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How to Buy a Disneyland Paris Annual Pass Online (2023)

How to Buy a Disneyland Paris Annual Pass Online (2023)

We’ve been asked many times how we buy a Disneyland Paris Annual Pass online, as many of our followers and website visitors are unable to see a purchase option when viewing the Disneyland Paris website. Therefore we have created this helpful guide to show you how you too can buy a Disneyland Paris Annual Pass online!

How to Buy a Disneyland Paris Annual Pass Online

You can only purchase the Disneyland Paris Annual Pass online through the french language version of their website. However, you don’t need to understand or be able to read french to complete these steps below and get all the benefits of the Disneyland Paris Annual Pass before your next visit!

Guide to buy a DLP Annual Pass on your iPhone

The latest iOS updates now make it even easier for you to buy a Disneyland Paris Annual Pass whilst using Safari on your iPhone or iPad!

  1. Click here to view the Disneyland Paris Annual Pass Page
    This will open in a new window to allow you to view follow the guide and complete the steps.
  2. Click the MENU icon in the top right corner
  3. Click on the Flag icon, and select “France”. (This will load the French version of the website)
  4. Click the MENU icon in the top right corner
  5. Choose “Billets & Sejours”
  6. Choose “Billets Parcs”
  7. Scroll down the page and click on the first blue button “Acheter un billet a l’avance”
  8. On the tab options choose “Pass Annuels”

    To make the process easier from here on, you can use the Safaris website translator inbuilt. On the URL address bar click the “aA” letters and choose “Translate to English” (or your specific language). This will translate the page for you and allow you to complete the purchase online and in your chosen language!
  9. Follow the steps through the Disneyland Paris Annual Pass Checkout Process

Guide to buy a DLP Annual Pass on your Android

The latest Google Chrome update for Android now make it even easier for you to buy a Disneyland Paris Annual Pass on Android or Samsung mobile phone!

  1. Click here to view the Disneyland Paris Annual Pass Page
    This will open in a new window to allow you to view follow the guide and complete the steps.
  2. Click the MENU icon in the top right corner
  3. Click on the Flag icon, and select “France”. (This will load the French version of the website)
  4. Click the MENU icon in the top right corner
  5. Choose “Billets & Sejours”
  6. Choose “Billets Parcs”
  7. Scroll down the page and click on the first blue button “Acheter un billet a l’avance”
  8. On the tab options choose “Pass Annuels”

    To make the process easier from here on, you can use Google Chrome website translator option. On the right hand side of the URL address bar click the 3 dots icon ” ⋮ ” and choose “Translate” and select your specific language. This will translate the page for you and allow you to complete the purchase online and in your chosen language!
  9. Follow the steps through the Disneyland Paris Annual Pass Checkout Process

How to Buy a Disneyland Paris Annual Pass on your Computer

  1. Download and use Google Chrome Browser – click here to download
    If you already have this browser installed please skip this step.
  2. Once installed please click here to purchase your Disneyland Paris Annual Pass Online
    This will open in a new window to allow you to view follow the guide and complete the steps.
  3. By default, this will load the Disneyland Paris Website in your native language. Please change the language to French by clicking on the Flag icon (UK flag shown on the screenshot below) on the top right-hand side of the page. A pop up will show on screen, please choose Europe followed by the France option.
disneyland paris website change how to change language
disneyland paris website change how to change language
  • The website will then load the French language version (in some cases this will take you back to the Homepage). However, you should notice a small popup occur in the top right-hand corner of the website asking if you would like to translate the page. Make sure you choose to translate the page and tick the box which says “Always Translate French”.
disneyland paris website change how to change language
  • If you were redirected back to the Disneyland Paris Homepage, please follow these steps to navigate back to buying a Disneyland Paris Annual Pass Online.
    Hover over “Tickets and Stays” and click on “Annual Passes
disneyland paris annual pass
  • This will now load the Disneyland Paris Annual Pass Page, and you should be able to see the purchase options. Click the “To Buy” button on the page to start the checkout process.
buy a disneyland paris annual pass online

Disneyland Paris Annual Pass Checkout Process

Once you have reached this page, you can simply follow the online steps to buy your Disneyland Paris Annual Pass online.


At this stage we would like to suggest that you use the SINGLE PAYMENT OPTION and choose the PayPal payment option for the checkout, you can then choose the PayPal pay monthly option if you prefer during the checkout phase with PayPal. By doing this you ensure that your Annual Pass is processed as quickly as possible and avoids any potential issues with monthly payments in alternative currencies.

Payment Options

They are two options available when choosing to pay for your Annual Pass, a single payment option or a pay monthly option. If you choose to pay monthly, you would have a single upfront cost followed by a smaller monthly fee. The amount you pay each month will depend upon the Pass level chosen.

When choosing the single payment option, we would advising using PayPal as the process is far easier. You can still use any credit or debit card and you simply choose or enter your card details on the PayPal popup screen.

Delivery Options

They are also two options on the way you can receive your Annual Pass, either “Sending your Pass at Home” or “Printing a Temporary Pass”. They are benefits of both of these options.

If you choose to print a temporary pass, this means you would be able to book a single day within the Advanced Registration system, and then collect your Annual Pass on your first day at Disneyland Paris. This would mean your Annual Pass would start from your first visit.

If you choose to have the pass delivered to you, this means the pass would start on the day it was dispatched to you. This also allows you to book up to 3 days on the Advanced registration system and use all the other benefits before your visit, such as hotel discounts, privilege tickets and booking VIP areas (for Infinity Pass Holders)

disneyland paris annual pass checkout

Confirmation email from Disneyland Paris

A few moments after completing the checkout, you should receive a few emails from Disneyland Paris. Please keep a close eye on an email with the following subject line…

Confirmation de votre achat Disneyland® Paris (#XXXXXXXX)

This email will contain the following…

  • A link to your Order
  • Your username: your e-mail address
  • Your reservation number: 11111111
  • Your secure key: XXXXXXXX
disneyland paris annual pass order

Please ensure you have the following information ready to complete all the required information.

  1. A passport-style photo is uploaded from your computer. This has the usual restrictions such as plain expressions, eyes and mouth closed, no head coverings etc.

  2. Please ensure your bank accept direct debit payments in Euros. This is also known as SEPA Direct Debit Payments or SSD Core
  3. Have your Bank Account IBAN number to hand. An IBAN number is your International Bank Account Number, which you can use when making or receiving international payments. This is usually shown alongside your Account number and Sort code.
  4. On the Print My Contract Documents section, please make sure you print, sign and date the document and return the completed paperwork to the address provided on screen. In some cases this can show a postal address or email address. As you are unable to use google translate for the document the three areas you need to complete are “fait a” (your name), ”le” (the date) and “signature” (your signature).
  5. If you prefer to email the documents you can send them to paiementmensuel(at)passeportannuel.fr
    • Please make sure you change the (at) to the @ symbol
disneyland paris annual pass order

That’s it, you have now purchased your Disneyland Paris Annual Pass online!

If you have any questions please do leave us a comment, or send us a message on our Instagram page @my_castle_club

You can also call the Annual Pass Payment team between 9 a.m and 5 p.m on 0033160306053.

How to Buy Disneyland Paris Annual Pass FAQ

You can only purchase a Disneyland Paris annual pass online when the website language is set to French.

We have noticed that in most cases people are unable to see this “to buy” option due to the language settings on the website.

We are unsure why this is the case, but usually, the “French” language version of the Disneyland Paris website provides more information. For example, see the two screenshots below…

How to Buy a Disneyland Paris Annual Pass Online in french
How to Buy a Disneyland Paris Annual Pass Online in english

I don’t speak or understand French, can I still buy a Disneyland Paris Annual Pass online?

Yes, you don’t need to speak or understand french to buy a Disneyland Paris Annual Pass online. We have a great tip to help you use the french language website but display the text in your native language.

If you use the Google Chrome browser this has an option to translate any webpage. See the screenshots below which shows the same page with the additional option, but it is now displayed in english using this option.

How to Buy a Disneyland Paris Annual Pass Online
How to Buy a Disneyland Paris Annual Pass Online

How to buy the DLP Annual Pass Online FAQ

How long does it take for the DLP Annual Pass to arrive?

It usually takes around 7-14 days for the Annual Pass to arrive once all information has been confirmed by Disneyland Paris.

How do I pay for the Disneyland Paris Annual Pass?

You have two options when buying a DLP Annual Pass online. You can choose to pay in one payment, or you can choose the pay monthly option. If choosing the single payment option, we would advise using PayPal, to avoid any issues with cross country card transactions.

Which DLP Annual Pass provides access to Extra Magic Time (EMT)?

The Magic Plus and Infinity Annual Pass provides access to EMT, allowing you to enter the park an hour before normal guests.

Do I need to use and book an Advanced Registration when staying in a Disney hotel?

No, Annual Passholders do not need to book and use one of their available days when staying in a Disneyland Paris hotel. You access is provided with your room magic key.

Can I buy the Disneyland Paris Annual Pass online?

Yes, you can buy the Disneyland Paris Annual Pass online, and this guide will show you how!

Can I buy the Disneyland Paris Annual Pass on my iPhone?

Yes, you can buy the Disneyland Paris Annual Pass online, and this guide will show you how!

Can I buy the Disneyland Paris Annual Pass on my Samsung phone?

Yes, you can buy the Disneyland Paris Annual Pass online, and this guide will show you how!

Can I buy the Disneyland Paris Annual Pass on my Phone?

Yes, you can buy the Disneyland Paris Annual Pass online, and this guide will show you how!

Can I buy the Disneyland Paris Annual Pass on my computer?

Yes, you can buy the Disneyland Paris Annual Pass online, and this guide will show you how!

Do you have this guide in other languages?

We have started to create this guide in other languages, you can find them on the links below…


German / Deutsch – So kaufen Sie eine Jahreskarte für Disneyland Paris online

182 thoughts on “How to Buy a Disneyland Paris Annual Pass Online (2023)”

  • So just my story and question on this. ordered my pass and everything went through and booked my reservations however my pass was lost in the post. I contacted Disney who went and cancelled my annual pass and my reservations and had to reissue it and had to re-book my reservation days. My pass is appearing in the DLP app as well as my reservations They have asked for me to collect my pass do I collect this at the park entrance as normal as my reservations don’t have a QR entrance code?

    • Yes, you would need to collect this from the ticket office at the side of the Walt Disney Studios parks.

      The email you received with the reservations will be just confirmation of these booked dates. They should automatically assign these to the new Annual Pass when you collect this. If you do have any concerns or questions, we would advise you speak directly to the Annual Pass team.

  • Hi,
    1. From https://www.disneylandparis.com/en-gb/annual-passes/
    ‘To purchase an Annual Pass via a single payment, please call us on 03448 008 898 (national call rates apply, cost may vary according to network)’
    Does it mean I can purchase annual pass by calling this phone number (I assume UK?), charged in £ and get it posted to me?
    2. Do I need to bring proof of age for my 2 year old? She is a bit bigger than average. Will they check / ask at entrance?
    Thank you.

    • Hi

      Thanks for your comment. No you can buy this online, please make sure you follow the guide and change the language settings and this will allow you to view prices and checkout. We have never experienced age being questioned when entering the parks, however, its always better to have some ID just in case.
      Thank you

      • Thank you for your speedy reply.
        Once I paid for the passes online, and received confirmation, do I then get the passes detail which enable me to book / register date without having the physical pass? I am going to ask delivery to the UK.
        I am looking at discovery pass as it works for us. If I bought online for posting to the UK, I will not be affected by the 2nd and 3rd day restriction?
        Thank i n advance.

        • Hi

          Thanks for your comment.

          With the discovery pass please make sure to check the available dates as the pass is only valid on select dates within the year, you also don’t get any discounts off hotels, merch or food.

          Once you order your pass, you will need to provide some documentation, and then usually in around 5-7 days you will receive your pass number via email. At this stage you will be able to book your dates into the park. A few days later this should then arrive via the post.

          As we have said previously, we advise the single checkout and choose the paypal option. This will then allow you to pay in one payment or multiple payments and avoid any issues with payments and speed up the process of your annual pass.

      • Hi,
        I have bought annual pass, thanks for your guidance.
        I have received email confirming the details, and have already sent photo. I paid one off, so I assume that we only need to send photo, as there is nothing else I can see on the page. Do you know if that is correct?
        The email provide me with pass annuel discovery ticket (with number XXXXXXXXX). Is this my pass number? I tried to register visit but wasn’t allowed to do.

        • Hi

          If you checked out with the single time email you only need to provide your photo via the form shown on screen after checkout.

          You should get a confirmation of order email within 24 hours, and your email containing your annual pass number is usually received within 7 days

  • Help! I didn’t realize you could buy the pass online until I found this guide. Now am arriving in Paris on April 6th (from Canada) and need to get an annual pass. Given the processing times is there anyway to just buy one when I get there? Am also worried about making reservations as everyone is saying bookings are tight. It’s also a family trip so need reservations for certain dates the week after I arrive.

    • Hi

      Thanks for your comment, April 6th is very close and may be too quick to process and have it delivered to you. However you could buy online and collect it at the parks?

      Are you staying in a Disney hotel? If you are you dont need to worry about reservations as this is confirmed with your hotel room key.

      Thank you

  • Could you please help me to know what documents I need to send along with the direct debit contract? Thank you

    • Hi Aaron

      Once you have purchased the Annual Pass, a screen will show with a selection of documents to sign and return.

      On the Print My Contract Documents section, please make sure you print, sign and date the document and return the completed paperwork to the address provided on screen. In some cases this can show a postal address or email address. As you are unable to use google translate for the document the three areas you need to complete are “fait a” (your name), ”le” (the date) and “signature” (your signature).

      You need to complete all these forms and we would recommend you also include a photocopy/picture of your photo id, such as drivers licence or passport with this.

      You can also email these documents to them to speed up the process

    • Send your bank statement too. They didn’t tell me I needed to send this so I just sent the docs and scan of passport. This held up my passes. Payments don’t answer emails but the customer relations team replied in minutes and helped.

  • So I called DLP as I had not heard anything about our passes and they’ve been posted but they have blocked them. Apparently something is missing in my file and the payments team never reply to emails. I thought I had sent everything over but seems they need a bank statement for my account I’m paying the instalments from. I didn’t realise this before so had only sent a copy of my passport as ID. I’ve sent it over and hope it’s now ok but will have to call them again as they just seem to ignore my emails. If I was doing it again I think I’d pay outright as it seems to be the direct debit that’s causing a delay now.

  • Hello, very helpful site.
    Can I ask, is Village Natures classed as a Disney site & can I gain entry to the park on one of the gray shaded days with my AP?

  • Hello, I am a bit confused, as when buying the annual pass, I opted for a temporary pass and then collecting my actual one on the first day of the visit. When contacting Disney on where to collect my pass, I was informed that I’ll have to do that at the entrance to Walt Disney Studios between 12 p.m. and 17 p.m., however, as I read in the replies here, I should be able to collect it from the ticket booth which opens around 8:15, is that correct ? Thank you for your help, Petr x.

    • Hi

      Thanks for your comment, yes you can usually collect this from the ticket office which opens around 8:15 to 8:30 in the morning, similar with the collection of privilege tickets, and we have known many guests do this at this time. However, this is not confirmed by DLP, so it may be worth checking with a cast member before joining the queue in the morning.

  • Hi there

    This guide is great. However my plan was to get an annual pass – temporary option and I was told I would have 6 weeks to collect. We planned to go the 10th April. It now says I’d have to collect by 29th March which isn’t what I was advised, do you know why?

    I was also concerned about post after being told 25 working days, but I couldn’t book anyway till it arrived and then Easter might be sold out so the pass would be a waste of money. Really not sure what to do! Any advice gratefully received. If I wait 10 days would it move on 10 days or is there something about the 29th March?

    • Hi

      The 29th March is when the Annual Pass details are reviewed by DLP. This could mean a price increase too!

      We always advise choosing the deliver to home option asap if you plan to visit on the 10th April. As this is near the parks anniversary we can see the dates been booked up quickly (unless you plan to stay in a Disney hotel).

      We have never seen a pass take 25 days to be delivered, ours took about 10 days, but we have seen some get them as quick as 7 and other around 15 days

      • Hi,
        I ordered magic plus AP 8days ago, on the website the status says confirmed, it also says your file is now complete, your AP will be sent as soon as possible, I have also received an email saying welcome to the AP community with an expiration date and stating magic plus but no AP number. I paid in full for the passes. Today I have called the AP phone line and they cannot find the reservation number on the system and to speak to customer relations- I have tried to but I cannot get through.
        With the emails I have received it does seem like they have been processed though?
        Any help please?

        • Hi

          Thanks for your comment. The email you have received with the expiration date etc should also contain your AP number.

          If you want to email us we will try to help


  • Thank you so much for this guide. I don’t think I could have completed this confidently without you!
    I’ve now gone through all the stages including giving my IBAN etc for the monthly payments. I was initially spooked by the “domiciled in France” thing but I ignored it and it was fine.

    Hopefully it goes through smoothly 🙂

  • Hi, thanks for these instructions, they were really helpful. I just wanted to give an update for anyone considering buying an annual pass in March 2023. We purchased our annual passes on Tuesday 21/2/23 and submitted all the necessary documents for the monthly payments to the email address on Wednesday 22/2/23. We spoke to DLP today and they confirmed that the documents have been received and submitted to the external finance team. They advised that it will take up to 25 working days for this to be processed and for them to confirm our AP details and dispatch the passes. I just wanted to add this comment, as this is far longer than we anticipated and it has already led to one of our planned visit days no longer being available. This is really not made clear anywhere by DLP that it takes this long and you can’t immediately book reservations after purchasing the AP. One of our party opted for the pay in full option and DLP advised that this will also take equally as long, in case anyone thought this might be quicker. DLP advised the only way we can get in on our AP for the sold out day is to add ourselves to the waiting list or book a DLP hotel, both of which we have t wait for our AP numbers to do.

    • Hi

      Thanks for your comment, please do keep us up to date with the delivery of your pass, as we have seen other guests have their pass delivered within 7 days, and other within 10.

      Please also note, if you use your AP Hotel discount and stay in a Disney hotel you do not need to worry about booking reservations, as this is provided with your hotel booking.

    • So what they’ve done now has confused me. There is a banner which says if you order online, you have to print at home and collect final pass by March 29th! It’s March 6th today so that is really soon.
      We now can’t go in April as planned because we wouldn’t be able to collect passes by 29th March and if we wait, the dates will be blanked out. So annoyed. Also, being in the UK we should be able to pay via the DD but then on the payment page it states your bank must be domiciled in France. I feel like they just don’t want non French to be able to have the passes!

      • Hi

        thanks for your comment. The current banner is due to the Annual Pass review which will take place at the end of the month.

        You can purchase and buy online, we are in the UK and have completed this last year, which is what made us create this guide to help everybody else. You can pay by DD, ( this is the payment method we use). If you are worried about the payments, you can choose the check out with PayPal, and use their payment plan options instead?

        I hope this helps

        • Thank you so much for the reply. So if I ignore the banner and order our passes pay monthly, will they still make us go there by March 29th to redeem or can we select the posted option still? I’m not sure what to do for the best.

          • Hi

            No you do not need to collect by the 29th March if you choose the Post to Home option. Once processed the Annual Pass will simply be posted to your home address.

            If you have any questions after following our guide please do message us

    • We ordered ours and paying monthly on the 12th Feb, we received the passes 24th Feb but had to wait a couple more days for them to be activated but all together it took 16 days from ordering to booking our dates.

      • Hi Lee

        Thanks for this update on the delivery of your Annual Pass! This is great for people looking for how long does it takes for delivery of the Disneyland Paris Annual Pass.

  • Your post is incredibly helpful. Thanks.

    I am taking a trip with 4 friends on August 1 & 2, 2023. I was going to buy a Magic Plus annual pass and then buy 8 privilege tickets for my friends (4×2). Can I do that all at once? I read online that you can only buy 5 per week. And if I bought the Infinity AP, could I do 20 all at once for the larger group we have going? Then, it sounds like you have to buy them in advance now? Is that true? That would be much better to secure park reservations. Do you have to call and speak French to purchase the Privilege tickets? Thanks for reading and taking the time to answer my questions.

    • Hi Jaremy,

      Thanks for your comment. You do have a limit of the number of passes you can buy per year and per week.

      Magic Plus – 5 per week, 10 total over the year
      Infinity – 5 per week, 20 total over the year

      If you need to purchase 8, it may be best getting two annual passes, as this would allow you to purchase the required amount of privilege tickets. To book these you log into the Annual Pass portal and book the dates and number of tickets required. You don’t need to speak to anybody on the phone. You would then collect and pay for the tickets at the ticket office in the morning by showing the privilege ticket reservation.

      If you have any other questions please do let us know

  • hey – thank you for the blog. i am trying to figure out if its worth buying an AP to get the hotel discount. if you call the AP line, will they tell you the hotel discount for specific dates without having purchased the AP? thank you so much

  • We are looking to go to village nature in November for 7 days and looking to do 3 days in Disney, would I benefit from an annual pass? As when I was looking at buying day tickets they were working out at £250 per day for 2 adults and 2 kids aged 5 and 7. Can you also book village nature with an annual pass?
    Do I only have to buy 1 pass for a family of 4?

    • Hi

      Thanks for your comment.

      You would need a pass/ticket for each member of your family. You could purchase 2 Annual Passes and then purchase privilege tickets for your children.

      Please note when booking the Village Nature through Disneyland Paris, you can get a holiday package where you stay 7 days and get 3 day park tickets. You can see this via the following link


      once you know the package size you will be able to work out the best option for uou and the family

  • I have a booking for four nights and five days at Newport Bay in September. If I purchased an annual pass now, would I get any discount on the booking I have already made? Would it potentially be worth getting one? I am only looking to go once a year for four nights. Possibly a second short trip but unlikely. Thank you for your help.

    • Hi

      Thanks for your comment. You can apply an AP discount to any booking as long as its 7 days before. However, the earlier you apply it the better discount you will see.

      For a single trip it would depend on how many are in the party and crunching the numbers. If you were to go second time, we would say upgrading to a Disneyland Annual Pass would be worth it.

  • I just finished purchasing a pass online, then realized that the temporary pass has to be converted within 2 months. Our trip is not until April. What should I do?

    • Hi

      We would advise you call Disneyland Paris and explain this issue and they will be able to provide some resolutions.

      This may involve activating the pass over the telephone and having it shipped to your home

      If you have any other questions please do let us know

  • Hi, I ordered my infinity pass on the 16th Jan, and instead of posting the documents, I emailed them on the 17th. Should I get an email confirming they have received my documents? And if not, how long does it usually take them to process if I sent it via email? Thanks!

  • Hi,

    Thanks for the amazing guide! We tried to call and get 2 infinity passes but we were told we only had 60 days to get to the park and activate them so we didn’t buy them as we probably won’t be going until spring/summer but wanted to use the discounts to book dates and hotels. Is this correct? Or If we do it online using this guide and get the passes posted to us then it would start from when it arrives and wouldn’t need to be activated in person? Please help!

    • Hi Ross

      Thanks for your message and we will try to help.

      Yes, if you follow this guide and buy the pass online it will be activated when it is dispatched. This means the pass will start from this date and you will be able to book your hotel discounts ready for your trip later in the year.

      We have our guide to buy the pass online here

      How to buy DLP Annual Pass online

      • Thank you so much! It was just with the adviser on the phone saying we only had 60 days to activate it worried us as we want them now to use the discounts but we aren’t going until June. So if I follow your guide, complete the documents and everything it will be activated and we don’t have to physically go to the park to activate them within 60days?

        • Hi

          Yes thats right, as long as you choose the “deliver to home” option. The 60 days is for people who choose the “temporary” pass and choose to collect from the parks.

          Remember your will activate straight away, meaning it will expire around 1 year after your purchase date.

  • Thankyou so much for this!
    I was just wondering, we are thinking of a last minute trip but are thinking of buying AP, we want to pay monthly. It won’t let me collect them if I pay monthly, If we go for the deliver to home option and it hasn’t arrived in time – can I still pick up at the desk?

  • Hi
    Thanks for this amazing guide!
    I have a package booked for hotel and tickets but have just realised that due to my partner having a disability we are eligible for an annual pass discount.
    Do you know if would be possible for us to purchase these at the park and get a partial refund for the tickets included with our package?
    I’m also wondering if I phone the AP team if they will tell me the AP discounted room rate before buying as it might be worth cancelling the package and getting an AP.
    Any thoughts or ideas appreciated!
    Thanks you.

    • Hi

      The phone team should be able to advise the price, but they wont be able to book without a valid AP number.

      You can usually deduct the price of a single day ticket from an Annual Pass when upgrading at the park, however, we had had mixed feedback when trying to upgrade from a Hotel/Ticket package.

      Its also worth noting you can only get the disability discount when buying the Annual Pass at Disneyland Paris and you are unable to get this discount online. So this could be an issue if you are not visiting before this current trip.

      • Thanks so much for responding, that’s really helpful. Sounds like it won’t work for this trip but maybe something we can look at when we get there.
        Many thanks

  • Help! we’ve just purchased annual passes but when trying to upload our photo’s they are appearing on their side. We’ve turned them round but they still appear sideways. Any advice would be gratefully received.

    • Hi.

      Thanks for your comment. We have never experienced this issue before, however, we are aware if the positioning is incorrect DLP will rotate the image for the printed version of the Annual Pass

      Thank you

  • Hi. Thanks for the great guide. I have three questions…
    1. Is it best to email or post the form that needs to be returned and what is the address/email address to do this?
    2. What supporting documents do we need to send?
    3. We have asked for the pass to be posted to us. Will we need to wait to receive the pass to get our pass number (to book dates) or will this be emailed at a later date before the card arrives (we can’t find it on any emails yet) ?
    Thank you so much for your help

    • Hi Nikki

      Thanks for your comment and we will try to help as much as possible.

      1. We always find it quicker to email the forms direct to the payment/annual pass team. You can email them on paiementmensuel(at)passeportannuel.fr
      If you choose to email them make sure you include the following within your email
      – order confirmation number
      – complete name
      – your address

      2. We advise you to sign each page of the documents required on the download stage of the checkout, along with a copy of your photo ID

      3. You will be emailed your pass number once your Annual Pass has been confirmed and dispatched. Disneyland Paris will require you to complete the document stage before this is processed and an AP number is issued to you. You will need your pass number to book dates into the park or book hotel discounts.

      Remember if you book a stay in a Disney hotel you don’t need to make an advanced registration as this is provided with your hotel booking.

      If you have any other questions please do let us know.

  • Great guide, thank you!

    Are you able to confirm when the pass start and expiry dates are generated? Is it when you first place the order, once the File is completed (photo id etc uploaded) or once dispatched? I’ve read on some forums that the start date tends to be when the file is completed, but the expiry can be 1 year plus a week or so after e.g. start date 28/12/22, expiry 06/01/24?

    This would kind of make sense as the delivery time can make the pass unusable for a period of time.

    The reason I ask is we are going in Feb half term 2023 but also want to use the passes 01-06 January 2024. I want to order ASAP to get the park reservations booked, but not too soon that we can’t use them in Jan 2024.


    • Hi

      Thanks for your comments. When you order online for delivery to your home the start date is usually when the Annual Pass is processed and shipped. However, the pass usually has an expiration date of around 365 + 10 days. For example, our current annual pass was created on the 18th of the month and expires on the 29th, our previous one started on the 15th and ended on the 26th.

      I would advise ordering them as soon as possible and having them shipped to your home. This will ensure you can book your dates into the park, or take advantage of the hotel discounts for your Feb Half Term trip!

      We have a helpful guide on how to buy an Annual Pass online here if you need it, or if you have any other questions please do let us know…

    • Hi Tim,

      Disneyland Paris will ship an annual pass to any location around the world, with the only change being the extended expected delivery time due to transportation.

      Thank you

  • Hello, I sent them an email with the documents 2 days ago but they still haven’t replied.
    How long do they usually take to respond?

    • Hey,

      The DLP site allows me to buy an annual passport and receive it as a PDF to exchange in the studios desk. Will this PDF give me access to the park? Because the desks are only open from 12 tot 5

      • Hi

        You will be provided with a temporary pass if you choose to collect it at the parks. Please note, since the closure of the Annual Pass location within the parks, you now exchange this at the ticket office by the entrance to the Walt Disney Studios park. These desks open around 8:15am in a morning.

        We always advise choosing the delivered option as you can book your dates into the park and benefit from the hotel discounts before your trip.


  • Hello,
    I’m trying to buy an annual ticket, and I have all the steps that you described, but in the end, I get a message that:

    Your reservation could not be completed.
    Following steps
    Your reservation could not be completed.

    Your bank has refused payment for your reservation with the payment method used. Please contact your bank or use another payment method.

    We have temporarily held your cart. Click on “Return to the shop” to reserve it now.

    I’ve chosen to be in 11 installments. I live in Switzerland. The card that I use is a Visa credit card with enough money on it, and I have used it before to buy standard tickets. What did I do wrong as I cannot buy it?

    • Hi

      Thanks for your comment.

      We experienced a similar issue previously, however, when buying the passed in a single payment we found that checking out using the PayPal option resolved this and allowed the transaction to be completed. You can still use your chosen payment card, simply select the card option once clicking on the PayPal checkout.

      If you continue to experience issues please do let us know

  • I am trying to buy 3 annual passes. For some reason even when I follow your instructions it won’t let me buy them as there is an issue with PayPal. I have then tried the telephone numbers that are posted and have been past around continually and still not been able to buy them. I am expected to choose an option when I don’t speak French or understand French. I have been trying to get passes now for 3 days and I’m truly getting fed up

    • Hi Kelly,

      Thank you for your comment and we hope we can help. Can you please advise what devise you are trying to purchase the Annual Pass on, is this a desktop, mobile phone, iphone etc?

      One thing we did when we had a similar issue was to clear the devise cache (web history) and then try again following our guide How to buy DLP Annual Pass online

      If you still have issues after clearing the cache, please do confirm the devise and we will help further.

  • Hi!

    Thank you so much for you guide! I was finally able to purchase my annual pass.

    I choose monthly payment and I sent all my documents by email as you suggested. I received an email welcoming me to the annual pass community with my annual pass number, and today I received the actual annual pass by mail. Now I’m wondering if it’s active? Because I tried to log in into the infinity platform and it says that the information provided is not valid.

    Do I need to wait for a confirmation mail? Because in the welcome mail it says that I should receive more info about my annual pass, but I have not received anything yet.

    • Hi

      If you have received your pass you should be able to log into the Annual Pass portal. One mistake we did was to put the expiry date into the login form rather than the start date of the Annual Pass.

      If you do have issues with logging in, I would advise you give them a call

    • Hi! How long did you wait for the confirmation of your annual pass from the time you’ve sent your documents? Thank you in advance 🙂

  • Hello, this isn’t a question but I just wanted to get in touch as I had messaged you earlier today as I was having trouble with uploading my photo for my annual pass on the Chrome browser. After waiting for a while on the phone, I was informed by their technical department that I should clear my cookies and it should work. This indeed worked BUT you MUST clear ALL cookies. This means that you need to clear previous passwords etc., I was given the option clear some cookies but this did not work, I went into advance and I actually reset it all to original settings. This worked.

    • Hi Jenny,

      Thank you for your comment and update. We have never experienced this issue before, but it’s great to hear that clearing all cookies resolved this issue.

  • Hello 🙂

    I have managed to pay for the initial 60 EUROS and will be paying monthly for the Inifinity annual pass. I have tried to upload a photo onto the website but when I press the ‘download picture’ button nothing happens. I was just wondering if anyone else has had this issue or if I am doing something wrong. I am guessing if that does not work I need to post everything to them directly and include a passport style photograph of myself?
    Many thanks in advance .

  • Hi there, i have been trying to do this set of instructions which is great. However it wouldn’t let me yday due to maintenance, overnight, the site has now changed and it wants to charge you for the first ‘freedom day’ then once selected, subsequent pages wont load due to ‘maintenance’. Could it be they have changed the system in the last couple of days? Please take a look and give me your opinion. Many thanks

    • Hi Kelly

      I have checked the steps this morning and can see this only occurs when trying to buy the Infinity Annual Pass online. We have raised this to DLP to investigate but we do have a resolution for this.

      If you choose to buy any of the other annual passes such as Magic Plus, this should load the correct payment screen and you can change To the Infinity Annual Pass on that screen.

      We will update the guide whilst this issue is ongoing.

      Thank you

      • Thank you for your reply. I have now been able to go and purchase, I am just entering all the information required now, It is asking for the above mentioned IBAN number, but it does say a bank account must be domiciled in France. Do most people ignore this request and just enter it from a UK account? thanks

      • Thank you i have now done this. It says you need to be of french domcile to pay monthly, however i have ignored that and just entered my IBAN number for the UK. do you think that will work?

  • Hi, I have organised a family trip for the Oct half-term. My plan was to purchase 2 x AP before we go so we can use the discount to purchase the other 10 AP’s. I’m beginning to panic as I’m not sure if we will be able to go in as the dates are greyed out. Has anyone purchased AP on the day and been able to enter? Not sure how I can book without the tickets.

    • Hi

      Are you staying in a Disney Hotel? If you are you don’t need to worry about the greyed out dates as your entry is guaranteed with your rooms magic key.

      Please also be aware that you don’t get an Annual Pass discount when buying another Annual Pass, I assume the 10 tickets you are referring to are the Privilege Tickets?

      • Hi, no we are stopping off site – Val D’Europe. The AP are under large family not from another AP. Some people are able to purchase in advance other want to purchase on arrival.

        • OK, that could cause some issues if dates are not available. You are usually guaranteed access on the day you buy your Annual Pass, but we have seen some days where all ticket sales have been suspended due to the Parks being full. How many days are you planning to visit the park and on which dates, as the park is only showing access for Pass Holders on the following dates in October 6, 10, 11, 13, 14, 17, 18, 20. However, we do commonly see more days become available closer to the date (but this is not guaranteed)

        • Hi.
          We are going in May 2023.
          I am wondering if I could purchase the annual pass now to pick up when we arrive ( so they start on that date) and select the print temporary pass option. Would this work or would I need to wait until the 2023 passes are launched?

          • Hi

            You have to exchange your temporary pass within 60 days of purchase. So if you are looking to collect the pass at the Gates in May we would advice purchasing in march.

            You could purchase the pass and have it delivered to your home at any time. This would mean you get access to all the benefits straight away and take advantage of the Hotel discounts for your trip in May.

  • This was a very useful guide, thanks you! Just as a data point for you, we ordered AP’s through the website on August 17. It took a week to get 2 of the 3 AP #’s to make a reservation and I had to call to get the 3rd number. It’s a month later and we still have not received the physical passes though they are marked as “sent by post”. It’s still 3 months until our trip, so we should have plenty of time, though.

    • Hi

      Thank you for your comment. We would advise you speak with the Disneyland Paris Annual Pass team as the pass should only take a few days to be delivered after it has been marked as dispatched.

      Thank you

    • Hi! I’m sorry to bother you, but when did you get the AP’s numbers? I bought mine on September 19th and it was shipped to me today, however, I never got any e-mail or a text message about it. Should I have received one? Thanks!

      • Hi
        You usually get an email from the Annual Pass team once the pass has been confirmed and before it is shipped to provide you with your pass number. In some cases this may have gone into your junk/spam folder

  • Your blog has been super helpful to purchase an annual pass. Just wondering if you have the email to send documents over to speed up the process?

    • Hi Emma

      Yes if you email them it will speed up the process for you. The email is paiementmensuel(at)passeportannuel.fr

      If you have any other questions please do let us know

  • Hello, this is brilliant – thank you.

    We’re looking at purchasing the Infinity AP’s, and have booked our room only through DVC points for the 29th December. Do you think it would be wise buying a one day ticket for the 29th December and whilst on site, upgrade to the AP – or purchase the AP relatively soon in order for it to be here in time?


    • Hi

      Thanks for your comment.

      In this situation, I would say buy the AP online and choose the “collect at park” option. This would mean you would save time at the park while upgrading the ticket.

      We do have a guide on how to buy the pass online to help you maximise the time in the parks

  • Hi can someone advise if a family needs to all have the same type of pass? For example can one of us have and infinity to take advance of parking discounts ext and the rest have a magic flex?? Thank you

    • Hi

      Yes, you can all have different levels of the Annual Pass. Our main piece of advice is to check which dates you can use the AP as each level has different availability.

      Please also note, only Infinity pass holders can enter special viewing areas. You are unable to take guests or other AP holders into this area.

      If you have any other questions please do let us know

  • Hello, this was really helpful and my partner and I were able to purchase our passes! Just one question we have is what documents do we need to send off? We have printed and signed the form but have seen online we also need to send photos and ID? Is it simply the downloaded signed from we send to the address stated or is other documentation required too?

    Thank You,

    • Hi Ellie

      We are happy to read our guide helped you buy your DLP Annual Passes online.

      If you have chosen the pay monthly option you would need to print and sign each page of the documents they provided in the “download section” and include a photocopy of a photo OD for the person who bank account the payments will be taken from.

      To speed up the process you can email them rather than post to


      If you do email them make sure to include your order confirmation number and name/address to allow them to link it.

      Hope that helps

  • Thank you so much for all of your DLP annual pass content – the best there is!

    I’m adding my experience, as reading others is always so valuable to me! I bought my AP (Magic Plus) on 21/08 paying upfront and submitting the additional information straight away.

    I was very excited to receive an AP email this morning (29/08) – however it was just a newsletter! No confirmation email or pass in the post as yet. (I am in the UK.) Back to nervously refreshing the availability calendar – I have booked a partner hotel for my first visit, so fingers crossed the stars align!

    I will update when I receive my AP number.

    🙂 Emma

    • Hi Emma

      Thanks for your comment and it will be great to see how long it takes for your pass to arrive.

      We have had a few emails and people are seeing the email with the pass number in around 5-8 working days at the moment, lets hope yours email arrives soon

        • Thank you. I’m really confused. I called on Friday and was told my documents had been received (via email) and were OK, that I should have my AP number by the end of this week… however, today I have received an email reminder to send my documents via post. I think it was a generic email reminder but I’m a little worried. Do they definitely accept documents sent via email? This is for pay monthly ?

          • Hi

            Thanks for your comment. Yes this would be an automated email. If you have had confirmation to say they have received the documents I would give them a few days to issue you the Pass Number.

            If you don’t get it by Friday just give them a call on 0330 123 1644 and ask for the Annual Pass team

  • Thank you very much for this helpful guid. I plan 5 days early September in Disneyland Paris and another 2 days in late September. I plan to choose the annual pass delivered by post and book the 3 first days of my first visit immediately when possible. My questions are:
    * Will I be able to book both the 4th an 5th days on my first day at the park?
    * Will I be able to book my second visit (2 days in late September) only after the 5 days in early September, or it’s possible to book them earlier (during my first visit)?
    * What are the chances of not being able to book the days I want due to unavailability (too many visitors)?
    * Do you have any knowledge about the time it takes the card to arrive to countries other then the UK? I live in Israel …


    • Hi Gali

      Thanks for your comment we will try to provide some advice based on your questions

      -as soon as you enter the park on your first day you will be able to book your next reservation (4th day)

      -you can only book additional days as soon as you have used the first day. So we would advice you book your reservations whilst on your first vacation

      – if can vary, and you can join the waiting list. Many pass holders have seen success with this. Remember, if you stay in a disney hotel you dont need to book a reservation as you get guaranteed entry with your room key.

      – usually the card arrives around 14 days after all details have been confirmed. You should get an before this confirming your pass number. As soon as you get this number you can start to book your reservation

      If you have any other questions please do let us know

      • Thank you very much for all the information. I got the annual pass by mail and reserved my first 3 days!
        I do have one more question. You mentioned that I don’t need to book a reservation if I am staying in a Disney hotel. I made a reservation (for my second visit) at Center Parcs Paris. Is Center Parcs Paris considered a Disney hotel, which means I do not need to do anything but show up at the Disney park at the date of my choice with my annual pass and the accommodation’s key?

        • Hi

          Thanks for your comment.

          According to the DLP website The “Les Villages Nature Paris” is classed as a Disney Hotel and not a “partner hotel”

          However, this is the only hotel we have not stayed at and we would recommend confirming this with Disneyland Paris.

          Thank you

    • Thanks for the excellent guide I successfully got annual passes for 5 of us using your guide ordered one pass for myself to test it out using the pay monthly option ordered on the Thursday arrived on the Monday .
      I then ordered passes for rest of the family and they took around ten days to arrive thank for the helpful guide on doing this .

      • Hi Jim

        Thats great news and we are glad to hear you got your passes so quick!

        We hope you enjoy your days in the park and if you see us, do come over and say hello!

  • We’ve followed this and it worked fine. Only issue we have is that they only seem to email out the pass number for the adult passes so despite having those we still can’t book our dates as we don’t have the children’s pass numbers.

    • Hi

      If you have been issued some pass numbers and not others, we would advise calling Disneyland Paris Annual Pass team as they nay be able yo provide these details over the phone or check for any issues

      Thank you

  • Hi,

    I have just bought a pass and i go next month!! Do you have the email address that i can send the contract to? Is this method quicker than sending the documents via post? Also if my physical card doesn’t come in time will i still be allowed entry to the park?

    • Hi

      Congrats on joining the DLP annual pass club!

      Emailing the documents will be far quicker than post and you can email them to paiementmensuel(at)passeportannuel.fr

      Please make sure you include
      – your order confirmation number
      – your complete name
      – your address
      – signed copies of all documents required
      – copy of a photo identification, eg passport

      If you have any other questions please do let us know

  • I am going in October and have already got park tickets included in my booking. And I am now going to use my annual pass. Can my family members use my hotel included tickets instead of purchasing additional do you know?

    • Hi,

      I am sorry I dont fully understand the question, as a package would normally give everybody in your group a park ticket. Are you wanting to now take an additional person?

      Also, Did you book a tickets and hotel package before you got the Annual Pass and not use the annual pass discount. Please remember if you used the AP Discount you wont get park tickets with the hotel, just guaranteed entry to the parks with your Annual Pass.

      If you did book the package, a family member could use the park ticket included in the hotel ticket package. Most bookings ask for names of all guests, and it may be worth changing your name to the additional family member.

      Please also remember if you do use your annual pass to make sure you also get a room key to guarantee your entry, otherwise you will need to book into the parks.

      If we misunderstood please do reply and we will try to help as much as possible.

  • Hi i was looking at getting the annual pass for the whole family 4 of us online. I know if ibuy the passes online i get book as soon as i get the annual pass numbers. When i look at the availability for the parks it states ” Bought an Annual Pass online? Once you’ve collected your definitive Pass during your first visit to the Parks, you’ll be able to register as many dates as you wish. Until then, you can register for 1 date only. does this mean if i order online i cant book 3 days in the park in advance? this was the address it states this https://register.disneylandparis.com/entry-reservation/add/select-party/

    • Hi

      If you order the pass online and choose the temporary card option (collect at Disneyland Paris) you can only book 1 date, and wont be able to book any advantages until you get your permanent annual pass number.

      If you book online and choose deliver to home option, you can book up to 3 days into the park and book any benefits before your visit such as hotel discounts, viewing areas etc.

      Please note if you do stay in a disney hotel you wont need to prebook into the park as you get this included with you magic room key.


  • Hi, if I do pay monthly annual passes would applying 1 month before I go be enough time. Thanks

    • Hi

      This should be enough time to receive your pass, however, we would advise getting this earlier to ensure you have the pass before you go. Please remember you can only book yours days into the park on confirmation, and with the opening of Avengers Campus many dates are already fully booked.


  • Hello there.. Thank you so much for this really helpful post! I’ve just purchased 3 annual passes (so straightforward thanks to you) and have chosen the pay monthly option, and wondering what email address is best to send the information to? Also do I need to send just photo id like passport, or do I also need a bank statement with IBAN on it? Thanks so much again,

    • Hi

      Im glad our guide on how to buy a DLP annual pass online was helpful. Yes just include a photo of your passport or any other photo ID. The email address should be included on the documents. If not please do let us know and we can email it to you

      Thank you

  • Hi, I have just ordered the Infinity Pass and downloaded the forms that need to be filled in and posted back. do i need to send a photocopy of and identification? many thanks.

    • Hi

      We are happy to see you have become and Annual Pass holder. You can post or email these for s to the annual pass team. We advise if you have chosen the pay monthly option to include a copy of a photo ID.

      If you have any other questions please do let us know

  • Thankyou for the advice to use PayPal to pay for our passes on the French website worked like a charm.

    We ordered 2 infinity passes so should get the free photo pass included. Will we get a voucher to pick up our photo pass from one of the boutiques in the park as we did the first time we bought passes in the park or do we get the photo pass with the annual passes when they arrive in the post? This is the first time we have bought the passes online so was just wondering how it will work. When we have got our passes in the park the last couple of times the photo pass has just been extended for another year validity of the new annual pass as the cast member has put our purchase down as renewal of the infinity pass even though sometime has passed as our details were in the system including using the existing photos. The purchase of our infinity passes on line we assume will be classed as a completely new purchase so just wondering how our photopassses will be sorted.

    Sorry for the long winded post just wondering if you have the answer for us.

    Thankyou in advance


    • Hi

      Thanks for your comment, the Photopass is a great benefit and you should be able to collect it from a number of photo locations around the park. The best place we found as at the Ribbon and Bows store at the top of main street as queues dont tend to be long here.

      If you had a pass previously and signed up using the same details (name, address etc) they may link up your account and your current photopass infinity card will just be extended. This happened when we renewed online, but its worth checking when you get into the parks.


      • Hi

        Do you know how long the physical passes should take to arrive in the post? We ordered ours 2 weeks ago and are still waiting for them to arrive. We paid with the single payment option and was prompted to sign into my usual Disney account to complete the purchase and download our photos etc. Had the email with our pass numbers 3 days later and was able to reserve 2 days in the park for September, so all should be ok.Just worried that the physical passes have still not arrived. Do you have the annual passport office phome number available so i can give them a call?
        Many thanks again in advance

        • Hi,

          We would have thought you would be receiving them any time now, we have seen delivery as quick as 8 days and some over 2 weeks. With the opening of Avengers Campus Paris, we are seeing more people purchase the Annual Pass and this can cause some delays. If you have any questions you can call the Annual Pass team on +33 1 60 30 60 53, however, if you are in the UK you can call the normal booking line and ask to be transferred to avoid the international call charges (0330 123 1644)


  • Thank you for this super helpful guide!

    I ordered my annual passes yesterday and paid in full. I uploaded the photos successfully but it hasn’t asked me to complete a ‘print my contract’ form?

    I am thinking it is only to be filled out if you are paying monthly?

    Many thanks,

    • Hi

      Thanks for your comment, yes if you paid in full you dont need to upload or send any additional documents as these are only to set up the monthly payment option


  • Hi, I’ve purchased mine and printed my documents . Do I need to send proof of ID such as passport photocopy ? I’ve uploaded a passport photograph so wasn’t sure . I saw a comment about emailing but the forms are PDF so cannot be edited to be signed , any suggestions or should I just post? Thanks

    • Hi

      On the PDF forms you print, you need to complete and sign each of them and return it to the address provided on the document. You can either send these via post or email. If you choose to send these via email you need to scan or take pictures of these and attach them to the email.

      We will reach out to your via email to see if you need any additional help.

      • Could you please let me know where to send filled in documents? Also, what information will need to be included in the email, and do I need to send a photocopy of my identification? Thanks!

        • Hi

          Thanks for your comment

          You can post the documents to the address provided on your order documents or you can email the annual pass team. We will send you an email with the details of this

          When you email them you need to include signed copies of all the documents in step 2, copy of your banks IBAN number along with photo identification such as a copy of your passport

          If you have any other questions please do let us know

  • Thanks very much for this informative guide, just wanted to briefly describe my experience today in case useful to others . I managed to order our passes today! Everything was pretty straightforward thanks to the guide, I did have some issues with the payment (we did one off) when trying to pay with a card but then re-read the guide and saw it said try paypal which did work 🙂 tried various cards with no success and got an error about the bank not authorizing it but we didn’t get an payment authorization request by the bank app as you would have expected but as I say then succeeded with paypal. I noticed that for the monthly payment there is now an information box (if you click the i next to this) which says something along the lines off you need an account in the SEPA (single euro payment area) to do this so maybe this is a new requirement that caused the issue someone else reported? I didn’t try it though so can’t comment if there is a way to make it work and apologies I forgot to copy the message so I could post it here. A change we noted from the above was that after purchase we added our details and uploaded pictures but there did not seem to be any documents to download and fill, I believe we agreed to the T&Cs earlier in the process. Once we added picture and info and hit save we got a message saying something like file complete so all appears to be done. Hopefully have our passholder numbers soon so we can start booking trips 🙂

    • Hi

      Thanks for your comments and insights, we are glad you found this guide helpful and we will double check the guide to ensure its fully up to date as Disneyland Paris constantly update the processes.

      Please note, the upload documents section is only required for people paying with the Monthly Payment option as these documents set up the direct debits.

      Please do let us know once you get your pass number via email or card in the post (if chosen this option) as it would be great to see the current timescales for the single payment option.

      Thank you and if you have any questions please do let us know

      • Glad it was useful to share my experiences and thanks for your reply :). So yesterday I received an email titled ‘NAME, a wonderful welcome to our Annual Pass community’ with a very cute video. This email did contain my annual pass number within it but not much further information. With this number I have been able to link my annual pass in the Disneyland Paris app and I can reserve park days but at the moment I can only reserve 1 day (my understanding was as I got it delivered home this should be 3) and I cannot yet log into the annual passholder portal and haven’t been given further info such as how to book hotels with the discount so it’s like it’s not fully loaded in the system as yet but getting there. I wanted to call about hotel discount but I was thinking to wait until I could log into the portal as that would suggest I was fully set up, maybe it would work already? But I didn’t get info on the number etc yet. Will update when the physical passes arrive 🙂 Thanks Becky

        • Hi

          I am surprised to read it only allowed one day to book. I would advice you email or call the annual pass team to investigate this.

          As soon as you got this number you will be able to book hotel discounts so it may be worth calling Disney on 0330 123 1644 and getting your quote and asking them to transfer you to the Annual Pass team after.


      • Update: physical passes have arrived today! Ordered the 24th arrived the 1st. Now I have the correct validity date I can log into the annual pass portal. I can also reserve 3 days and probably could before I just didn’t realize you have to do it one day at a time.

        • Hi

          Thats great news. A week is a great turnaround to get your pass delivered.

          Yes, you can book up to three days and you do have to book them one at a time.

          If you do buy multiple passes you can link them all to a single account so you can book the same day for all passes to save time

          If you have any other questions please do let us know

  • Thank you for this great break down on annual passes, I am at the sending documents away stage. Do yo know which email address is best to send them too? Also is a copy of your passport details enough proof of ID?
    Many thanks

    • Hi David

      Thanks you for your kind comments. You can send the documents via post or via email. If you do send them via email please do ensure you include the order number/reference.

      We will send you an email today with the contact details

  • I have a hotel and ticket reservation with Disney, but have since purchased an annual pass. On this trip I will use my Disney tickets as they have already been purchased, but will I be able to use my annual pass discount for food and merchandise if I am not entering the park on an annual pass reservation?

    • Hi

      Yes, you can still use your Annual Pass for discounts whilst inside the park.

      However, I would advise calling Disneyland Paris and letting them know you now have an annual pass, as they may be able to convert your booking and apply the annual pass discount. This could save you some money, and as you are staying in a Disney hotel, you would not need to worry about booking your Advanced Registration.

      If you have any other questions please do let me know.

  • Hi, I have been following your very useful guide to buying an online Disney Annual pass and have got all the way through to the payment page. However, a message has popped up saying that “To setup your monthly payment, you must hold a bank account domiciled in France” You make no mention of this in your guide, but it would seem to suggest that unless I have a French bank account, I can’t pay monthly. Can you advise please? I have my IBAN number ready but am reluctant to go to the next step because it also states “In the next step the booking and payment can no longer be changed”. I’ve never bought a pass online before, having purchased them in the park in 2018 (the last time I had one) and am just a bit nervous in case I’ve done something wrong. Hope you can help.

    • Hi

      Thanks for your comment. I am not sure what has happened in this instance as we completed these steps only a few weeks ago and this was not flagged with this potential issue and we have set up our monthly payment plan with a UK bank account.

      Can you please advise which step this popup occurred,

      Thank you

      • We’ve not been able to set up a direct debit as Nationwide don’t accept SEPA arrangements as a direct debit. Apparently we can make individual payments each month but haven’t got all of the required info from Disney to do this (they only sent the IBAN and BIC

        • Hi

          Ooh we will keep a note of this issue with the bank incase it happens for future guests.

          You can made payments against your annual pass via the phone.

    • Hi,

      No, you don’t have to get the same for each person. You can have 1 person with Infinity and the rest with Magic Plus, or any combination you create that suits your needs.

      The main aspect I would keep an eye on is the “available dates” each pass has assigned to it to make sure all the whole family can visit at the same time

  • I have done all the above, so I have to send documents off in the post? The ones it tells you to download? Do I print them and she dthem to the address given?

    • Hi

      Yes, you can post them to the address provided at the bottom of the document. However, to speed up the process you can complete the documents and email them to the Annual Pass team. Please do make sure you complete and sign all the documents to make sure they are no delays.

      If you have any specific questions, please do message us on our Instagram page and we can help further.

  • If I purchase a Discover annual pass, and have it sent to me at home, am I able to use it when I go to Paris 2 months after for my 3 consecutive days? I notice that it says that it can’t be used on your first visit with it on days 2 and 3.

    • Hi

      Thanks for your comment. If you get it sent to your home address, you will be able to book up to 3 days into the park once your pass number has been assigned. Once any of these days have been used you will be able to make another booking. You could go everyday of the available days if you kept booking in this manner and the dates were available

      Hope this helps

  • Hi! We’ve not long returned from our first trip to Disneyland Paris and utterly adored it- your blog and Instagram were so helpful with planning too, so thank you!
    Do you know if you can take off the cost of a one day ticket if you opt to buy online to take advantage of being able to pay monthly?

      • Hello. We have just ordered our annual passes online, got the form to sign and at the bottom it says about sending a RIB paper statement of banking identity, which is a french document. Can we just send a uk bank statement with our IBAN on? Thanks, K

        • Hi

          Thank you for your comment. You should be okay sending the document with the IBAN number and a copy of any photo ID, such as a passport.

          You can email the documents direct to the annual pass team and they will be able to advise if they need any further documentation.


          • Hi castleclub

            Just bought 3 APs can you advise.
            Done all steps got to where you download form ( mandat de prèlèvement sepa ) at bottom where u sign and date there is another space with fait à _ _ _ _ _ what do I put here . Please advise

          • Thanks wanted to 100% sure .
            Also do I need to post these documents or can I send them back by email.

          • Hi

            Yes if you email them it will speed up the process for you. The email is paiementmensuel(at)passeportannuel.fr

            If you have any other questions please do let me know

  • Do you know how long it typically takes for the annual passes to arrive via post?

    I ordered my annual passes last week and want. to book 4 consecutive days in May

    • Hi

      It usually takes about 5-7 days to get an email containing your annual pass number (after completing all steps), once you have this you will be able to book your days into the park.

      It usually takes another 7 days after this to have the physical card delivered

      Please note you can only have 3 days booked at any time. You would need to book your first 3 days and then book the 4th day once you have checked into the park on your first day.

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