up to 3 days into the park once your pass number has been assigned. Once any of these days have been used you will be able to make another booking. You could go everyday of the available days if you kept booking in this manner and the dates were available

      Hope this helps

  • Hi! We’ve not long returned from our first trip to Disneyland Paris and utterly adored it- your blog and Instagram were so helpful with planning too, so thank you!
    Do you know if you can take off the cost of a one day ticket if you opt to buy online to take advantage of being able to pay monthly?

  • Do you know how long it typically takes for the annual passes to arrive via post?

    I ordered my annual passes last week and want. to book 4 consecutive days in May

    • Hi

      It usually takes about 5-7 days to get an email containing your annual pass number (after completing all steps), once you have this you will be able to book your days into the park.

      It usually takes another 7 days after this to have the physical card delivered

      Please note you can only have 3 days booked at any time. You would need to book your first 3 days and then book the 4th day once you have checked into the park on your first day.

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