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Is the Disneyland Paris Annual Pass Worth it? (2023)

Is the Disneyland Paris Annual Pass Worth it? (2023)

Whether you’re a regular visitor or you’re planning your first trip to Disneyland Paris, we are often asked if the Disneyland Paris Annual Pass is worth it? There is a chance that buying the right Annual Pass could make sense for you and help you save money on your trip. In this post, we are going to look deeper into the types of Disneyland Paris Annual Passes, the perks of each pass, and most importantly if the Disneyland Paris Annual Pass is worth it!

Update 30th March, 2023
– You can check the latest Disneyland Paris Annual Pass information here
– View the current Disneyland Paris Hotel & Ticket offers here
Disneyland Paris Annual Pass Renewal FAQ

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If you are unable to see the buy button when checking the price, you may need to change your settings. Our easy to follow guides will show you how to update this and buy the DLP Annual Pass online.

Overview: Is the Disneyland Paris Annual Pass worth it?

If you plan to visit Disneyland Paris for more than 2-3 days in a 365 period you can save money by buying a DLP Annual Pass. Comparing the cost and benefits of the four Disneyland Paris Annual Pass levels, we find that the Magic Plus is best suited for most guests. Whilst the Infinity Pass is best for guests wanting to visit on Halloween and Christmas week.

We have also created a helpful guide showing how you buy a Disneyland Paris Annual Pass online.

Types of Disneyland Paris Annual Passes and Day Tickets

We will do our best to keep this page updated, however, you should always check the latest information on the Disneyland Paris website. As the Annual Pass level and price increases so do the available days to enter the park and additional benefits which we will explore later.

disneyland paris annual pass worth it?

Types of Disneyland Paris Annual Passes

  • Discovery (€229)
    €289 with parking
    access on 150 selected days per year
  • Magic Flex (€319)
    access on 300 selected days per year
  • Magic Plus (€369)
    access on 350 selected days per year
  • Infinity (€499)
    access on 365 selected days per year

Standard Disneyland Paris Tickets

  • 1-Day Undated Ticket (2 Parks)
    €130 adult (12+),
    €122 child (3-11)
  • 1-Day Dated Ticket (2 Parks)
    €81 to €130 adult (12+),
    €77 to €122 child (3-11)
  • 2-Day Dated Ticket (2 Parks)
    currently unavailable (April 1st, 2022)
  • 3-Day Dated Ticket (2 Parks)
    €201 to €312 adult (12+),
    €186 to €288 child (3-11)
  • 4-Day Dated Ticket (2 Parks)
    €236 to €368 adult (12+),
    €220 to €340 child (3-11)

A quick look at those numbers!

disneyland paris tickets

Just looking at these numbers if you are going for 2 consecutive days or more you could start saving money with a Disneyland Paris Annual Pass.

  • Discovery Annual Pass (€229)
    worth it if you plan to visit at on least 2-3 separate weekdays (single tickets) or any 3 consecutive days (multi-day ticket)
  • Magic Flex Annual Pass (€319)
    worth it if you plan to visit at on least 3-4 separate weekdays (single tickets) or any 4 consecutive days (multi-day ticket)
  • Magic Plus Annual Pass (€369)
    worth it if you plan to visit at on least 4-5 separate weekdays (single tickets) or any 4 consecutive days (multi-day ticket)
  • Infinity Annual Pass (€499)
    worth it if you plan to visit at on least 5-6 separate weekdays (single tickets) or two 3 consecutive days (multi-day ticket)

Buy your annual pass here

Annual Pass Available Dates

Keep in mind that each Disneyland Paris Annual pass has a number of available dates. Therefore, if you want to visit outside of these dates you would need to purchase park tickets.

These dates can and often do change, however, you can find a rough outline of the available dates below for each Annual Pass, and you can find the complete list here

  • Discovery (€229) access on 150 selected days per year
    The unavailable days with this pass include all weekends, and high season times such as July, August, Halloween, Christmas etc
  • Magic Flex (€319) access on 300 selected days per year
    The unavailable days with this pass are some weekends, peak season, as well as Halloween and Christmas
  • Magic Plus (€369) access on 350 selected days per year
    The unavailable days with this pass are usually around Halloween and Christmas
  • Infinity (€499) access on 365 selected days per year
    No unavailable days, you can visit every day of the year!

Due to the available dates, you will find that most Annual Pass holders opt for the Magic Plus whilst guests who want to experience Halloween night, or the week of Christmas and New Year tend to choose the Infinity Annual Pass.

Update to Annual Pass System.

Please be aware due to the recent update to the Disneyland Paris Annual Pass system you can only currently book 3 dates in the Advanced Registration system. Once your first day has been used, you can then book the next.

Benefits of a Disneyland Paris Annual Pass

Free Car Parking

They are a lot of benefits and discounts you get as an Annual Pass member. Firstly, you get free car parking with an Annual Pass (except Discovery). This is ideal for locals or guests who stay in offsite hotels and drive the parks.

Disneyland Paris Car Park Fees is currently priced at €30 for cars (Disneyland Paris Car Parking). This hidden cost can easily add up. If you are staying off-site and stay for 4 days, this would be €120 on car parking plus €236-368 on park tickets! It’s going to be cheaper to get an annual pass!

Please be aware, that parking is free for Disney Hotel Guests with the Easy Pass supplied by the Hotel.

Hotel Discounts

A Disneyland Paris Annual Pass can also save you a lot of money when you stay in a Disney Hotel. Annual Pass members can book a room in any of Disney hotels and get a massive discount. The earlier you book the better discount you are given, we have been offered anything from 25-50% discount on rooms in the past. We have just booked two stays at Disneyland Paris, so we can use these as good examples of the savings available.

Example 1 – SAVE 256.21 per night

Firstly, we have a stay at 3-star Disney’s Hotel Cheyenne in September and the advertised price for one night is £458.18, however, with our Annual Pass discount we are only paying £240.02, a saving of £218.16 (around € 256.21) per night!

Example 2 – SAVE 251.95 per night

Secondly, we have a stay at the 4-star Hotel New York – Art of Marvel in January and the advertised price for one night is £448.08, however, with our Annual Pass discount we are only paying £214.52, a saving of £214.51 (around € 251.95) per night!

Just looking at these numbers, you could save yourself a lot of money by getting an annual pass. The Annual Pass room discount has a limit of 2 rooms/cabins per reservation. This means a single Annual Pass holder can book up to 2 rooms in the same hotel at the same time. This is great for when you are travelling with friends and family, however, bookings made with an Annual Pass discount will not include park tickets. So you will need to make sure your whole party has an Annual Pass, or you can also use another perk of discounted park tickets (except Discovery).

Hotel discounts are not available at some locations/room types such as Family rooms at Disney’s Hotel Santa Fe and Premium Tribe Cabins at Disney’s Davy Crockett Ranch.

Ticket Discounts

If you are visiting with friends and family, not only can you get them a room discount, but you can also get theme park tickets at a reduced cost. Magic Flex, Magic Plus and Infinity Passholders can take advantage of the 20% discount on 1-day park tickets. (maximum 5 tickets per day per Annual Pass Holder)

Magic Plus and Infinity Pass holders also have access to additional Ticket Discounts. These “Privilege Tickets” offer a better discount than the usual 20% and allow you to purchase 10 tickets (Magic Plus) or 20 Tickets (Infinity) with a maximum of 5 tickets maximum per calendar week.

Food and Merchandise Discount

Once inside the park, you can continue to use your Disneyland Paris Annual Pass to save money. From buying that must-have souvenir to a drink from a store, you can save up between 10-15% in Disneyland Paris restaurants and 10-20% in their retail stores. With so much 30th anniversary merchandise and snacks, these savings can quickly add up, from saving €3 from the Mickey Soap Dispenser to saving over €20 on the latest Loungely.

It’s worth noting that at Disneyland Paris restaurants if only one person in your group has an annual pass, they can use their discount for up to a total of 6 people (including the Annual Pass holder).

Annual Photopass

One of our favourite benefits to consider is the Annual Photopass. This is included free with the Infinity Annual Pass and is discounted with the Magic Flex (€65) and Magic Plus (€59).

Inside the parks you can find a similar Photopass priced at €74.99, however, this one only lasts for 10 days, and you would need to buy it again on your next trip!

The Annual Photopass provides you with a digital copy of every ride photo, magic shot and character meet and greet taken by Disney photographers. With the return of close character interactions at Disneyland Paris, this Photopass will now allow you to capture and keep so many more magical moments!

Extra Magic Time

Access to Disney Parks before the official opening time. As an Annual Pass Holder or a Disney Hotel guest will have early access to Disneyland Park an hour before the official opening. This is a great time to ride big-ticket attractions or meet your favourite characters.

Access to Extra Magic Time is also possible for guests with a Privilege Ticket, when in the presence of the Annual Pass member.

In this section, we are going to look deeper at all 4 Disneyland Paris Annual Passes. We are going to discuss the major perks of that particular Annual Pass, how many days you need to visit to make the Annual Pass worth it, and if/when you should consider upgrading to the next level.

In our opinion, a Disneyland Paris Annual Pass is only worth it when it saves you money and allows you to visit the parks on the dates you want to do. Just because an Infinity Annual Pass is cheaper than buying separate day tickets doesn’t mean it’s the right choice to make.

The most common number of days people spend at Disneyland Paris is between 3 to 4 days. If you visit the parks for 3 days, twice a year, this could cost you between €402-624 in park tickets alone, so you could save up to €125 by buying the top-level Infinity Annual Pass, and up to €255 if you bought the Magic Plus.

Is the Disneyland Paris Infinity Annual Pass worth it?

The Disneyland Paris Infinity Annual Pass takes much more consideration. At €499, it is an extra €130 over the Magic Plus and sees the biggest price increase between any of the Annual Pass tiers.

For the additional €130, you get an extra 15 available days in the park including Halloween, Christmas and New Year. For some people, these dates are the most important ones of the year it will justify the price increase, but for others, this may not matter.

The Infinity Annual Pass is the only annual pass to allow you access to the parks between the 24th-31st of December. If you plan to visit during this time, we would recommend you purchase this pass. If you did not have this Annual pass you would need to buy additional park tickets costing €124 per day, per person to visit the park within these dates, so by upgrading to the Infinity, will actually save you a lot of money.

Of course, this is not going to be the case for everybody. Remember you can still experience Halloween and Christmas at Disneyland Paris without going on these specific dates, the seasons last for 2 months each!

Better Park Benefits

You do get a few additional discounts and perks with the Infinity Annual Pass over any other which could this suitable for some people, or at least one member of your family.

Firstly, you get access to Disney Illuminations and Parade VIP Areas. This means you can enjoy more time in the park and avoid having to wait hours for that perfect viewing spot. For example, for Disney Illuminations, you get access to a roped area right in front of the castle. It is truly amazing!

Secondly, you get 20% off merchandise in the shops (an additional 10% over the Magic Plus). In essence, if you spend €500 within the shops over the year, you would save €100, €50 more than if you had a Magic Plus.

Thirdly, you get 15% off Disney Restaurants (an extra 5% over the Magic Plus). In essence 5 visits, spending €200 each time, you will save €150, €50 more than Magic Plus.

Fourthly, you get a better discount at Disney Hotels, up to 50% off selected dates and based on availability. The earlier you book the better discount you will get. We have saved £100’s of pounds per night by using this discount, and the savings on the Disney hotel alone was more than the price we paid for our Annual Pass! (see examples here).

As an Infinity Pass Holder, you will also get Annual PhotoPass+, this is another €59 saving over the Magic Plus.

They are also other areas you save money with the Infinity Annual Pass, however, the following three benefits have been removed from the current list. Disneyland Paris has confirmed they are still offering these until further notice.

  • free stroller rentals, usually €25 per day
  • free wheelchair rentals, usually €25 per day
  • Privileged parking areas, usually an extra €15 on top of the standard €30 a day

If you’re a Disneyland Paris local or fanatic, then this pass very well may make sense for you. Again, the additional discounts alone are probably worth half of the cost to move up from Plus to Infinity.

Is the Disneyland Paris Infinity Annual Plus worth it?

If you plan to visit for more than 6 days, stay in a Disney hotel, or want to visit on Halloween or over Christmas and New Year then yes the Infinity pass is worth it. If you don’t want to visit on these dates then opt for the Magic Plus.

Is the Disneyland Paris Magic Plus Annual PASS worth it?

Is the DISNEYLAND PARIS Magic Plus Annual PASS worth it?

Magic Plus is the third tier Disneyland Paris Annual Pass and is priced at €369. This is the most popular Disneyland Paris Annual Pass as it provides you all the benefits of the Magic Flex with the addition of Extra Magic Time, the option to buy Privilege tickets, and access to the parks 350 days a year, which means you can book into the park any weekday or weekend apart from the 15 unavailable dates are around Halloween and Christmas.

Extra Magic Time at Disneyland Paris allows hotel guests and specific Annual Pass holders (Magic Plus and Infinity) to enter the park 1 hour before everybody else. This lets you meet characters, ride attractions and even get those castle photos before the crowds enter the park.

You also have an option to purchase discounted park tickets for your friends and family when they visit the park with you. These “privilege tickets” are priced between €47-66, saving your friends €34-64 per day!

Is the Disneyland Paris Magic Plus Annual Plus worth it?

Yes, the Disneyland Paris Magic Plus Annual Pass will be worth it for most guests. With a great price, increased available dates and access to Extra Magic Time it is no surprise that this is the most popular Annual Pass at Disneyland Paris. If you plan on visiting for 4 days or more in a year, you could save a lot of money! Make sure you use the Hotel discount to save even more money on your stay!

Is the Disneyland Paris Magic Flex Annual PASS worth it?

Is the DISNEYLAND PARIS Magic Flex Annual PASS worth it?

The Magic Flex Pass is the second tier Disneyland Paris Annual Pass and is priced at €319. For €90 more, you get 300 available days, an increase of 150 available days compared to the Discovery Annual Pass, you also start to get discounts in Disney shops (10%), restaurants (10%), discounted hotel stays, 20% discounted 1-day park tickets for your friends and family as well as free car parking pass worth €60

They are still 65 unavailable days scattered throughout the calendar including Halloween and Christmas but you can visit some weekends.

Is the Disneyland Paris Magic Flex Annual Pass worth it?

The Disneyland Paris Magic Flex Annual Pass is worth it if you plan on having three separate day visits to the resort or 4 consecutive days in the park. We would also advise people to look at this option if the dates they want to visit are not available with the Discovery Pass.

Is the Disneyland Paris DISCOVERY Annual PASS worth it?


The Discovery Pass is the lowest priced Annual Pass at Disneyland Paris at €229. With this comes a lot of limitations and not a lot of discounts. For example, there is over half of the year where you will not be able to visit the park with this Annual Pass and the only discount you get is the choice to purchase unlimited car parking for €60.

The available days of this annual pass usually match the lowest park day ticket prices. Therefore, you will need to visit on at least two available weekdays to make this pass worth considering.

Is the Disneyland Paris Discovery Annual Pass worth it?

If you only plan to visit a few off-peak days within a year, then this pass could be suitable for you. However, if you want to visit on weekends or planning to make a longer trip it may be worth upgrading the Magic Flex or Magic Plus.


This is the question we have been trying to answer throughout this post. The quick answer is, YES for most people visiting Disneyland Paris buying an annual pass will save you money, even on a 2-day trip!

However, make sure you check those available dates and benefits before deciding which Annual Pass will be right for you.

buy online

How to Buy a Disneyland Paris Annual Pass Online

You may have noticed you are unable to purchase an annual pass when you visit the Disneyland Paris website. However, this does not mean you are unable to purchase the pass online. The main reason you will be unable to see this option is due to the language settings on the website. You can only purchase a Disneyland Paris annual pass online when the language is set to French!

Due to this, we have created a separate guide on how to buy a Disneyland Paris Annual Pass Online

Update 30th March, 2023
Disney have currently suspended Annual Pass sales whilst a new program is being introduced based on Disneyland Paris guest feedback.
– You can check the latest Disneyland Paris Annual Pass information here
– View the current Disneyland Paris Hotel & Ticket offers here

Where can I purchase a Disneyland Paris Annual Pass

You can purchase a Disneyland Paris Annual Pass online or inside the Park.
– To purchase online, we have created a separate guide on how to buy a Disneyland Paris Annual Pass Online
– You can also purchase an Annual Pass inside the park at the Annual Passholder Office located by the entrance to Discoveryland.

Can I Use Any Other Disney Annual Passes At Disneyland Paris?

No. Unfortunately, you cannot use a Walt Disney World Annual Pass or a Disneyland Annual Pass at Disneyland Paris. The Premier Passport will only allow you access to US Disney Parks and not Disneyland Paris.

How many days can you book into the Park at a time?

No matter the type of Annual Pass, you can only have 3 days booked at any time. Once the first of these days has passed you will be able to book your next date. Please note, an advanced registration is not required when staying in a Disney hotel.

Do I need to prebook my dates if I stay in a Disney hotel?

No, you do not need to prebook into the Park via the Advanced Registration if you are staying in a Disney Hotel. Instead, you will show your Hotel Magic Pass at the entrance.

Can you pay monthly for the Disneyland Paris Annual Pass?

Yes, you can choose to pay monthly or via single payment
– To purchase online, we have created a separate guide on how to buy a Disneyland Paris Annual Pass Online

How long is a DLP Annual Pass Valid For?

The Annual Pass is valid for 365 days from the purchase date of your Annual Pass.

Can somebody else use my DLP Annual Pass?

No, only you can use your Annual Pass. Each pass will have your photo displayed on the card, which will also show to the Cast Members when scanning your pass into the park.

How much is the Disneyland Paris Annual Pass?

The DLP AP ranges from €229-499 depending upon the level of Annual Pass you choose.
– To purchase online and view more information we have created a separate guide on how to buy a Disneyland Paris Annual Pass Online

Can you buy the DLP Annual Pass online?

Yes! To purchase online and view more information we have created a separate guide on how to buy a Disneyland Paris Annual Pass Online

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  • Hello!

    Thank you for your hard work! You have helped me so much with all the information about annual pass!
    I’m an infinity pass holder and I know that I can buy up to 5 privilege tickets per week. I’m planing on coming back in August and I’m bringing my siblings and a friend and I plan on buy them the privilege tickets, we are going on a Sunday and a Monday, does that count as two different weeks? So I can book 3 tickets for Sunday and 3 tickets for Monday?
    And how far in advance do booking open for privilege tickets?

    Thank you!!

    • Hi

      Yes the week allowances start on a Monday, so you can reserve 3 for Sunday and 3 for Monday.

      They are usually released 2-3 months before, and you can book them via the Annual Pass Portal (the same place you book your VIP Viewing Areas)

      Please be aware that they wont be able to go inside these VIP Areas with you.

      Hope you an amazing time!

  • Hi I have an Infinity annual pass, if I buy a privilege ticket do I need to be with the person for them to use it. Can they go on there own?

    • Hi

      Thanks for your message You need to be with them when they collect the ticket. After this, they are free to explore the parks if you want to relax at the hotel through the day.

  • Hello, we are back to Disney next year with our 4 kids. We went back in 2014/15/16/17, stay for 2 weeks in a villa and bought annual passes and this really worked for us.

    As the passes have slightly changed I have a few questions.

    1. Do you still get a discount on 5 or more passes for the same family? Used to be 20%
    2. The booking of days is new, I read its 3 days max, what is the likelihood of not being able to got 3 days in a row? Going in October outwith school holidays.

    Thanks in advance.

    • Hi Chris

      Thanks for your comment.

      1. No they don’t offer this discount any more
      2. Yes, you have a 3 day booking system at the moment, unless you stay within a Disney hotel and in that case all dates are confirmed with your room key.
      3. We often book 3 days in a row, and always try to book our dates as soon as they are released.

      Hope this helps

  • Hi, thank you for your post! very useful. I have some questions to ask, hopefully you can help me out.

    1. I am planning to book for Disneyland Paris Hotel for early June. and I am thinking of getting the annual pass. If I get the annual pass, how long it takes to get the annual pass number to book for the hotel? Because we really want to book the hotel very soon like this weekend if possible.
    2. I plan to book for 2 rooms for 4 adults for three night, do you know if we only have 1 AP, how much discount range we can get on top of the total booking?
    3. Do you if they will do better deal if we have 2 APs instead of 1?

    Thank you

    • Hi Nikki

      Thanks for your comment and I will do all I can to help

      1. It usually takes about 1-2 weeks to get your Annual Pass number and to be able to book the hotel. However, we have heard some people use their order number as confirmation to make the booking and pay the deposit. You would then need call back and update the booking with the annual pass number to confirm the price.

      2. You can book up to 2 rooms per annual pass. However, remember that any rooms booked with the AP Discount does not come with park tickets. You would need an AP or purchase privilege tickets via the AP Portal for each guest.

      3. Its the same deal if you have 1 or 5 annual passes. The discount is based off the level of annual pass (Infinity gets the largest discount) and the hotels availability. The sooner you book the better price you get.

      If you have any other questions please do let me know
      Thank you

  • We are looking at the best way to buy annual
    passes for two adults and two kids- one of my daughters has autism and I understand she is entitled to a discount on her annual pass. But it seems i can only do that if I buy at the park? In which case we would be risking travelling without knowing for sure if we will be able to get in. Planning to stay off site. Any tips for the best way to go about this? Hoping to use the passes for three days in June and perhaps again later in the year and/or next Easter. Thanks for any advice

    • Hi

      This is the difficult part. If you were staying onsite we would say order two passes first to and book a hotel with the AP discount and buy the other two on-site with the disability discount.

      To guarantee entry when staying off-site, we would usually say to buy all passes before as it can be busy in June and dates will book up quickly. However, we would recommend that you look at getting a MagicALL card whilst there to make it easier for your child.

  • Hi thanks for the fantastic info I was wondering if I got an infinity annual pass and want to go over Christmas day for 6 days what are the chances of getting the second set of three days ? Would they be sold out or unavailable I would hate to turn up and not be able to get in for half of the holiday I wanted…

    • Hi Paul,

      This time of year is very busy. We would recommend using the AP discount to stay in a Disney hotel for all or at least part of your stay, as this would ensure you get access to the parks on all days of your trip

  • My partner and I are thinking about getting an Annual Pass, so I called Disney prior to see what the AP room rate would be for the dates we wanted to visit (10-13th Nov) staying at the Newport Bay Club. I was told with the Magic Plus AP there is a 40% room rate discount meaning the room rate would be £1,027 for 2 on the dates selected. However, when I looked at booking through the website for a normal hotel & ticket package for the same dates the hotel & tickets price is £1,215, so not sure where the 40% discount is coming from. Is there something that I missing as based on the above it would cost more to get the AP and hotel compared to a standard booking? Thanks

    • Hi

      We would advice you check the quote for the room via DLP is accurate and all party members have been included. However, if this is not the case and you only plan on visiting once within a 365 day period, we would recommend booking this trip and using the DLP Price estimator to make sure you are getting the best deal possible!

  • Hi,
    We’re trying to book a last minute break in the April holidays and the options are somewhat overwhelming! We were looking at booking 3 nights in Santa Fe hotel, however I imagine this would be best to do after buying the magic plus passes?
    I was considering the 12th-15th of April however one of those days is showing as not available for registration? Does that mean that even with the passes we wouldn’t be able to get? This seems odd especially as we can book dated tickets for those days. Does that mean for that day we’d need a separate dated ticket?
    Any advice is really welcome!

    • Hi Neil

      Thanks for your comment.

      If you book a stay within a Disney hotel you dont need to book any advanced registrations as your entry to the park is guaranteed with your room key. We would advise you buying the pass before hand and getting the AP hotel discount,

  • Hi, this page is invaluable given the lack of clarity on the Disney pages – thanks so much! I’ve gone for an infinity for me and a magic flex for my daughter. We haven’t been yet and the passes are in the post but I’ve just realised I should have got her the magic plus in order to get the early hour privilege access. Can I upgrade her pass? Is this possible for me to pay the difference? Thanks in advance

    • Hi

      Thanks for your message and kind comments, you may be able to upgrade your annual pass on-site at the Disneyland Paris Annual Pass Office. The ticket office can be found at the entrance to the Walt Disney Studios park.

  • Hi!

    Thank you for the very extensive information on this website, this helps a lot!

    Recently I bought an infinity card for myself and a magic plus for my wife and child. The magic plus cards were delivered very quickly, but unfortunately I have not yet received the infinity card. When I called the French number to inquire about this, I was informed that there is a delay in the production of the infinity cards in particular. Fortunately, it is expected to be shipped next week. When I then asked if there is a big difference between the magic plus and infinity cards in discount with hotel booking (because I wanted to book my room for April), the answer was that I could just book with infinity discount with the order number of the card ! Of course I don’t know if that applies specifically to the French phone number or if it was just a very nice cast member, but maybe it’s good to know for everyone!

    However, I am a bit concerned about the availability of priority tickets in April (for other family members who come along), because these apparently only become available when the new annual pass conditions are known. That’s why I was wondering what your experiences are with regard to the availability of the discounted day tickets at the entrance. Are these always available? Or have you ever experienced that these also sold out?

    • Hi,

      When you book your holiday, you can use the Disneyland Paris UK Number 0330 123 1644.This means you don’t need to call the French line.

      We have only seen the privilege tickets sold out on a few dates, usually during the school holidays or during events such as Halloween.

      • Superb information…so I’ve booked an offsite Hotel for 10th-15th April…have I left it too late to buy an infinity Pass? 2a & 2c 7yrs …do we all need an AP to benefit from magic hours? Thanks

        • Hi,

          you would need either an Annual Pass or a booking within a Disney Hotel to get the Extra Magic Time benefit.

          If your staying off-site from the 10-15th of April, it may be too late to buy an Annual Pass and book your dates into the park. This is one of the most popular weeks at Disneyland Paris as this is the anniversary week of the park.

          Unless you have time to change your stay to a Disney hotel, and use the AP Hotel discount.

  • Hello,

    For how many days can i make a reservation if i buy the passes online?
    1 day only? The day after that wil be booked!
    Is there a solution for making a reservation for 3 days?

    • Hi

      If you buy the pass online, we recommend getting them delivered to your home. Once delivered, this will allow you to book the 3 days reservation.

      If you choose the collect at parks option, you can only reserve the date you plan to collect your pass.

  • Hiya, love your website, it’s very informative on all things disneyland!

    I was wondering when you would recommend ordering the annual passes if having them delivered in advance? I remember a few years back when I last had an AP there was a postal delay which meant that passes were often taking 2 months or more to be processed and arrive. I don’t want to leave it late if that’s the case, but I also don’t want to miss out on valuable AP time by buying too far in advance.

    Also, I understand that hotel AP discounts are better the sooner in advance you book, what’s the typical minimum number of months in advance you should book to ensure a larger discount? I’m considering late 2023 but have a feeling I’ve missed the window for the best discounts already!


    • Hi

      We always recommend getting them posted to your home as this means you can book the AP Discounted rooms, and we have not experienced any delays with the delivery of Annual Passes.

      We usually book around 2 months in advance and see between 25-40% discounts. However, for peak periods like Halloween or school holidays, we would recommend booking earlier.

  • We are looking to visit DLP around May, I am an annual passholder and want to buy privilege tickets for my friends but privilege tickets are aonly available for March, when would we be able to buy privilege tickets for May-June?

    • Hi

      Privilege tickets will be available soon. The option has been paused for a short time due to the Annual Pass program update which is happening this month. The privilege tickets should be available to reserve within the 1-2 weeks


  • Hi,
    Thank you for the comprehensive guide on DLP.
    If I were to get an annual pass and collect on site with the temporary pass, am I entitled to extra magic time on the day I collect my pass?

    Will it take long to collect the pass on site?

    Lastly, would you recommend for us to book the disney hotel prior to getting the annual pass?

    • Hi Chris

      If you choose the temp pass option, you can get access on the day of collection (including Extra Magic). However, please be aware you wont be able to reserve any days until you have collected it or book any AP Hotel discounted rooms. We have know some people have a temp pass and collect within an hour, whilst others we have spoken to was waiting over 3 hours, either way, it would be likely if you collect on site you would miss at least the majority of the Extra Magic Time.

      We always recommended having the pass delivered to your home. As this means you can reserve your dates (if staying offsite) or book a Disney hotel with the AP discount. It also saves time as you don’t have to wait in the queue for the ticket office for the annual pass and benefit from the whole extra magic time.

      • Thank you for your reply.

        If I book the disneyland hotel now, am I still eligible for the AP hotel discount on my existing booking?

        • Hi

          Disneyland Paris offer a ZenGuarentee meaning you can cancel or amend your booking up to 7 days before your visit. So yes, you can book a hotel room, then purchase an Annual Pass and update the booking to an AP Booking.

          However, please note you cannot book The Disneyland Hotel yet, and this hotel is not due to open until 2024. You can book any of the other 6 Disney hotels.

  • Hello!

    My daughter and I are planning a10 trip to Paris from Canada. We are staying offsite, but currently already have DLP tickets to visit the parks. We have a 1day/2 park single ticket for April 28th(her 21st birthday!) and then we have a 2day/2park pass for May 3rd and 4th.
    After reading your article, I am wondering if it would be worth it to return these tickets and purchase the magic plus annual pass and take advantage of early magic hours and shopping/restaurant discounts. My worry is still getting the same dates that we would like. Is this a harder time to book tickets? What would be your best advice?!

    Thank you!

    • Hi

      Thanks for your comment and you could save money by doing this. At the moment these dates are still available, and as you are visiting for 3 days, you can reserve these three days straight away. You can check the availability here

      If I was you. I would purchase Annual Pass’s and reserve the dates, once these are confirmed then return your park tickets. However, before you do anything, make sure you can cancel/return the current tickets you have

    • Hi

      Thanks for your comment. This depends on the option you choose during checkout.

      If you choose the temporary pass, this will start when you collect. You must collect within 60day of purchase, and you cannot use the benefits of the pass such as hotel discount or advanced registration dates until you collect it.

      If you choose the delivery to home option, this will start when the order is processed, usually a few days after your order is placed. Once delivered you can use this to book your hotel discounts, advanced registrations, and VIP viewing areas. You will find that the Annual Pass usually has an additional 1-2 weeks on the expiry date to compensate for delivery timescales.

      Thank you

  • Hey!! Looking at getting an annual pass ahead of my trip next month as we’ve been talking about getting one for a while now. Going for three days and already got the hotel booked, if I get the pass that I can then exchange for the AP on the first day, will I be able to use it for the second and third day? Looking at getting the magic flex

    • Hi,

      Yes, you can buy an Annual Pass online and choose the temporary pass option. This will allow you to collect the Annual Pass at the park, and save time completing the paperwork and queueing to do this whilst at the Parks.

      If you have booked a Disney hotel, you will have the advanced registration confirmed with your hotel room key. If you are staying offsite, you will need to reserve the dates once you collect your pass.

  • Another question, sorry, what do you think is the most efficient way to travel as a family of five. Three adults and two children under 3 staying at DLP. What passed do you think are best if we stay for 3 nights and four days? Would it be best to have an infinity pass and two discovery or some other combination?

    • Hi

      We think 3 nights 4 days is a great length of time at Disneyland Paris. This gives you plenty of time to see and do most things within both parks.

      The best combo would depend on the dates you plan to visit. The discovery pass does have very limited dates available in the parks. Under 3’s go free so you only need to consider 2 adults 2 children at the moment and it would depend on how often you plan to visit the parks within the next year. If you plan to visit 3 times or more, we would recommend looking at the Magic or Magic Plus for all other family members. If you only plan to visit 2 times within the year, we would advice you get 2 annual passes (adults) and use the privilege tickets for the children on your trips as you can book 5 tickets per week per annual pass, (you have 10 available per year for Magic Plus, 20 per year for Infinity).

      • Thank you. If we purchased a discovery pass and stayed on site though it would not matter about the 150 days though? Is that correct?

        • Hi,

          According to Disneyland Paris, the validation period of the pass still applies even when staying in a Disney hotel.

          Staying in a Disney hotel only guarantees your Park reservation, you still need a valid ticket to enter the parks on the day.

          • Thank you for this. Therefore, if we are staying between the 8th and 12th of April we will need a pass that gives us access on those dates. Therefore, what pass would you recommend. Thank you so much for your help it has been really helpful to me.

  • One final question. If I have already booked the hotel (separately) can I then purchase the annual membership to use as my ticket to get into the park? Or do I need to link them up in anyway?

  • Hi there, I have already booked the hotel for DLP, Can I now just purchase an annual pass and turn up to the parks for my trip as I’m staying on site ?

      • Thank you. I do not want to make mistake and find out we can’t get into the park if we do it this way. Also, excited to by a pass for myself and husband to go and do this. Seems better value then just buying a normal 4 day ticket.

  • Hi there, this has been really useful to read over. My question (and sorry if you’ve answered this already). Is that I have currently booked a room to stay in Disney. Therefore, if I was to purchase an annual membership I would not need to book into the park as well? All I would need to do is link the pass to the room?

    In another scenario, if I was to purchase just one annual membership and then get the discounted tickets, does that need to be added to my reservation? Also, would I need to purchase multiple tickets if I wanted 3 days (so 1 ticket per day) for the discounted tickets?


    • Hi Dean

      Thanks for your comment and we will try to help.

      If you stay in a Disney hotel, you dont need to book into the park or use any of your available days with your Annual Pass (AP) This is guaranteed with the room key.

      If you were to purchase privilege tickets, via the AP benefits, you book these against the specific date through the Annual Pass portal and then need to collect the ticket each morning at the ticket office by the Walt Disney Studios.

      If you have any other questions please let me know.

      Thank you

      • Thank you.
        So to clarify, if me and two friends were staying on Disney property then we automatically get access to the parks. Therefore, if only one of us had an annual pass, then that person would need to purchase a daily ticket for the other two to make sure they have paid to enter? But because we are staying onsite we just purchase the daily ticket, collect it from the ticket office and walk straight in as they are guaranteed to get in?

        • Hi

          Yes, all guests on the booking will have an advanced registration to the parks if staying in a Disney hotel.

          For example, (Huey Dewey and Louie)
          If Huey, has an Annual Pass, he can make the hotel booking and get the hotel discount (for up to 2 rooms). When making the booking he confirms they are 3 guests staying Huey, Dewey and Louie. These will all then get their own room key and an advanced registration to the parks.

          Huey has an Annual Pass which allows him entry into the parks and he can then purchase privilege tickets for Dewey and Louie via the Annual Pass portal (up to 5 per week) or buy 20% discount day tickets from the ticket office by Walt Disney Studios.

      • Hello your page has been very useful. Me and my 5 year old are visiting in may 2023 already booked at sequoia lodge, I would like to get the infinity pass. Would we both need one to be allowed access to the vip illuminations area? Are we also allowed access to this area with our hotel already being booked? It’s the main perk I would like from the pass as she couldn’t see well last year and had to pick her up for an hour. Is there anything I need to do to use the other benefits of the pass such as discounts I’m aware you need to book vip area in advance. Sorry if you have answered these questions before. Many thanks

        • Hi George,

          Thanks for your comment and we will do our best to help. Sequoia lodge is an amazing hotel, its one of our favs!

          According to Disney, all guests over the age of 3 need an Infinity pass to enter the area, so yes you would both need one. However, if you do decide to get one you may able to alter your current booking to one with the AP Discount to help you save a little more money.

          To get into the VIP Annual pass area, all you need to do is book your slot within the Annual Pass portal. To get the hotel discount you need to confirm your annual pass number and expiry date (as its booked via the phone), all the other benefits you simply show your card, whether its at the restaurants or shops.

          If you have any other questions please do let us know

  • This page is massively helpful but I am still a wee bit lost! Looking to stay at Marvel hotel for 4 nights from 15 January half board with 5 days in the park what annual pass(es) would be best – how do you work it out? Can you call and ask them to talk you through it before you buy the passes ? Any help would be hugely appreciated!

  • Thanks for the guide. Let’s imagine I buy an AP for me and want to make a trip and stay at an DLP hotel for me and my girlfriend. Can I make a reservation for both of us together, or does it need to be done seperatly? For example, I book a room for 2 adults with entry to both parks and a meal plan.

    • Hi

      You can book everything against your booking. As you would be staying in a Disney hotel you wouldn’t need to make an advanced registration (this is provided with your hotel room) for all guests, and you can add on meal plans for all members of the booking.

      Please be aware if only you have an annual pass. You will still need to buy your girlfriend park tickets. We would advise you get privilege tickets, which do need to booked via the Annual Pass portal.

  • Great website, thanks for all the really useful tips! We now have our Magic Plus passes and want to book a visit in April 2023 with our children and grandchildren, using some of our Privileged Tickets. As of today (3 Feb) the annual pass area is only allowing Privileged ticket bookings up to 29th March, which seems like a very narrow booking window. Is this normal? I’m reluctant to book ferry and accommodation until I have park tickets, but ferry slots are running out over the Easter holiday period – do you know when April dates will be available to book?

    • Hi

      Thanks for your message. They usually release them around 2-3 months in advance. We usually keep an eye on the dates and book them when they are released. Unless its a peak period or event (such as DLP birthday on 12th April), we have never had issues booking them.

      We always book our trips and dont worry about the privilege tickets, if you do the above you wont have any issues getting them.

      • 2-3 months seems to have been the pattern in the past. As of today (13 Feb) there are still only 6 weeks available to book, so the Easter holiday period is still greyed out. I’m just checking back daily.

  • Hi,
    I’ve just ordered an infinity pass to have delivered to my home. After a bit of reading, im worried it may have been a wasted purchase. We are visiting 15-20 April as a family of 7, 4 adults, 2 children over 3 and one child under 3. We were hoping to get 2 infinity passes between the group and use the privilege passes for this visit for everyone else that needs it.

    I’m now concerned I’m not going to be able to book the dates for April and I’ll end up having to buy separate day tickets anyway?

    Are dates easy enough to get hold of or is April going to be sold out for AP holders?


    • Hi

      At the moment, all dates in April are available, however, we do expect the usual birthday and surrounding dates (April 12th) will book up quickly. You can keep a track of current availability via this link

      However, please be aware if you are visiting for 5 days, you may not have enough privilege tickets with only two annual passes for a group of 7. With the infinity pass you can have a total of 20 tickets per year, but this has a limit of 5 tickets per week.

      Thank you

      • Hi, thanks for your reply, that’s really reassuring!
        We are only planning on doing 2 days, potentially 3 finances depending,

        Hoping to do a few more mini breaks over the year!

  • Hello, I’m thinking about buying a Magic plus, but I still don’t understeand some things and I would be really grateful for any tips. 🙂

    1. IF I go to DP with my friend, is it enough that only I have a magic plus (MP) and I take her with me as friend with discount or is it better that we both have it?

    2. If I have a MP and I want to bring friends with me – can I make reservations in advance also for them – or is it only possible to purchase the ticket for friends cheaper there in DP? What if the capacity of the park is full? They can enter with me or not?

    3. How is it with reservation for annual holders? The same as usual ticket purchase? Or are there any time limits, restriction?

    4. How many times ahead of my visit DP I have to buy MP – it is activated immediately? And how long is the pass valid? It is one day from the purchase or is it like from 1. januar 2023 to 31. december 2023?

    Thank you so so much, sorry for so many questions. 🙂

    All the best,

    • Hi Olga

      Thanks for your comment and we will try to help.

      1. It depends how many days they plan to visit. It may work out better value to buy an AP.

      2. You would need to reserve your days via the DLP website. If you want a privilege ticket for your friend you would reserve this on the AP Portal against the date they wish to visit.

      3. Dates for AP holders usually open 3 months in advance

      4.if you choose to post it home it activates straight away and is valid for a year from the date it is shipped to you. So if you purchase in feb 2023 it will last until feb 2024

  • Thank you for all the information on your blog! So informative. I have purchased 2 park/ 3 day tickets for March 2023 but am thinking of upgrading to annual passes to go again in November. My question is can I exchange the tickets when I get to Paris and be credited the difference off the annual passes. I can only see online that they credit one day and in my case I have a 3 day pass. Thanks again.

    • Hi

      Thanks for your message. That is correct, you can only exchange the cost of a single-day ticket. IT may be worth cancelling the 3-day ticket and purchasing an Annual Pass.

  • Hello, amazing page and very helpful!

    1. With an AP pass, to book Disney hotels, how far in advance do they release the discounted rooms?

    2. Without the AP, Is there a way to calculate the Disney hotels room-only prices from the package prices we can see online? Is there a specific % discount to figure out the room only?

    Thank you

    • Hi

      Thanks for your comment. At the moment you can book up to March 2024! There is no way to see the comparable room rate online, you would need to call them to get the AP hotel discounted room rates at Disneyland Paris.

  • Hi
    I have an Infinity Pass and wish to purchase 3 x Discovery Passes for the rest of my family. It says that you cannot visit on the 2nd and 3rd after the production of the pass. Does this mean that if I buy the Discovery Passes online and have them delivered to my house so the start date of the passes is a few weeks before my planned visit, I would be able to visit the Park three days in a row. All the days that we wish to visit are Off Peak in the week.

    Also my Infinity Pass has a Start Date of 1st October 2022, do you know if I can still get Free Luggage Drop at the Disneyland Park?

    Not an Annual Pass question, I know you can purchase Disney Luggage Express so you can drop your luggage at the Train Station and pick up your Room Key and Park Tickets, and your Luggage is taken to your Hotel. But as we will have only 1 suitcase and already have our tickets, paying this for 4 people seems a lot of money. Do you know if you can pay per bag to do this?

    All help will be greatly appreciated.

    • Hi Kathleen

      Thank you for your comments. For the Discovery pass only, it is true you cannot use this to enter the park on the 2nd and 3rd days from the production of the Annual Pass. However, if you buy this online before you travel, this will not apply as your ‘production date’ would be well before your visit. We would just ensure you check the validity dates to make sure you can use these passes on the days you want to attend.

      With the Infinity annual pass you can store a bag per day at the luggage/bag store at the entrance of Disneyland Paris.

      You can also store as many bags as you wish for free (even without an Annual Pass) at any of the Disney hotels, and depending on which hotel you are staying at, it may be easier to drop it there as they have far shorter queues than the one by the entrance to the parks. The hotel luggage stores are also open longer, which means you can enjoy the full day in the park and simply collect your luggage when you return to the room later that evening.


  • Hi, sorry if this has already been asked/answered – I’ve had a quick scroll through and not seen the answer. We are a family of 2 adults and 2 (soon to be 3) children. I know I don’t need an AP for the baby, but would I need an AP for the 4 of us, or would 1 or 2 passes be enough just for the adults? Then use our discount for the children’s park tickets? I’m looking at Magic Plus.
    My other question is about the dates. It says benefits and discounts valid from March 31 – Oct 3. Does that mean if we go in November we just get park entry and no other discounts – hotel, dining, shops, etc?
    Thanks so much for all the info, it’s a lot to get my head around!

    • Hi Gemma,

      Thanks for your comment and we will try our best to help.

      1. That’s right, you would not need an Annual Pass for any child under 3 years of age. However, anybody older would need an Annual Pass. Depending on the number of days you plan to visit you could use privilege tickets for the other two children, however, please bear in mind that you have a limit of 10 tickets per year with the Magic Plus, and 5 per week (per pass)

      2. The dates shown outline the current pricing period for the annual pass. This can be reviewed, and prices changed, on these dates. This does not mean that you don’t get discounts outside of this period. You can get merchandise, restaurant and hotel discounts with your DLP Annual Pass every day of the year!

      We have a helpful guide on how to buy the DLP Annual Pass online here…

      If you have any other questions please do let me know.

  • Thanks for the amazing site, so much useful information.

    Quick question if a may, I have purchased an annual pass (infinity) and I’m trying to work out the best option for food. (Staying at Newport Bay 2a + 2c) Do you get 15% off the food plans or is it better to dine at preferred locations and benefit from the 15% off, thanks in advance!

    • Hi

      You don’t get annual pass discount off the meal plans. However, with the recent price increase for restaurants, the meal plan provides a greater overall discount if you plan to have a table service meal each day and breakfast at the hotel.

      The additional benefit of adding the meal plan is that you can book restaurants as soon as you booking is confirmed (if booked through Disneyland Paris) meaning you can secure those hard to get reservations up to 12 months before!

  • Hi
    Wow!! I have just discovered your site. Truly appreciate and love how informative it is! I have 3 questions. I was an Infinity holder and the rest of my family magic plus holders. We didnt renew in 2022 because other things came up. Question 1: in the past there used to be a clause when purchasing 5 passports at one go that if all have the same surname living under the same roof the passports would be discounted. Is this still on please ? As I can’t find it anywhere.
    Question 2: we are planning to visit in september:: if I buy 4 magic flex and 1 infinity- will the flex passports be considered privileged tickets and allowed in for extra magic hours?
    Question 3: I assume the booking system is due to covid restrictions. I was planning to just turn up at the outside till and purchase the annual passports from there as I have always done and then go to the passport office. Would this be still advisable now? and also are the prices stated here the most recent ones please?

    • Hi

      Thanks for your kind comments and we will try to answer all of your questions.

      1. DLP don’t currently offer a multi-buy discount on Annual Passes

      2. No the flex tickets wont count as “privilege tickets”, and we have heard mix feedback on entering during extra magic time with this pass. However, if you book a DLP Hotel with the infinity discount, all guests will get access to extra magic time with their room key.

      3. No, it looks like this system is here to stay and on our last visit only 1 day in the 5 days we entered the park was not at capacity. We always advise buying online and booking your days into the park (if not at a disney hotel), and if you are staying at a disney hotel by buying before you can get the hotel discount.

      Thank you

  • We are coming in march 26th for 4 nights booked accommodation and flights was looking at the 3 or 4 day tickets. 10 years ago we got annual passess and it looks like alot has changed!
    If i purchase now online how do i book to come and whats the best way to have the passess delivered or collected please we have 2 children over 3 and one under 3
    Thank you

    • Hi

      You would need to buy your annual pass and then as soon as you receive your annual pass number you simply call Disneyland Paris and book your room with the discount.

      Please note, you would need a pass for each family member over the age of 3.

      If you have any other questions please do let us know…

  • Hi, I’ve never had a annual pass before, but we are planning on going in Feb half term 2024. I prefer to do a long as possible at least 4 days if not 5. My partner loves all the VIP treatment and we like dining. Would it be worth getting passes to book a forest room at the sequoia for a 4 or 5 day stay, trying to weigh up the most effective saving. With the infinity pass do you still get VIP seating for parades? Would our 8 year old son and baby need an infinity pass to sit with us and get all the benefits or would he be allowed with a privilege ticket? Do you get any fast passes and Premier access with the passes. I’ve priced a holiday for us for 5 days it is 1800 so I was thinking if we buy 2 passes at 1000 and use the 50% room discount when booking it could work out at 1600 saving us 200 plus all the discounts in the park on food ect. Is this correct?

    • Hi Kelly

      Thanks for your comment. The Infinity pass gives you all the VIP treatment with special zones for the parades and fireworks! Your son would need a pass (over 3) but the baby wouldn’t need a pass to access the zones.

      You don’t get any fastpasses or premier pass with the annual pass.

      For sequoia you can book Golden Forest but they are only a few rooms available to the earlier you book the better. You could also look at Compass Club at Newport Bay Club too. Its also worth noting the discount fluctuates, when we stayed in Compass Club our Infinity pass gave us 30% discount.

  • Hi, this post was really helpful.

    I wanted to ask a question regarding our particular case. Our family of 5 (2 adults and 3 kids aged 7-7-8) has tickets to Paris arriving on the 7th of April at 5pm. We were planning to spend the next 3 days visiting the two parks, so we were planning to book a Disney hotel from the 7th to 11th and visit the parks on the 8th, 9th, and 10th of April.

    From what I’ve seen, dated tickets for those dates are USD 123 per day for an adult and USD 114 for kids, making a total of USD 371 per adult and USD 342 per kid for the 3 days. I checked the validity periods of the different Annual Passes, and the only one that covers those April days is the Magic Plus, which is 369 Euros.

    From this, I concluded that regarding the cost of park visits, individual tickets and the Annual Pass are almost the same. The real benefit may come from the hotel booking discount, as well as other advantages, although to a lesser extent.

    I wanted to validate my conclusion with you. Do you think my reasoning is correct, or is there something I’m missing?

    Thank you for your help!

    • Hi

      Yes this is exactly the reason why we made this guide. Its cheaper to get a pass than the daily tickets for your stay, even before any hotels discounts! Dont forget you will also get discounts on food and merch too!

  • Hi, we (5 of us in my family) are planning a trip to Disneyland from 4-8 Dec 2023, planning to stay at the Marvel hotel. To get the hotel discount, I was thinking of purchasing one infinity pass and getting it sent to me as soon as possible. I plan to then call the 03448008898 number to make the reservation for the rooms. Nearer the time, I will then purchase discovery passes for the other 4 members of the family. Does this plan make sense? I don’t speak French so am a little bit concerned, but from your very helpful guide, it sounds like using English should not be a problem. Thanks so much for your advice,

    • Hi

      Thanks for your comment. Yes, this does make sense. The only concern I have is that the Validity period for the Discovery annual pass has not been published since Sept 2023. Based on the 2022 validity period you should be okay, as those dates dont fall on a weekend, but we don’t know for sure.

      All the staff on the phone understand English; in most cases, we have spoken to people from the UK or USA when booking!

      Thank you

      • Thanks again for the advice! I’ve booked the the infinity pass and then used that to secure the discount for the hotel as planned. So far so good! I wanted to ask though – I read somewhere that hotel guests can do a table booking for character dining 12 months in advance . However the app only seems to allow me to reserve up to 2 months ahead. Should I try to ring the booking line instead? Or perhaps I misread it and I am only allowed it make reservations 2 months in advance? Thanks again for your help.

        • Hi

          Thanks for your comment and the great news you have secured the hotel discounts!

          Yes, you can book up to 12 months in advance, as you booked direct with Disneyland Paris you need to call them and add this to your booking.

  • Hello 🙂

    This is a fantastic guide for looking at APs! Very helpful so thank you.

    I’ve decided which passes to get, but I just have one question I’m hoping you can answer.

    If I was to buy the AP today do I need to visit the park within a certain time frame? I’ve read somewhere else that you have to visit the park within 6 months of getting the AP. I want to buy the AP asap as we want to go during October and again in December so want to book in advance. So may not visit within 6 months.

    We are hoping to squeeze in another visit before the 30th Anniversary Celebration ends as it was brilliant when we went last year but we may not be able to.

    Thank you for your help! 🙂

    • Hi Abby

      Thank you for your comment and we will try our best to help.

      If you buy the Annual Pass online and and choose to collect it at the parks you need to collect it within 30 days of your temporary pass. However, if you choose the have the pass delivered to your home, there is no restriction on when you need to visit. therefore you can buy today and visit in 6 months. Please be aware if you choose to have the pass delivered to your home the start date of your annual pass would be from when it is dispatched, and the longer you wait, the more ‘lost’ time you would have on the Annual Pass.

      If you have any other questions please do let us know

      Thank you

  • How quickly do peak period days become fully booked? It’s January 2023 and I’m going to buy Annual passes to take the family to DLP in April. However, we’d like to go ourselves in February. This means we can’t book dates for the Easter trip until late Feb – are the April school holidays likely to be fully booked by then?

    The limited advance booking facility of APs is a real disadvantage compared with how they worked a few years ago.

    • Hi

      Yes, the 3 day booking system can be an issue if you stay off-site, however if you stay in a Disney hotel (and use your AP Discount) you dont need to use the advanced booking system as your entry is confirmed with the hotel room key.

      Peak times and school holidays can book up quickly, even more so on a weekend. Dates around DLP anniversary (12 April) can also book up quickly.

  • Hi,
    I will be living in Paris for a few months and have plenty of weekdays off school each week, so I will probably want to visit DLP fairly frequently. Would a Magic Plus Annual Pass be limited to only 5 weekday visits? Or could I visit more? Just a little confused on the number of visit limitations. Thanks!

    • Hi

      Wow, that would be incredible living in Paris for a few months.

      The Magic Plus Annual Pass is not limited to 5-weekday visits. You can visit most days throughout the year, however, you can only have 3 days booked into the park at any time. As soon as you have visited on your 1st date, you can then book your next date into the park.

      We do have a guide on how to buy your Annual Pass online to ensure you can book your first dates into the park as soon as possible.

      If you have any questions please do let us know.

  • Hi!

    Sorry to bother you again, but usually how far in advance can we reserve privilege tickets? I’m looking for April

  • Thanks for the information.
    Are you still able to pay in monthly instalments if you call up for an annual pass discounted hotel rate?

    • Hi

      Yes you can, its the exact same as a normal hotel booking just with a big discount! You can also add it to the DLP App and manage your booking online the same as a normal booking


  • Hi, Thanks for this blog it is incredibly helpful and informative. I was just wondering if you could advise regarding the booking process once you have an annual pass please? We were previously annual passholders a few years ago, but didn’t renew because of Covid and having our first child. We are looking to buy our annual passes for our trip next year as we’re staying off site for the first time at the Dream Castle (Sadly Disney have outpriced us now for on site hotels).

    We are going for 4 nights and 5 days, so my worry with the annual passes are we can only book for 3 days of the trip in advance, and presumably we would book the other 2 when we are there? For example we’d book for Monday to Wednesday in advance, and then on the Wednesday night book for Thursday and Friday?

    How often does the annual pass booking system sell out? Am I right to be worried that we wouldn’t be able to go to the park on the final 2 days or is that a worry over nothing and that scenario never really happens?

    Previously when we were annual pass holders there was no booking system and we just turned up with the passes without a worry and went in, I am just a bit anxious about not having those final 2 days booked, especially with an excited little one I wouldn’t want to break the news the park is full and we can’t go in that day. We are going early October, but possibly might squeeze a trip in June time if we’re lucky.

    Any advice or reassurance on this would be greatly appreciated 🙂

    Many thanks,


    • Hi Ryan

      Thanks for your comment and hope we can help.

      Please be aware that the Dream Castle has been removed as a partner hotel with some benefits being removed over the next few months, no confirmation has been given for the exact date, but it could mean the free shuttle service may be removed.

      In terms of the 3 day booking system, as soon as you enter the park on your first day you will be able to make another booking. In some cases this may add you to a waiting list. We are seeing many days sell out and the park be at capacity over the last few months, and if you plan to visit in October this is usually a busy time due to the Halloween celebrations.

      You may find that Disney hotels become a lot cheaper, and affordable, with the Annual Pass Discount and will guarantee you access into the park on all days of your trip.


      • Thanks very much that’s really helpful. We’ve booked a non refundable room for the Dream Castle as it was such good deal, we’ll just roll with it for this trip and look to use the annual pass discount another trip. It would be a shame if they pulled the free shuttle busses but we don’t mind the walk too much.

        I’m hopeful that at some point over the next year they’ll get rid of the reservation system and revert back to the Pre Covid measures, and you can just turn up with your pass, much less hassle, unlikely but fingers crossed.

        Thanks again for your help 🙂


  • Hi, we’ve already booked for 3 nights 4 days in March in the Santa Fe hotel, 2 rooms, 4 adults 1 child. I’m now wondering if I should have bought and annual pass to make use of the hotel discount and also the restaurant and Merch discount. Can I still do this even though it’s booked? I have only paid a deposit so far if that makes a difference. The days we are due to go are Saturday-Tuesday. Thanks

    • Hi

      Thanks for your message, Yes you can! If you purchase an Annual Pass online and get this delivered to our home you will be able to update your booking to an Annual Pass discounted hotel room-only booking. However, before you do make sure its worthwhile, as you may need to purchase tickets or passes for the other members of your group who do not have an Annual Pass.

  • Thanks so much for the post! We had annual passes a few times years ago, but we’ve not been since we had a child in 2019.

    We’re considering a visit from 15-18 January, for 4 adults and 2 children (1 – infant, 1 three year old) across two rooms on-site at either ideally at Sequoia, Newport Bay or Marvel

    We previously got one of us a Discovery Pass and one a Magic Flex to access discounts. I was originally going to book a standard package for this trip, but I’m wondering if it is cheaper for one of us to get a Magic Flex or Plus and use it for discounted hotel and tickets for the other 4 paid persons in the party. We also have one person who will need a wheelchair or motorised scooter. What do you think might be best in this circumstance?

    Thanks ?

    • Hi

      Thanks for your comment. If you plan to go multiple times within the year we would say the annual pass would be worth it.

      It would be worth comparing the price shown on the DLP website and the Annual Pass price, you could also consider “upgrading” to the infinity pass as this provides larger hotel discounts and free wheelchair hire, which can save you even more money.

      You can use the DLP price estimator to build and compare hotel/ticket package prices.

  • Hello! Thanks so much for this guide, but I have a question still which I hope you can answer…

    So, my family wishes to go to DLP next year. 5 of is all told. Probably in September, though May or June could work too if we rearrange.

    We already booked something in September as a precaution before realising that the annual pass existed, but now I am pulling my hair out trying to work out if this was a mistake. Since some of the annual passes allow for discounts on hotels (and a lot more), I am wondering if we should have bought an annual pass for one of us, had that person book our necessary hotel rooms, and then enjoyed our holiday with more of our budget to spend during the hotel itself? For one large room (e.g. Davy Crockett’s) or 2 rooms, I *think* that would work…

    My big question is, how does booking the tickets work after that? So one of us gets a pass (probably me) and books the hotels for a sizeable discount. Do we have to wait until we arrive and hope tickets are available to buy at the gates, or do we buy separate individual tickets for everyone who doesn’t have an annual pass once I have booked the annual pass + hotel combo, OR do we get to book tickets for everyone alongside the hotel booking over the phone using the annual pass? It seems a bit confusing to me.

    Sorry to be a pain in the behind. I really just want to get this deal right for everyone so nobody is left kicking themselves when we arrive and realise we could have done things better. We are currently at staying in Davy Crockett’s to keep the budget down, but honestly we would rather not have to drive hundreds of miles by car to stay at Davy Crockett ‘s if we could save money with an annual pass and stay at one of the more conveniently placed hotels. Also, one of us is very disabled and requires a wheelchair to get around the parks. I just found out that wheelchair rental is inclusive in the Infinity Pass, which would save this member of our family maybe €100 of holiday budget.

    Thanks for advising. Keep up the amazing work! 🙂

    Best wishes!

    • Hi

      Thanks for your comment.

      Firstly, if you book a room with an Annual Pass discount, your park tickets are not included, as its assumed you have this with your Annual Pass. You can add additional tickets onto your booking if required and you do not have any privilege tickets available.

      Secondly, you can only buy a max of 5 privilege tickets a week, so you may need to use the 20% discount ticket option too (maximum 5 tickets per day per Annual Pass Holder), but these can only be purchased on the day at the park.

      Personally, we would advise you to phone Disneyland Paris and ask them for the price of your currently booking with the Annual Pass discount. This will then allow you to compare plans, ticket prices and all aspects of the holiday and see which is better for you.

      Please be aware, if you are staying at Davy Crockett, you would need to drive or take an uber to the parks as there are no free shuttle service available at this location, and an annual pass could save on car park costs as well as the wheelchair costs.

      If you have any other questions please do reply 🙂

  • Hi.
    Hoping you can answer this. I have an infinity pass and a cast member at a till said that I could take a guest to the infinity area for watching the night time show. Do you know if that’s correct? It was the first I’d heard of it.

    • Hi

      This is the first time we have ever heard this. They have two checkpoints with Cast Members, and only yesterday all members of our party were asked to show their pass and confirmation email of the VIP viewing area booking.

  • Hi! I I am planning to purchase a discounted Annual Pass Infinity through the ISIC website, but the website states the following:-
    “Your first visit in Parks Disney must be made in a period of 6 months after the emission date of your Annual Pass. You will have to, the day of your first visit, transform it into an Annual definitive Pass to the office of the Annual Passports in the Park Disneyland.”

    Do you know whether I can activate the annual pass earlier for this case in order to enjoy the benefits of the annual pass in advance? Also, is it possible to make a reservation for park entry with the pdf ticket which would be sent to me via email after purchase?

    • Hi Anthony

      Thank you for your comment. I do not understand what you mean by the ISIC website. You would need to buy the pass via the Disneyland Paris website.

      We have a guide here showing how you can purchase the DLP AP online

      When buying the pass you can choose to have the pass delivered to home which means the pass starts straight away and you can take advantage of the benefits such as hotel discounts.

      Once you have your pass you can make a reservation and this would be linked to your annual pass and you would not need a pdf ticket. Please note you would not need to make a reservation if you stay in a Disney hotel.

      If you have any other questions please do let us know

  • Hello 🙂

    Thank you for your article and website, what a great service and advice.

    I apologise in advance if I repeat anything that has already been asked. I have tried to read as many comments and responses as possible but have the following questions please:

    I have a booking for 2 adults and 2 children at the Sequoia Lodge (Forest Club) with tickets from Dec 16-Dec 18. Am I correct in thinking that an annual pass discount would not be applicable to a club level room?

    Since our booking has already been made, I am wondering if it would be more beneficial to purchase an annual pass (most probably the Magic Plus) on the first day we enter the park (in the park) as opposed to now, with the thought that (just in case I do not renew next year) the pass would still be valid for the December dates leading up to the expiration date of the pass. We would then hopefully be able to visit during the 2023 Christmas period and take advantage of some/all of the discounts.

    If there was an occasion whereby it would be more economical for my husband to book himself and our children at the Newport Bay Hotel (maybe the available discount for the hotel is not comparable to the current advertised hotel price with the park tickets included for my husband and children) or if priority/discounted tickets were not available am I able to add myself to their hotel booking and do you know what sort of price would be incurred?

    I’m just trying to think about as many eventualities as possible to justify the price of the annual ticket. Since we have already booked this trip without an annual ticket (I think I looked into it prior to booking and because I booked it in September, the discount for the hotel of our choice was either not that far off from the non-annual pass holder price or it was not available due to booking quite close to December. I am hoping that purchasing an annual pass at the Park when we arrive, will enable us to benefit from the restaurant and shop discounts and hopefully we will return once or twice next year and be able to book a hotel well in advance to achieve the hotel discount.

    One last question, if you are able to book a hotel with the AP discount, do you still get up to 90 days before arrival to pay for the hotel or do you have to pay it all in advance at booking.

    Thank you once again, apologies if my questions aren’t so straight forward.

    Best wishes

    • Hi Jenny

      Thanks for your comment, and we will do our best to answer all of your questions about the DLP Annual Pass.

      1. You can use Annual Pass discounts at Disneyland Paris on suites and club levels. We have used it previously to stay at the Compass club within the Newport Bay Hotel. However, these room types are very limited so its best to book early!

      2. You could enquire about the discount available on your room type, and potentially change your booking under the Zen Guarantee if it works out cheaper with the Annual Pass. Remember you would need to get an Annual Pass or tickets for everybody within your party

      3. The prices and discounts are constantly changing at the moment, and the only place you can see the AP Discounted room price is via the Booking Telephone Line 0344 800 8898

      4. If you are wanting to purchase an Annual Pass and collect it on your first day, we would advise pre-buying this online first. We have a helpful guide here on how to buy a DLP Annual Pass as this would save you a lot of time completing forms and taking identity pictures when you get to the park with the cast members.

      5. Annual Pass hotel discounted bookings have the same T&C and benefits as normal bookings. So you can still pay in instalments and reserve a booking with a small deposit.

      If you have any other questions, or we missed anything please do let us know

      • Thanks again for all of your advice CH. I actually received my card today (woohoo!). I have just tried to log into the annual pass area but it says that my part of my information that I put in is incorrect but by all accounts I am copying what is on my annual pass card. When i input the date that the card started from (25/10/2022) the date does not show up after I have selected it on their calendar. Are you familiar with this type of issue at all please? Many thanks

        • Hi

          Thats great news!

          We have experienced this issue before on our iPhone. To resolve this issue we usually just type the date into the field in this format 01/01/2022 and then make sure to complete the “captcha” tick box underneath.

  • Hi,
    Your info is most helpful. I messaged earlier and your reply helped me so much. I have ordered an annual pass and am expecting it soon. Could you please answer another question ? if i book a hotel using my annual pass does that still guarantee entrance to the park or do i still need to book the days ? how soon do i need to book to get the best discounts and when you phone are they happy to speak english ? thanks again.(btw i did post another message but i noticed my typos and my message may have been a bit garbled)

    • Hey there,

      No problem, ask as many questions as you like, we love to help people enjoy and get the best experience when they visit Disneyland Paris.

      When you book a Disney hotel with the Annual Pass discount, you still get guaranteed access to the park, and you do not need to reserve days via the Annual Pass portal. All you do is show a cast member your Annual Pass and your room Magic Key and they will let you through.

      The Annual Pass discounts are based on availability, so the sooner you book the better. We always recommend checking the prices at each hotel, as we recently stayed in the 4-star Sequoia Lodge, and it worked out cheaper than the 2-star Santa Fe due to the discounts available!

      Yes absolutely! They all speak English, and you can even call the UK National rate number (inclusive of minutes) and speak to them on 0330 123 1644

      If you have any other questions please do leave us another comment or send us a message on Instagram (@my_castle_club)

  • hi,
    generally if i was to book a DLP hotel using my annual pass would i still be able to enter the park without booking the days on my annual pass?
    the second part of my queation -i am staying off site nov 6-11th. i hope to have my annual pass in the next week or so. i can only book 3 days so that would be 7,8,9 and hopefully after the first day i can book 10th nov. but 11th doesnt look too hopeful ATM. as our train doesnt leave til 6 i dont really want to just kill time at Disney village or shopping somewhere. i was thinking maybe I could just buy a ticket for 11th or see if i could get a deal on one of the DLP hotels ? there will be 4 adults so i thought if i booked a room for 4 for one night it may work out cheaper than buying tickets for the day ? do you have any suggestions please ?

    • Hi Francesca

      Thanks for your comment and I hope we can help.

      1. If you stay in a Disney hotel you dont need to book reservation into the park, this is guaranteed with your Room Key

      2. The dates you are looking to visit are near peak times, DLP state peak times would be Oct 22 to Nov 6, and then again on the Nov 11-13. This will affect the price of day tickets and privilege tickets. We have been in the same situation as this. Checking your dates today the 10th is available, however the 11th is fully booked. They are a few options available to you (we assume all members of your party have the annual pass)

      Option 1 – Prebook Privilege tickets for the dates, however, upon checking availability the 11th is fully booked. So you could prebook the 10th and then once you enter the park on the 6th, see if you can book a normal reservation on the 10th, and then cancel the Privilege ticket. However, this still leaves you with the issue on the 11th. They are tickets available with the standard Annual Pass 20% discount.

      Option 2 – Use your AP Discount and book the night of the 10th in a Disney Hotel, This will guarantee your park access on both 10th and 11th of November. We would image using your AP Discount for this single night would be far cheaper than potentially buying 8 tickets ( 4 people for potentially 2 days) and would remove any unnecessary stress.

      If you have any other questions please let us know

      • thank you so much.. that really helps. I sent another message but didnt realise you had answered this. (although it was slightly different) two of my guests already have dated tickets up to and including 10th. I am guessing the most i can expect to save on a hotel ,this close to the date,is 25% ? will i be able to just turn up on the day and buy tickets for 11th using my 20% pass holder discount or do these have to be booked too ? once again tabk you so much

        • Hi

          The Annual Pass 20% Discounted 1-day tickets can only be purchased at the Disney Parks ticket booths. These are located next to the entrance of Walt Disney Studios Park and have to be purchased on the day you wish to visit (maximum 5 tickets per day per Annual Pass Holder). Please be aware, if the parks are completely full, tickets would not be available, I have just checked the calendar and 20% discounted tickets are still available for the 11th.

  • Hi, first of all thanks for all the info!
    Im planning on getting Magic plus AP for my 5 year old daughter and me and I would be getting priviledge tickets for my husband or other family when they want to join us. My question is do you need to reserve also the priviledge pass when staying onsite?
    Also what time can you pick up the priviledge tickets? Are there long queues? Because I would like to use the magic hour and we go only for 1-2 days visit. Also can you get both days tickets at once?

    • Hi

      When staying onsite at a Disney hotel you dont need to book an advanced registration, this is guaranteed with your room booking and key. However, you would still need to book the privilege tickets for the guests with you. And you would book each day separately. You would need to do this the annual pass portal

      You can pick up the tickets at any time as long as the ticket office is open. You can collect multiple days at the same time, and the queues times vary. First thing in a morning tends to be busier.

  • This post is incredible – thank you!

    I am visiting solo in October, staying off-site and have a two-day dated ticket which I will be upgrading to an annual pass at the parks.

    We will then be booking for April 23 as a family of four (two adults, two kids) and plan to stay on site for 3 nights. I have a few questions around the best value approach for this trip and would be grateful for any advice.

    If I book a package for one adult and two kids, am I able to add myself as an AP holder to the room on check in for no charge?

    In your opinion, would it be best value to take the package approach or to book room only with my AP discount then use privilege/20% discount tickets for access to the parks for my family? We would need access to the parks for 3 days. so it would be 9 in total.

    Any suggestions are welcome. My budget is relatively fixed but AP savings could help us swing an upgrade from Sequoia to Marvel! 😀

    • Hi

      Thanks for your comment.

      Please be aware you can only exchange a value of a single day ticket when upgrading to an Annual Pass.

      I am unable to advise on adding yourself to a room. This would be something you would need to speak to Disneyland Paris.

      If you only have one annual pass you can only buy a max of 5 privilege tickets a week (mon-sun), so it would depend upon the dates and if you plan on going to the parks again within a year to allow us to crunch those numbers with you.

  • Hi! Thank you for such an informative post. We are planning to head to DLP for 4 nights (Dec 30 – Jan 3) and I’m looking to get 1 Infinity pass to get the discounted tickets along with other great benefits. Do you think my plan below makes sense to you given our situations?

    2 adults 1 child, based in USA traveling to DLP for 4 nights
    Book Disney hotel without the packaged park tickets (this would still ensure access to the parks even without a reservation, is that correct?)
    Buy 1 infinity pass to be mailed to me sometime in October (before price increase)
    Reserve discounted park tickets for the 1 adult and 1 child
    Once infinity pass is received i will check if discounts can be had for the hotel, and if so, rebook the hotel

    So the reason i don’t want to wait for the Infinity pass to arrive to make the hotel booking is because possibility that the hotel may not be available. I want to be able to secure the hotel along with access to the parks. I don’t want to purchase the pass now and have it mailed to me since it is still 3 months before travel and i don’t want the pass activated so far in advance. What do you think?

    Thank you for reading and any advice.

    • Hi

      Thanks for your comment and yes that makes total sense.

      Firstly if you staying in a Disney hotel your entry is guaranteed, so you wont need to worry about booking advanced reservations.

      The only consideration you would need to take is that you can only purchase 5 privilage tickets per week which runs Monday to Sunday. As your dates split over 2 weeks, you can maximise this benefit but may need to purchase a 20% discounted for one of your party depending upon your arrival and departure times.

      As your going over new year, remember you can book 2 additional new years eve party tickets with your AP discount!

      You may see us there as we will be in the parks on similar dates, if you see us come up and say hi!

      • Thank you so much for your response! Your site has been such a great help – i also started following you on IG. Can’t wait to visit DLP. Will definitely say hi if i see you there during our visit. 🙂

        I actually have one final question – for the Privilege tickets, the footnote on the sales page says it will be sold day of at the entrance with prior reservation. I read this as they only sell a limited amount of the discount Privilege tickets a day, and that is the reason for a reservation. Or is this not the case and it is only to manage attendance and since i will being staying at a Disney hotel that i will not even need to make this reservation?

        Thank you again and the extra note about the new years eve party tickets!! Super excited.

        • Hi

          Im not sure I fully understand that question, but will try to answer what I think you may mean.

          Yes only a limited number of privilege tickets are available each day.

          You would prebook them before your visit on the Annual Pass portal. You can currently book all the way up to new years eve.

          Once booked you would need to collect and pay for the ticket(s) at the ticket office by Walt Disney Studios.

          Also, You wouldn’t need to book advanced registration into the park if your staying in a Disney hotel.

          If i haven’t answered your question please let us know and I will try again. Lol

          • Hi there! Thanks again! Yes, you absolutely answered my question. Everything is clear now. Thank you so much!! Hope to see you at DLP later this year. HOORAY!

  • Hello! My AP expired in May, but I am looking to get again for over the Christmas season. If I ordered online to be delivered to the U.K. what date would the pass validity begin? Would it be from order date, or first visit?

    I was hoping to just buy for myself and then get privileged tickets for my husband and daughter, however I assume it is impossible to know if they would be available until the pass is in hand to access booking these?

    Also is AP discount given for NYE tickets? And if so is that only for the pass holder?

    • Hi Katie

      Thank you for your comment.

      If you choose to have the pass delivered to your home, the start date would be around the date it was dispatched/delivered. (usually 7-14 days after ordering)

      If you choose to collect the pass at the ticket office, the start date will be the day you collect it. However, you won’t be able to use any AP benefits until after this, including hotel discounts, privilege tickets and discounts on the NYE tickets.

      Based on your comment, I would advise buying the AP to be delivered to your home and getting those privilege tickets booked, as it’s going to be a busy festive period.

      we have a guide to how to buy the DLP annual pass online here

      • Thank you for getting back to me!
        When we all had passes before we ordered over the phone and it was complicated so it is great to see this can happen online!

        Do you know how much discount you receive on events such as NYE? And can I get this for 2 further tickets that are non AP holders?
        Thank you

        • Hi

          Its so much easier doing it online, makes it easier and you dont have to spend ages on the phone too.

          Yes, we have been able to buy 2 additional tickets per pass with the discount for the events.

          Thank you

  • Thanks for being awesome and amazing 🙂

    I will finally be purchasing the Infinity Pass at the park when we visit for New Years Eve. I am also planning to book on-site stays for August and October, plus one off-site for a weekend in June. When using the AP hotel booking hotline, do you pay in full or are you able to pay a deposit and then pay instalments? This will then help solidify my decision on purchasing an AP or to reassess this, as I prefer to book as soon as the dates are released (which seem to offer great prices, especially on club level) and then pay in instalments!

    I’ve tried to read through the comments to find this answer, but couldn’t spot anything!

    Many thanks 🙂

    • Hi Daniel

      Thanks for your comment and this is the first time we have been asked this question.

      The payment for the holiday is the same as the usual DLP bookings, if its less than 60 days to your visit you would have to pay in full, otherwise, you can pay in instalments.

      You can get AP discount on club level at New Port Bay and Sequoia lodge too!

      Personally we would advise buying the pass for the new year (current prices are only valid until start of October, and may incase), and you can also use the pass to get discount on the NY party tickets.

      Hope this helps, and if you have any other questions please do let us know

  • This has been the best info for annual passes we could find so,thank you in advance. My question is i have a booking for december and was going to purchase Infinty annual passes for us 2 while there to give as a christmas gift . I dont want to use them for this trip instead use them from christmas onwards . Would the best option be to buythem online or inthe parkwhile we are there in december . Plan was to maybe get them in the park on our last day and prwsentthem as a christmas gift.

    • Hi

      Thanks for your comment and we will do all we can to help.

      I would say the best option is to buy them online before you go and choose to collect them at the parks, this means your pass will start when you collect them and dont have to waste time buying them in the park. It will also make the surprise easier to do.

      The current annual price pass is valid until october, after this date we dont know if the price will change and if you buy before you will look in the price it is now.

      If you do decide to buy a disneyland paris annual pass online please do follow our guide here

    • This is super helpful, thank you! I’m thinking of buying an Infinity Pass for a stay next July / August, in which we’d like to take family members too.
      We’ll most likely all want to stay at Davy Crockett (I know we can’t book the premium cabin with the pass discount).
      If we buy the pass in advance to get discount on the hotel booking, do the park days we can book also start from the date we buy it? As that’s almost a whole year until we visit, so essentially we’d only be visiting once with the pass? I’m happy to buy the Infinity to get the perks such as viewing areas and merchandise discount.
      If we can buy the pass so it effectively starts at the date we first visit the park, can we also then pre book the viewing area for illuminations in good time?
      I guess what I’m asking is if we want the discount and to guarantee a booking for the illuminations area should we buy the pass asap (before the potential October price increase?) and book everything? But then we might only get one visit out of our pass if we only visit in August 23?

      • Hi

        This is one of the big decisions you need to make when buying the pass.

        You can two options, have the pass delivered to your home (start straights away) or collect at the park (starts when you collect).

        However you can only book advantages once you have your pass, this includes the hotel discounts, privilege areas, tickets etc.

        Please also note only pass holders can enter the viewing areas, so if some of the party don’t have a pass they wont be able to enter, and bookings can fill up quickly.

  • Hello, I am thinking of purchasing the Discovery pass. I did notice it said “150 days/ per year
    Except the second and third days following the production of the definitive Annual Pass”. Pleas help me understand this. Does this mean if I purchase this pass for a trip in Jan 2023. I can go into the park on the first day I have the pass activated and then can not use it for entrance on day 2 or day 3? But then it is valid on the remaking days of my trip. I am planning a 5 night stay the end of Jan 2023 and have hotel only reservations to stay at the Sequoia Lodge. Thank you for a fascinating article.

    • Hi

      Thanks for your comment.

      This does mean if you buy the annual pass at the park you get entry on the day of purchase but the next two days are excluded. Its not the best pass and we would advice at least getting the Magic Flex as this is the first pass level which will give you hotel savings!

      However, if you do want to get the discovery we would advise buying it online and have it delivered to your home. This means these exception days will be when you are not at the parks.

      If you do decide to buy a disneyland paris annual pass online please do follow our guide here

  • I am sorry to say that an annual pass is only interesting for weekday visits or shop-discounts. The problem is that you can only make 3 reservations in advance. So if your intention is to visit the park every month for some days you are not sure you can. Personally I can only go in the weekends and am also interested in HAlloween. Therefor I purchased the infinity pass. At this moment you can NOT reserve a day for HAlloween akthough there are “normal” tickets available for those days. Every weekend of September is also already booked so I can’t go although the caption of the infinity pass says you can book 365 days of the year.

    • Hi Marc

      Thanks for your comment. The three day reservation can be an issue for some guests, however, this is only applicable if you are not staying in a Disney hotel. If you stay in the Disney hotel you are guaranteed entry and dont have to use any of the available days.

      If staying offsite, you add a date to the “waiting list” if it is full. So far we have had great success with this list and been able to visit the parks on the dates we want to go.

  • Hi,
    My question is how can I get the Photopass if I have the Infinity AP?
    And is it still free for Infinity AP holders to use the guest storage?
    We will stay offsite and planning to go straight to the park from the airport and we don’t want to waste any time to go to the hotel first.

    Thank you!

    • Hi

      Thanks for your comments…

      You still get the free photoshop and you can collect this for multiple photopass locations within Disneyland Paris. The easiest place is at Ribbon and Bows at the top of main street.

      It is still free for AP to use guest storage, however there is a limit of how many bags you can store per annual pass. Last time we used this service it was 2 bags per pass, however, its always worth checking with DLP before you travel if you have more bags.

      We hope you have a great time!

  • Hey! Firstly thank you for all your AP knowledge! I have just purchased my Infinity pass and cannot wait to celebrate my birthday in the magic :). Your guide on how to buy online was super helpful.
    I wanted to know if I had to wait for my annual pass to be delivered in order to reserve my first dates? I chose the pay in full and have it delivered to my home as I want to book 3 days. I also want to reserve privilege tickets for my boyfriend for these days, do I have to wait for the physical card for that also?
    You mentioned VIP areas for the parades and illuminations, do you know if a guest with me is able to join be in these areas also?
    Thanks again for your amazing DLP content :D!!

    • Hi there

      Thank you for your kind comments on our guide and we hope you have a magical birthday at Disneyland Paris. Hopefully we can help answer some of your additional questions…

      – no you dont have to wait until its delivered, you should get an email with your annual pass number and you can add this to your Disney account and prebook your dates into the park. This email is usually about 5-7 days after order.

      – you will have to wait until your pass arrives to book privilege areas/tickets. This is because the email confirmation shows the expiry date of your pass and you need the start date to log into the annual pass platform. If you do not want to wait you can call DLP once you have your pass number and ask them for the start date.

      – unfortunately, you cannot take any guests into the privilege areas.

      If you have any other questions please do let us know

      • Thank you for your reply :).
        Perfect, I am eagerly awaiting the email with my number now :).
        Want to get tickets for the Halloween party also so hoping it comes soon!!
        Thanks again, have a great rest of your week and weekend 😀

  • Hi,
    thanks for this blog, it’s already answered a few questions I had in relation to annual passes…..I have a few more though so hope you could help please?
    We’re currently planning a trip for 2 adults, a 5 year old and a 2 year old for Feb next year. I was wondering if you could advise on what you think would work out best for us? I thought about buying an annual pass for just one of the adults, then booking the hotel and buying the tickets for everyone else…I’m not sure how it would work out, plus I see that one of the days that we are planning for (11th) is actually blocked out out on the Magic Flex so I take it that would mean I’d have to go to the Magic Plus? Any advice you have would be much appreciated!!

    • Hi Caroline,

      Thanks for your comment and I hope we can help.

      Firstly, yes you would need to upgrade to the Magic Plus due to the entry day restrictions. As a bonus this would also give you access to privilege tickets (even cheaper than the 20% discounted tickets). Which you can use for some of the party during your trip.

      Secondly, I would like to remind you that Children under the age of 3 can enjoy the Disney Parks, free of charge, so you wouldn’t need to worry about that ticket.

      Personally, we would advise crunching the numbers and comparing the trips. Is this going to be a one off trip, or do you plan on going again as this would also play a part. If you could let us know your exact dates and hotel we would be able to advise further on the cost savings.

      Thank you

  • Dear Sir\Madam
    If I buy infinity passes for three people there is no guarantee that you will let us in on the days we are there? Is that right? Why would anyone buy an infinity pass if they can’t be guaranteed entry?

    • Hi

      Thanks for your comment. This is not the case at all, it just means you have one more step in the planning process.

      For example, if you stay in a Disney hotel (and use your annual pass discount) you are GUARANTEED entry into the park for every day of your trip. This is the perfect scenario.

      If you are staying offsite, you can book and hold 3 guaranteed days into the park via the advanced reservation system. This suits 90% of the Disneyland Paris audience stays 3 days or less. If you are planning to stay longer, you just need to book your XXth day into the park once you enter on your first day.

      We have a great guide showing how to buy a disneyland paris annual pass online

      If you have any other questions please do comment or send us a message on instagram

  • Hi, I’m looking at getting the infinity pass. I’m slightly confused, so when you book the hotel with the pass and receive the discount, do you then have to buy the tickets separately? Are the ticket discounted too? Im guessing it works out cheaper this way still?

    • Hi

      If you have the infinity pass you wont need tickets are you will be able to use your annual pass for your ticket.

      I assume you may mean for other people in your party? If they dont have an annual pass they will need to get tickets, but you can use your infinity annual pass to buy either Privilage tickets and/or 20% discount tickets depending on the number of guests.

      If you can confirm the following we can provide better advice

      – how many days will you be staying
      – how many people will be in the party
      – how many wont have annual pass

      Thank you

      • Ah okay, thank you! We will be staying for 5 days, 4 nights. There will be 4 of us and only one of us will have the annual pass.

        • Hi

          Thanks for your message, you would need to compare a few details to find out what is best for you.

          To allow us to advise you fully, can you confirm which hotel you would be wanting to stay at, how many rooms and roughly what dates?

          With this information, we would be able to check the ticket prices and compare to work out what would be best for you.

          • We would like to stay at Hotel New York: The Art of Marvel, with 2 rooms and during august 2023, possible the 14th -18th august.

            Thank you!

          • Thank you for your comment and we will do our best to help. As the August 2023 dates have not been released yet, we can only give you an example of the cost. We have looked at a similar priced date of 12-16th Sept as we can get standard prices and passholder prices for you.

            The stardard price showing online for 4 adults in 2 rooms at Hotel New York is over £5808. The price we were offered today with the annual pass discount for the same booking was £4371 (£1437 cheaper). Therefore, it would be far cheaper to buy an Annual Pass and get additional tickets for the other guests in your party., or you could use this saving and get annual pass for each member of the party. This saving would nearly pay for an Infinity Annual Pass for all 4 adults!

            However, if some guests didnt want to visit on Halloween (29,30,31) or over the Christmas week (24-31) you would still save money if you purchased 1x Infinity pass and 3x Magic Plus as these would ensure access dates throughout August and you would still be saving nearly £200!

            If you do decide to buy a disneyland paris annual pass online please do follow our guide here

  • I’m going to be buying the infinity Pass but I’m just trying to work out the best time to buy it and if I should collect or have it posted. I’m going at the end of March but would like to take advantage of the discounted disney room. Does this mean I would need to have it delivered to my home?
    Thanks x

    • Hi Robyn

      Thank you for your comment. If you want to take advantage of the hotel discounts you would need to have the pass delivered to your home.

      We would advise buying the pass a few months before you plan to go to ensure your pass is delivered in time and to ensure your get the best discount possible.

      If you have any other questions please do reply or send us a message on instagram @my_castle_club

  • If I already have a package booked but now I wanna upgrade to an annual pass before I go.. does that have any affect.. what does it do for me. Thank you!

    • Hi

      It won’t have any effect on your current booking, and if you buy an Annual Pass online before you go, you will be able to take advantage of discounts on merchandise, food and viewing areas.

      If you do decide to buy the DLP AP, you can also enquire about changing your current booking to the Annual Pass price. However, please be aware, if you do update this, you will not get park tickets with the hotel package and everybody in your group will need an Annual Pass, or you will have to purchase Privilege or Discounted tickets for the people in your group.

      If you have any other questions please do let us know

  • Thank you for all these informations. I am very curious about the room only rates and the possible discounts. In a post you compare your discount as a card holder to the announced prices. But what are the announced prices – in the website I only see packages prices? What could the room only price for the New Port Bay be for a 4. Night stay 19-23 march be? Before and after card holder discount be? The package price is 900 euros. I assume the room only rate would be around 700 euros for 3 nights then? Could that possible be cheaper for a card holder?

    • Hi

      Thanks for your comment. You can only find out the exact room only annual pass discounts by calling them direct, as the level of discount is based on multiple factors including peak dates, hotel availability etc. This means that sometimes Hotel New Port Bay club can work out cheaper than some of the other hotels.

      You can call disneyland paris on 0344 800 8898 to find out the discounted prices.

      • Thank you for your answer, I fully understand that calling is the best way/only way to get the prices. Unfortunately it seems so impossible to call them, when your not located in Britain or Germany. I am just wondering and maybe you could tell me: What are you comparing your discounted prices to. Do you compare it with the package price or for instance the prices in hotels.com or similar?

        • Hi

          Thanks for your comments, we have used examples from the hotel cost direct with Disneyland Paris.

          When we next update the article we will look at adding in more comparisons from other hotel websites.

  • Love this post so very helpful thank you. Please can I ask how would I find out how much a disney hotel would cost me before discount because when you use the website it includes park tickets which wouldn’t be needed if I had an annual pass?
    Thank you x

    • Hi

      Thanks for your comment. You can only find the discounted annual pass hotel prices by calling Disneyland direct. You can call them on the following number 0344 800 8898

      Thank you

  • Hello! I’m thinking of purchasing the magic flex annual pass, but am confused about the validity period. The pass is called an annual pass, but the validity pariod says it is valid from march 2022 to october 2022. Does this mean I will need to pay for a new pass in october? Is it actually only valid for 6 months not a whole year? Thank you!

    • Hi Mark

      Thanks for your comment. The Annual pass is valid for a year from when you sign up.

      The part you are looking at is “ Benefits and discounts valid from March 31st, 2022 to October 3rd, 2022”

      Disneyland Paris update their Annual Pass pricing or benefits throughout the years, this shows when the next update is planned, so if you buy during this period these are the benefits you will get

      If you have any other questions please do let us know

  • Hi,

    Firstly thankyou for the guide, it’s been very useful so far as have your replies to other comments, based on everything I’ve read on here I wanted to check on a couple of assumptions!

    We are a family of 6, planning to visit in June 2023 for 4 nights / 5 days (4 adults and 2 children who will be 7 and 16 at the time of travel.) 2 of our party are diagnosed with Autism and have a valid Access Card which are accepted by Disneyland Paris as proof of disability.

    As we will be entitled to 25% annual pass discounts for 2 of the party plus 1 carer each, this seems to be the most cost effective method to get park tickets. Given the restrictions on reservations and park entry that I’ve noted above, can you see any issues with us doing the following…

    1. Purchase 2 x Discovery Annual passes well in advance of the holiday
    2. Use one of the above annual passes to make an on-site hotel reservation for our desired dates
    3. Arrive on park and purchase the additional 4 annual passes with 25% discount (2 disabled + 2 carers)

    Does this make sense? Have I missed anything out? Is this the cheapest method to get us into the parks for 5 days?

    Sorry for all the questions and thankyou 🙂

    • Hi

      Thanks for your comment and we will try to help as much as possible.

      Yes I would advise buying a pass(s) before hand for the Disney hotel discount, and buying the remainder onsite for the disability discount.

      PLEASE REMEMBER, The Discovery pass does not provide discounts on the Disney hotels, so please don’t get this pass if you want the hotel discount beforehand. Although not displayed on the “benefit list” we have been told that the level of discount can also be based on the annual pass level.

      You can book up to 2 rooms per annual pass (room only, no tickets), so if you buy 2 passes you can book up to 4 rooms with a discount. Remember the earlier you book the better discount you get.

      If you have any other questions please do let us know

  • Hi there.

    I found this blog really useful and up to date so thank you.

    I have a trip already booked for October 24-27th 2022

    I am considering buying an AP as my friends who already have them will be going this summer (unconfirmed dates) and have invited me. I also plan to do a solo trip next year at some point. So I think it would have me money.

    However I am unsure how the purchase would effect my current booking as I purchased a package direct from disney of hotel and tickets and I also noticed the validity of discount dates no longer include late October through to Christmas season even on the infinity pass so I am wondering if it would still be worth it to have one if I cannot get the benefits whilst at the parks. Any advice?


    • Hi

      The infinity pass is the only annual pass which allows access to the parks 365 days a year, and you can still get hotel discounts every day of the year. We have them currently booked for the halloween period (Cheyenne) and christmas/new year (hotel new york – art of marvel).

      For current bookings you could enquire about the cost for the same dates with the AP discount, this will allow you check if its worth it for you. However, if you plan to visit multiple times like you said, I would be surprised if you didnt save money with an annual pass.

      If you have any other questions please let us know

  • Hi, we used to have infinity passes until COVID hit. Now it’s all pretty much back to normal we have decided to get them again. Only issue is our daughter is now 4 so that’s an extra pass needed!!!
    I’ve a few questions though if you don’t m8 d me asking? My son is 1 and doesn’t turn 3 until Feb 2024, I assume he’s still free and as long as the other 3 of us have our infinity passes that he can come in to the parks and vip areas still? The new system of only being able to book 3 days in advance worries me, we usually do Mon-Friday so as it stands I’d only be able to book Mon-Wed, what’s the likelihood we go and after the first day can’t book the Thursday or on the Tuesday can’t book the Friday? It’s a lot of money for flights, hotel etc if we waste 2 days when visiting and that puts me off.
    I notice there’s a new annual pass structure coming but can’t see what it is going to be anywhere, do you have any info at all? It states current annual pass benefits only last until Oct ‘22 so assume that’s when the new structure will come out. Will they honour current benefits or will you be forced to adopt new ones which will inevitably be worse for us the pass holder.
    Hope that all makes sense. Many thanks, Steve and family.

    • Hi

      Thanks for your comment and questions. We will do our best to help.

      1. Under 3’s are still free at Disneyland Paris.
      2. Officially they wouldn’t be allowed in the Infinity Pass area, but I believe they would make exceptions for under 3’s
      3.yes you can only prebook 3 days at any time. After your enter the park on the first day you can book your next. Please note, you are only required to book in if you are NOT staying at a Disney hotel. If you stay at any Disney hotel your Magic Pass guarantees you entry on all days you are there.
      4. Previously the updates have only been based on planned price increases. If you buy before you get the cheaper prices.

      Hope this helps

  • Hi,
    i am planning to spend my 60th birthday at DLP. we are going for five nights ,on November 6th 2022, i have a few questions-there will be about 8 of us. we are considering getting a magic flex for 2 of us and buying tickets for our guests with the discount. Do we do this online or at the gate. (some already have magic flex passes.) do we just show our passes in shops to get the discount ? i have heard it isnt that simple and you have to order online first,is this true ? do all restaurants give the discount ? really enjoy your site and vlogs many thanks

    • Hi

      Thanks for your comment and we will try to help as much as possible.

      If you are planning to use the 20% discount for the tickets for 5 days, if would be cheaper to get everyone a Magic Flex pass.

      I have worked this out based on the price of the day tickets. On the 6th they are £106.56, and the next four days would be £77.91. Totalling £418.20, and with the 20% discount you would be spending £334.56 per person. The Magic Flex pass is only €319 euro (about £275). So you would save about £60 per person and about £360 in total. We have a guide here to show you how you can buy a DLP annual pass online

      Its really simple to use the annual pass discount in shops and restaurants. You simply show them the Annual pass, they scan the QR code on the pass and the discount is applied. You can get discount in all shops and restaurants, but be aware some food carts dont give the discount.

      If you have any other questions please do let us know, and we hope you have a fantastic 60th birthday!!

      • thank you so much for your advice abd the trouble you went to. i really appreciate it. BTW i meant to type blogs last time. you site is now saved on my favourites x

        • Hi

          Thats no problem at all. We always like to help people find the most cost effective way to visit Disneyland Paris, so everyone can enjoy the atmosphere and everything the parks have to offer. Glad we could help you save you some money.

          If you have any other questions please do let us know

      • Hello and thanks so much for taking the time to reply to all of our questions!!

        I am trying to figure out all this annual pass mambo jambo but am still very confused!

        We are a family of 3 (husband, 5 year old daughter and myself). I’d like to visit for 7 nights in Christmas and stay in a Compass Club room at New Port Bay Hotel..

        So my questions are:

        – Do Compass Club rooms get annual pass discounts?

        – You say the sooner we book the better discount we get… Based on that, would it be a good idea to buy 3 Infinity passes now and book the room ASAP?

        – Can I check Disney Hotel prices for annual pass holders online or is the phone the only option?

        – Are hotel discounts the same for both Magic Plus and Infinity passes or Infinity has better discounts?

        – Once hotel is booked, is entrance to parks absolutely guaranteed?

        Thanks again! Much love from Spain!

        • Hi Sandra

          Thank you for your reply, we will try to help you figure out the mambo jambo 🙂

          – Yes, Compass Club Annual Pass discounts are available, but in limited numbers. The earlier you book, the better chance you have at getting one of these rooms.
          – Again yes, personally we book earlier to ensure the best discounts. We have booked 6 months in advance and seen 40% discounts, whereas one month before it was only 10% discount.
          – You can only check the AP discounted room price via phone
          – Yes, discounts are available for both Magic Plus and Infinity. Disneyland Paris doesn’t officially say you get a better discount with a specific pass, but we have been provided with a higher discount with the Infinity Pass compared to our friends with the Magic Plus (for the same dates, in the same hotel)
          – Yes, you get guaranteed entry with the room’s key. This means Annual Pass holders don’t have to use the Advanced Registration system to pre-book dates.

          The only additional thing worth considering is that if you are wanting to visit over Christmas, please check the dates available for each pass as some dates over the festive period are not available with a Magic Plus Infinity Pass, even when staying in a Disney Hotel.

          Depending on how many times you are going to visit over the year period you could also save a little bit of more money by only purchasing two Annual Passes (you and your husband). You could then purchase privilege tickets for your daughter.

          If you do have any other questions pleas do let us know, and if you do decide to buy an Annual Pass we have a helpful guide here
          how you can buy a DLP annual pass online


          • Thank you so much for your help! It’s amazing the amount of time you dedicate to us 🙂

            I am now reading horror stories of people that tried to buy Privilege tickets for their family members but due to the limit of 5 per week found themselves not having access to the parks several days during their 7+ days visit! This is so stressful! It is a bit difficult to figure out the best option for a long trip but your blog is gold for this quest!

            Thanks so much again ?

          • Hi

            Thanks for your reply.

            Yes, the limit per week could be an issue, but with multiple annual passes, you have double the limit. To be safe, it’s always worth having an Annual Pass 🙂

  • I’m a little confused. I think the Discovery Pass would work for us except that it says I can’t use it for day 2 and 3 after I buy it? Do I have to buy in advance and have it sent to me? We don’t need to until October, so I don’t want to activate it too soon. We don’t need it for the hotel discount.

    • Hi

      This is the dilemma when buying the annual pass. If you collect buy online and collect at the park you can only reserve one day, if you have it sent to your home you can reserve up to 3 days (the max for any card).

      The key is to order it in time to ensure you can book your three days, but not too early your wasting time on your pass, please keep in mind that it can take up to 14 days to process your card and then you have delivery time to your home.

      Dates have recently been released for October, and depending on when you go in October it could get busy due to the halloween season.

      If you dont have to visit at a set days in October, I would personally be looking to buy the card in August, and then book my trip around the dates available. If you have to visit at a certain time such as school holiday weeks I would buy earlier and make sure I have the dates booked

      Hope this helps

  • Hi
    We are a family of 4 (2 adults, 1x 7 year old and a 2 year old). We have just returned from Euro Disney and want to go back!! I am thinking of getting an annual pass, and your information has been really helpful.
    Couple of questions I still have;
    – we loved the Marvel hotel so would want to stay here. Does the annual pass give discount to a room & ticket package at the hotel? Or just room only?

    – when in the park we saw gates at some rides for Magic Plus and Infinity pass holders. What were these? Is it a fast lane instead of the premier pass that we bought for some rides??

    – would we all need an annual passes?


    • Hi Sarah

      Thanks for your comment. Yes you can use the Annual Pass discount on the Marvel hotel and the discounted price would be different to what is shown on the Package offer on Disneyland Paris website, as its a room only booking.

      We have never seen attraction rides with specific pass holder entrances, however, they are dedicated entrances into the parks for the Magic Plus and Infinity passholders, is this what you mean?

      Under 3’s have free entry at Disneyland Paris, but everybody else would need an annual pass

      Thank you

    • Hi, Thankyou for this website. It is really helpful.

      We are a family of 5 going in July. 2 adults 3 children.

      I have already bought 3 magic plus passes and have received them but I am buying an infinity pass and another magic plus when we get there to receive the disability discount.

      My concern was that by waiting to get there the dates may be booked out for the 2 passes that we are waiting to purchase onsite.

      I decided to reserve priviledge passes for them just to give me piece of mind.
      Can I get your opinion on whether this is a good idea or not?

      I was hoping when we get there and get our passes we can have the 1st day priviledge pass cost deducted from the annual pass cost and then cancel day 2 and 3 priviledge passes then maybe the cast member can swap the priviledge pass tickets for the next 2 days on to annual pass holder tickets so we still are able to get into the park.

      This is hard to explain I’m sorry.

      • Hi

        Thanks for your comment.

        I think you have done the right thing by reserving the privilege passes to ensure everyone can enter the park. This is a great idea

        Disneyland Paris say that they will deduct a one day ticket when buying an annual pass but this doesn’t mention if this includes a privilege ticket as this is an annual pass benefit. We are also unsure if they are able to swap the entries onto the new pass.

        When you get the pass you could always ask the cast member to check what dates available and advise what steps you have taken. I am sure they will be able to help and provide solutions to you. For example, they may be able book the first and third day with the pass and you use the privilege ticket on the second.

  • Hi
    I have just purchased an infinity pass online and selected for the pass to be posted to me. I have completed the forms that need to be returned detailing bank details etc but I can’t seem to find the correct email address to send it to. Do you know what the best email address to use is?

    Thanks in advance

    • Hi Joe

      Thats fantastic news that you have joined the Annual Pass family at Disneyland Paris. The address should be on the form that you printed and signed. We will also send you an email too

  • Hello! First of all, thank you so much for the enlightening post. Congratulations for so much useful information, much more complete than the Disney website itself.

    I need your opinion on the “timing” for the purchase:

    1- I live in London, UK. Do you think that buying the pass now at the beginning of June, paying in installments, it would arrive at my house in time for me to schedule our trip to the parks in the first week of August this year? On the website I read about 25 days before the passes arrive, has anyone tried and arrived before this period or had problems receiving them?

    2- I think the option to pay the view and activate directly in the park interesting. But I would like to use it for 3 days straight in the early August. As the temporary voucher only gives me the right to book one day, from your experience, do you think you run the risk of not having access available in August?

    Once again, thank you very much and sorry if I had a question that you already answered and I didn’t notice. 🙂

    • Hi Debora

      Thank you for your kind comment and we will do our best to keep this post updated with the latest information.

      TIMING, is one of the most important aspects when buying your annual pass, to ensure you buy it earlier enough to get good discounts, but not too early.

      1. This 25 days, is the most it can take, when we did our renewal we had our Annual Pass number within 5 days (emailed to us), and our physical pass in our hands within 10 days, we are also based in the UK. However, it can take longer and we were told the ‘standard’ length of time is around 14 days.

      2. If you pay and activate in the park, you can only assign 1 day in the park with the temporary pass. This could mean when you arrive they are no dates available for Annual Pass holders, as the parks have been full a lot recently. However, if you stay in a Disney hotel you get guaranteed access to the parks with your room’s Magic Pass key, and collecting the pass on your first day would not be an issue. You should also be able to use the temporary pass to book your hotel discount, but we have heard mixed results with this.

      If you have any other questions please do reply or message us on Instagram 🙂

  • Hi, this has been very helpful information, thanks for explaining it all so simply. We (2 adults, 2 children) are considering a 5 night stay and so are looking at the Magic Plus annual pass. I’m sure I have seen mentioned that if you buy your annual pass in the park then you are not able to use it for the next 2 days, is that correct? Just wondering if we can get 1 pass to start straight away to get the hotel discount, use Privilege passes for the other 3 people on the first day and then go and get them annual passes to use for the rest of the week. Just looking to maximise the length of the annual passes as our first visit with them wouldn’t be until October. Thanks!

    • Hi

      Thanks for your comment.

      No thats not right. If you buy your annual pass at the parks you can use it straight away, however you need to book your entry into the parks via the Advanced registration system and some day may not be available on the dates you are there. This is not an issue if you are staying at a Disney hotel, as your entry is guaranteed with your hotel room MagicPass key.

      Yes you could buy one pass, get the hotel discount and buy the other passes onsite on your first day, but we only recommend this if you are staying onsite due to the reason above.

      Please be aware you can only book pass benefits when you have your pass. This is okay for hotel discounts, however, if you want to book viewing areas they are limited spaces and these may be gone when you purchase the remaining annual passes.

      Its also worth noting that you get better hotel discounts the earlier you book, as they are based off room availability.

      If it was us we would buy all the passes online, as this would allow us to book all benefits right away, have similar renewal dates, and also means you dont have to queue on your first day to buy the tickets.

      If you have any other questions please do let us know

  • Hi, we signed up for the annual pass online and chose the post option by accident, I have gotten an email with both me and my wife’s AP number but we don’t have for the kids as I used my email for them (would that be an issue)

    1. Would we be able to use the pass numbers /email at the park (we bought dated tickets as a backup)

    2. What are we able to do with the pass numbers but not the card by mail once there?

    3. We have the infity pass and we’re able to make reservations for us but as I said missing the ones for the kids.

    Thanks in advance and apologies for the rambling. It’s our first time and made a mess of the planning.

    • Hi

      Thanks for your comment and we will try to help as much as possible. Annual Pass numbers can be emailed to you over a few days, DLP usually say it takes around 7 days give or take a few days.

      1. You need the physical card to enter the parks, if you do not get your card before your visit, please make sure you visit the ticket office as they will be able to issue these to you.

      2. With your annual pass number you can book your hotel discounts Ivia the phone) and access the annual pass portal to book any additional perks such as privilege tickets or VIP viewing areas.

      3. You can prebook your dates, but you would need to wait until you get the pass number for the children to book their dates into the park.

      If you have not received the email with their annual pass numbers in the next 48hours, we would recommend phoning the annual pass dedicated phone line as they may be able to help and check any issues.

      Thank you

  • Hello I have a few questions that I hope you could answer.
    1) we are a family of 4 ( 2 adults, a 7 year old and a 3 year old) me and my wife are coming in November alone, could we purchase AP on the day for us all or would the children need to be with us? we could bring their passports.
    2) we are getting the Infinity Passes, should we get the children passes or just buy tickets when we think of coming? we are planning on visiting at Christmas and potentially another 3-4 times next year?
    3) can you leave and return to the park & car park at anytime incase we want to leave in the afternoon to return later for a meal or fireworks?
    4) would you recommend staying onsite or offsite (no issue as i will be driving) what are the discounts on hotels in the Christmas period?
    thanks and look forward to reading your reply.

    • Hi

      Thanks for commenting, we will do all we can to help.

      1. If you are buying onsite you would need to have the children with you as the cast member would need to take their photo. Also please be aware if you buy the annual pass at the parks make sure you are staying in a Disney hotel as you can only reserve your entry once you have your pass. Alternatively you can all your passes online before your trip in November (we have another guide to do this) and then you get the bonus of discounted hotels prices and can arrange and upload your pics before hand.

      2. If visiting over Christmas only the Infinity pass would be suitable. I would say its worth getting them an annual pass as this would ensure you dont have to worry about about booking privilage tickets at peak times and also ensures they can stay with you in specific viewing areas for the fireworks and parades. The firework is a must for children you are right at the front and get a perfect view of the castle projections and fireworks.

      3. Yes you are free to leave and return to the parks anytime during the day, and park hop between Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios. This is great and will allow the kids the relax and recharge in the afternoon before the fireworks later in the night

      4. They are many great hotels in and around Disneyland Paris and depending on the length of our stay we switch between to the two options.
      As a rule of thumb we say if we are in the parks for 4 days or more we stay onsite.
      This is due to the reservation system and annual pass holders only being able to hold 3 days at any time. By staying onsite this ensure entry on everyday of your trip and you dont have to worry about booking days whilst on your holiday. However, on shorter trips we do always check the prices with Disney as in some instances its been cheaper to stay onsite. We have been offered a range from 40% to 10% discounts. The earlier you book the better discounts you get.

      If you have any other questions please do comment or send us a message on Instagram

  • Hi, I’m looking for some advice regarding the annual infinity passes.

    I am looking to buy 4 of these.

    We have two children who are registered disabled, and we are their carers. I am planning to buy one pass upfront without the discount in order to book the hotel room at a reduced rate before we go and then buy the remaining three annual passes when we get to the park.

    Do you think this is the best way to do this?

    I’m worried if I leave it there might not be the park availability for the three people who have the passes to gain entry into the park, would that be the case?

    Also, we normally stay in Club level rooms, I need to make sure that these aren’t excluded from the hotel discounts before I take the plunge and buy the passes if anyone could advise?

    What are the discounts for these rooms typically? Am I looking at 10% or is it more?

    Also, finally, are you able to add on meal plans to the booking or do you need to buy meals separately?

    I really appreciate any help with this.

    Have a great day!

    • Hi Sarah

      Thank you for your comment and I hope we can help provide some additional assistance for you. We have replied to your message on Instagram too in much more detail.

      We would advise purchasing two passes beforehand, and buying the remaining two on-site as the disability discount will only apply to the holder and career. This also means if one pass is delayed in the post you still book your hotel early and get the discounts

      If you book in a Disney hotel you don’t need to worry about Park reservations as your entry is guaranteed with your room key (magic pass)

      Some club level rooms are excluded from the discounts available. We have been given discounts on the club rooms at Hotel Newport Bay, but have been refused discounts from Club level rooms at Hotel New York.

      We have seen a wide range of discounts provided, these are usually based on availability, the earlier you book the better discount you get. We have been given everything from over 40% (booked months before) to 15% (booked a few weeks before).

      Yes you can still add the dining plan if you book with an annual pass. When booking the rooms, they usually ask if you would like this added to the booking. If they don’t mention it, just ask them and they will provide you with the options available for that specific hotel.

      If you have any other questions please do reply or message us on Instagram

  • Hi,
    Thanks for great advice

    I am in Disney the day before my family. Can I purchase annual passes for them if they are not present? Or do they need to be there for ID purposes.

    Secondly my son with Autism may be able to get 25% off another annual pass if we bring the documentation. Again does he need to be present ?


    • Hi, they would need to be present to complete the identification process including creating the Annual Pass ID.

      Disneyland Paris accessibility page state “With an official document proving disability accepted by Disneyland Paris, you and an accompanying person are also entitled to a 25% discount on your Park Ticket or Annual Pass.”

      We hope you have great time 🙂

  • Time is of the essence. I am scheduled to go to London from the US in 10 days. I want to buy an Infinity Annual pass and use it to get a hotel discount via calling the phone number for reservations tomorrow. My question is, when I buy the pass, which option should I chose, the instant print ticket or the actual pass to be mailed to me? Or should I just call tomorrow and ask them?

    • Hi, thanks for your message.

      In 10 days I think you may have left it too late to order and have it delivered to you to allow you to get the Hotel discount. You could order one for collection at the parks and use the ‘temporary pass number’ to try to get a discount. However, from feedback we have seen this has had mixed results. To make sure you get the best advice I would call them and discuss this option.

      Thank you

      • Hello, thank you for your quick response. I called today and they said although not a problem, as long as I book the annual pass and room during the same phone call (have to buy the pass via the phone), highly discounted annual pass rates are suspended from May through the summer and generally only offer 10% off, and the same prices with the 10% off are available on Expedia. Just for what it’s worth, that’s what they told me. (Not the Expedia part, I had to look that up myself) But thank you again for your help!

  • Hello,
    If I have one Infinity Pass for myself, can I bring also my husband and daughter to the to Disney Illuminations and Parade VIP Areas? Or each one needs to have his own Infinity Pass to enter the area?
    Thank you very much!

      • Once inside the park if the infinity pass was in my name could I give this to my wife to take our daughter into the VIP areas?

        • Hi

          No, they are multiple cast member checkpoints before entering the VIP area. At each checkpoint they check the name and photo on the pass against the VIP booking details and the person with the pass.

          Please also note unless your child is under 3 they would also need a pass to enter the VIP area.

  • ok 6 of us arriving 8th August looking for 3 days tickets . 9/10/11. My son is disabled so we can get 25 % of tickets for him and a carer
    1. Best ticket options ?
    2..Can we buy yearly pass with discount on line ?
    3.if so which one would be best ?and how far in advance do we need to buy it to get discounted tickets for the rest ?
    4. Does the carer need to be the same every trip ?
    5. if we wait and buy carer disabled tickets when we get there will they be available?
    6. Can we get 25% discount if we book a room and ticket package at hotel ?

    • Hi and thanks for the comment. I hope your excited for your trip coming up and hope we can help

      1. This would depend on a lot of things discussed in this article

      2. No you can only buy the disability annual pass at the ticket offices at Disneyland Paris

      3. As you can only buy it at the gates you cant really buy it in advance if you want the discount. If they are multiple people going and you going in a Disneyland Paris hotel, you could order their annual pass now and get the hotel discounts, and then the room magic keys will ensure you get access to the parks when you buy a disability annual pass on your first day.

      4. No, Disneyland Paris recently updated their accessibility program. “You are not required to bring anyone with you to Disneyland Paris, but we recommend bringing someone to share in the magic. What’s more, one Guest of your choice can benefit from 25% off their ticket”

      5. Im sorry but we wouldn’t know, this is something you would need to check with Disneyland Paris

      6. The discount is only available on tickets and not hotel rooms. However, if you purchased an annual pass you would benefit from up to 50% off the room cost

      If you have any other questions please do let us know or ask us via our instagram page

  • 1. I purchased today the infinity pass online . I plan to come on May 28th and would like to purchaes 3 discounted tickest for my family. i am not in Paris and con’t come to the ticket office before our visit. how can i be sure that we will be able to get all to the park on this day?
    2. I booked for myself the entrance for May 28th but i cannot get the second day entry reservation. How can i do that before phisical arrival?
    3. Also how can we get infinity discounted package for hotel?

    • Hi

      Did you choose the have your pass delivered to home or did you choose the temporary pass? You can only book 3 days if you have chosen to have your pass delivered to home.

      If you have chosen to have your pass delivered to home you will be able to book your days into the park once you have been assigned a pass number. This is usually a week after ordering and all information provided including uploading you pass photo. If you have chosen a temporary pass you can only book your first day and then you would collect this at the ticket office at Disneyland Paris. Once you have been given this you can book additional days into the park.

      Once you have your pass you should be able to book your discounted ticket via the annual pass portal.

      Again with the hotel discount, you would simply call the Disneyland paris booking like and provide them with the annual pass number.

      If you do have any other questions please do reply or message us on our instagram page

  • Hi im wanting to plan a 4 nights 5 day stay at dlp (package includes hotel and tickets for all 5days) im wondering if it would work out cheaper to get annual passes book hotel with pass discount and would i get the 5 days in parks with the annual passes sorry if i sound silly its all just so confusing all info i see. Thank you x kelly

    • Hi Kelly,

      This would depend upon a lot of factors, such as the dates you are wanting to go, your hotel choice, the number of people in the group, if you plan on going again within the 365 period.

      Once you have the base cost of the 4 nights at Disneyland Paris, you will know more. You can check the prices at Disneyland Paris by clicking here

      • Thank you there six of us 3 adults and 3 kids but only one is charged at child prices as shes only nine rest are 14 and 16 we looked at sequoia lodge and the four nights and 5 days passes are just over 3 and a half grand for week we want 3 rooms cos the 3rd adult wants his own space hes 20 we would use the annual pass again if saving are to be made ive just been told so many different things by different people that im confused with it all thank you for your reply xx

        • Hi

          Thanks for your reply. To allow us to advise better can you confirm what dates are you looking to visit, which pass level would you be looking at, and would this be for all members of the group?

          If you prefer you can use our contact us page to send that information.

  • Hi

    Please bear with me as I have a few questions

    1) I wish to purchase 4 x magic plus temporary passes now However we are not travelling until 31 may so can I prebook the 1st 3 days of our trip (understand we cannot book the 4th day until we arrive) in advance and does the 365 days start from now or from 31st May?

    2) We are taking 2 guests with us, so can I purchase their privilege passes at the same time as ordering our temporary pass?

    3) if we decide to wait and purchase the 4 passes when we arrive, can I also purchase the privilege tickets at the same time? So not having to buy any 1 day passes

    4) is there still 20% discount on buffalo bills

    5) is the free soft drink only at table service restaurants and is this one per day? Would our guests be entitled to this as well?

    6) is there a likelihood of us not being able to enter the park between 31 may and 03 June

    7) final question, if I pre booked a 4 day pass for all of us in advance, can this be refunded if we purchase annual passes or is it only the 1 day that can be refunded or the value we paid out towards the annual pass. Just want to ensure we are guaranteed access each day?

    Thank you very much for your patience

    Kind regards


    • Hi,

      Thanks for your questions and we will try to help as much as possible

      1. If you purchase your annual pass and choose to have a temporary pass you can only book 1 day into the park until you collect your annual pass from the ticket office at Disneyland Paris. The annual pass will start on the date you collect, so if you collect it on the 31st May, you will get 365 days from this date. The only way to book 3 dates into the park is to have the pass sent to your home, which would mean it would start straight away.

      2. No you can only order privilege tickets, get hotel discounts or book any advantages of the pass once get your annual pass. These cannot be booked with a temporary pass.

      3. Looking at the annual pass online area, it appears you cannot buy privilege tickets on the day. However, please be aware with a Magic Plus you can only buy a maximum of 10 a year and 5 within the same week. It’s also worth noticed that only a set number of Privilege tickets are available each day, and checking these today (9th April 2022) we can see 4 days are already sold out next week.

      4. Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show…with Mickey and Friends has been officially closed forever at Disneyland Paris.

      5. This was set to just the annual pass holders, however, we have seen this been given less and less. When we asked about this, a cast member has said this has been removed. However, you can use your annual pass for the restaurant food and drink discount for up to 6 people (including the annual pass holder).

      6. There is a strong chance you wont be able to enter. We have seen higher park attendance this year, and with the 30th celebrations its only going to get busier. Remember, if you stay in a Disney Hotel, you don’t need to book an advanced registration, you get guaranteed access with your magic pass for the duration of your stay.

      7. Disneyland Paris will only usually deduct the cost of a 1 day park ticket from the cost of the annual pass.

      Thank you

      • His

        Thank you so much for replying so quickly, this has potentially shed a whole different light on our trip, would it be ok if I message you directly through Instagram so as not to clog up this page.

        thank you

          • Hi, thanks for the great informative article.

            I’m staying off site in October this year from Wednesday 16th through to Sunday 20th. Me and the wife are total Disney nuts so are considering the annual pass either the magic flex or magic plus as likely to return again in the next year and ordering the pass online to be delivered here however where you can only book 3 days in advance what do you think the likelihood would be that we could get another reservation for the Sunday say if we booked the Thursday
            (likely our first day in the park due to late arrival on the Wednesday) through Saturday tickets – how soon once you’ve used one slot can you book another so if we were in the park Thursday with our first reservation would there likely still be bookings available for the Sunday and if so can we book our next day as soon as we’ve entered the park or would we have to wait till park close to make another reservation?

            Thanks so much in advance!


          • Hi Matt

            Thanks for your comment. Weekends do tend to be busier but DLP have updated their system to help Annual Pass holders.

            Firstly as soon as your card is scanned into the park on your first day it opens the next available reservation, this means you dont need to wait until the end of the day

            Secondly, they have also implemented a “waitlist” so if the day you want to book is full, you can add yourself to this and DLP will automatically book the registration for you if the date becomes available. We have an article about this on our site

            Any other questions please do let us know


  • I’m looking to book Newport bay club rooms for 5 nights and tickets to DLP for 3 days, 5 adults and 2 kids under 3, this July. Would it be worth it to get the Magic Flex pass for hotel and ticket discount? Am worried that July is crowded and will run out of tickets? I’m also considering marvel hotel, are hotel discounts across all hotels?

    Also if I get the jnfinity pass, could my husband use it to bring in my 2 year old to view the shows? Is it worth it just for this or is there any other way to get VIP access?

    • Hi

      Thanks for your questions. July does tend to be a busy time for the Parks, and this year crowds have been higher than usual already with the return of close character interactions and people coming back after postponed trips.

      Only infinity pass holders can enter the VIP viewing areas so both you and your husband would need this pass level pass if you both want to enter the area, however, I would like to think they would make an exception for a 2 year old.

      In regards to the trip, you can get a discount off any hotel with the Annual Pass, however you would need to get some comparison prices to work out what is best for you. For 5 adults and 2 children, I would assume you would need 2 rooms. You can book 2 discount rooms with a single Annual Pass so this would be okay, but remember if you do this you don’t get any park tickets so you would need to purchase tickets for everybody who does not have an annual pass, this could work out expensive, as 3 day tickets in July are around €285 per adult (12+) and €264 per child (3-11). If you used the 20% discount on the single day tickets you would save a little but not much only €10 per person due to the discount Disneyland Paris offer on multi-day tickets.

      If you book a complete package via Disney, you get a Hotel and Park Tickets bundle, which guarantees entry into the parks for everyone for each day of your visit.

  • I’m going in July and was planning on getting one infinity pass and one magic plus pass – would both of us be able to get into the VIP viewing area?

    • Hi, This is a much debated topic, but at the moment, only Infinity Pass Holders are able to enter the VIP Viewing area and you are unable to book “guests” into this area. This means the person with the Magic Plus would not be able to enter.

  • Hi, I’m hoping to visit May and September next year so looking at getting the discovery pass for my husband and the magic flex for myself. We also have a 2 year old. If I order annual passes via the website am I able to forward date them or would they start as soon as I order them? And if I can’t forward date, am I able to book hotel rooms with the AP discount before actually having an AP? Otherwise I’ll end up losing out on a lot of time on the pass, to try and book my hotel earlier. (This applies more for our May visit than September)
    I hope that makes sense.

    • Hi, Thanks for your comment, I will try to help as much as possible.

      Firstly, please be careful with the dates in May, as Discovery pass usually has limited dates in this month such as not being able to visit on Weekends.

      When you order an annual pass you can choose to have it start straight away or choose to be given a temporary pass which you will convert to your annual pass on your day 1 visit.

      However, we have heard a lot of feedback recently in regards to booking Hotel discounts with an annual pass. As a “rule of thumb” you need to have an active Annual Pass at the time of booking and on the dates you are visiting. This is because you need to provide your annual pass number to book the discounted room. We have heard mixed results with people who have had a temporary pass as they are unable to confirm the physical start date, and we have also had friends who were unable to book rooms whilst they were waiting for their renewed annual pass to be delivered.

      If you are looking to visit in May and September (both next year), I would advise purchasing an annual pass later in the year or the very start of next year to make sure you get both trips within a single 365 day period and can use the discount on both trips.

      Remember, once your child turns 3, they will also need a park ticket, so I would also consider whether it is better you getting the Magic Plus and have the benefit of the “Privilege tickets” Vs the cost of the standard 20% discount with the Magic Flex.

      Hope that helps

  • I’m arriving on Tuesday and need to exchange my temp annual pass for the actual one. I understand the annual pass office is not open at the moment, but instead I can get it at the office outside studios? I think this is only open 12-5 each day. Can I also purchase my family annual passes on pay monthly from this desk? Will I be able to enter the park with my temp pass? Thank you

    • Hi,
      yes thats correct, you would need to go to the ticket office by the Walt Disney Studios Park. On our last visit, the ticket office was open all day for annual pass holders, not just 12-5. However, the queues were long, so I would advise you check the times with the Cast Members and get there early in the day.

      You should be able to purchase an annual pass and pay with the pay monthly option, however, please make sure you have the details to set up the direct debit / standing order.

      Yes, you can enter the park with the temporary pass but only for 1 day.

  • We are 5 adults, 2 children going to Disney in July . 2 of our party are disabled so would be entitled to 25% of their tickets & 25% discount for 2 Carers. I have reserved two rooms through booking . Com but would really like some help deciding what is the best & cheapest way to get tickets. Would it be cheaper to get an annual pass, or book the whole package through Disney or pre book 3 tickets before we go & the discounted tkts when we get there. We are staying 4 nights at Magic circus breakfast included. Any help would be great please.

    • Hi,

      Thanks for your message. They are a lot of factors you would need to consider with this.

      I assume you have 4 nights / 5 days stay so you would need 5 days tickets. At the moment Disneyland Paris only have dated tickets for 1-4 days, so if you are visiting the parks for 5 days you would need to purchase a 4 day ticket and an additional single day ticket so each person. In July a 4 day ticket would be €336 / adult (12+) and €308 / child (3-11), with a single day ticket €114 / adult (12+) €107 / child (3-11). This would mean without any discounts it would be €450 adult, and €415 per child. So price wise it would be better getting an annual pass. Please note, if you do buy an annual pass you can also get 25% Disability discount.

      In July 2022, you are UNABLE to visit the park on most days with the discovery annual pass, and the 2nd and 14th (Magic Flex). So depending upon your dates I would recommend looking at the Magic Plus option.

      However, this could then bring up a potential issue with the reservation system. If you buy an annual pass and stay offsite at the Magic Circus, you can only pre-book 3 days into the park on the reservation system. This means you would need to book your 4th and 5th day whilst you are on vacation, and if these dates are fully booked at this time you will not be able to enter the park.

      The other option you have is to get an annual pass and use the hotel discount to stay in one of the budget Disney hotel such as the Cheyenne or Santa Fe. If you stay in a Disney hotel your park reservations are guaranteed throughout your stay so you wont have any potential issues with park entry.

      It’s a lot to consider, and I would recommend calling the Disneyland Paris booking line, as they will be able to advise you of the costs for your dates and you will be able to work out what is best for you.

      • Thank you for your reply. We only need a 4 day tkt as we don’t arrive till late on the first day. If we bought an annual pass does the carer get 25% off too?

        • Yes, with an official document proving disability accepted by Disneyland Paris, you and an accompanying person are entitled to a 25% discount on an Annual Pass (or a Park Ticket purchased at the entrance of the Disney Parks for each visit).

  • Hi, if I purchased the second highest pass, would I be able to use the discounted one day tickets for all of my family ( 3 children) or can you only use one at a time ? Also staying offsite I have to book into the reservation system but if I wanted to use the annual pass discount to get tickets for my family on the day how would that work as the park could be full already ? Thank you!

    • Hi,

      Thanks for your comment.

      At the moment, for each Magic Plus Annual Pass (second highest level) you would have a limit of 5 tickets per week and up to a maximum of 10 tickets a year. This is increased to 20 tickets a year with the Infinity Pass. If you need to buy more than what is available you can purchase 1-day ticket at the entrance to the Disney Parks and take advantage of the 20% Annual Pass discount.

      You would not need to register the entry for the Privilege tickets as you would select the date of your visit when ordering.

      Thank you

  • We are ex shareholders so entitled to 15% discount on AP but need to phone. I think we then get a temporary pass that needs to be converted. We have a 2.5 day trip in April. I have a few questions. If we buy the AP over the phone how do we reserve the dates we need, do we have immediate access to the registration system. And we arrive in the area on a Saturday but not intending to go into the parks until Monday. Can we collect the pass for real over the weekend – it seems from the reservation calendar that AP slots are full for all weekends through to May. We don’t intend to use the park but can’t figure out how to get the pass for real without going in and how we can go in to collect the pass if they’re not allowing AP holders access at the weekend.

    • We are not sure how current or previous shareholders get any discount on the passes.

      However, from our experience no matter if you call or order it online they are unable to book dates for you as it requires the annual pass number or ticket.

      You can choose to have the pass delivered to you or you can collect it from the ticket office just outside the Walt Disney Studios Park. You dont need to enter the park to collect it, and you dont need a reservation to just go in and around Disney Village

      A lot of the weekends are getting booked up quickly, but you can use an annual pass for a Disney Hotel discount and if you stay in a Disney hotel you wont need to book an advanced registration as this is automatically included as part of your hotel magic pass.

      Any specific questions or quicker replies please do follow us and message us on instagram

  • Hi we are visiting débridât half term and have booked a package. We are planning on coming at Christmas as well and wondered if it would be beneficial for us to book the infinity annual pass for us all. As we have already booked a package can we still deduct a days ticket? Also do I need to get an annual pass when we are there or can we buy online?
    Many thanks

    • Hi,

      Thanks for your message. In regards to the annual pass you can upgrade to an Annual Pass and deduct the cost of a single day admission ticket from the price of the annual pass.

      If you want to go to Christmas, the only annual pass which would be beneficial is the Infinity due to the dates of entry.

      Currently with an annual pass you can only have 3 dates booked into the park. If you are staying “off-site” this could be an issue as you are unable to book the final days of your trip. However, you could use your annual pass for hotel discounts, and in this case you don’t need to book into the park as your entry is guaranteed via your hotel magic pass.

      If you want to explain anything more or have any other questions please do message us on instagram @my_castle_club

  • Hello. Does everyone in your party need to have an annual pass to be allowed discounted entry to the parks? For example we are a family of 4…(x2 adults, x1 5 year old and 1 infant). Do we all need individual annual passes? And finally, can we get discounts on packages (hotel+tickets included?) rather than having to register on individual days? Thanks!

    • Hi, thanks for your comment.
      If you purchase an annual pass you would not need to pay any additional amount to enter the parks, you would simply scan your annual pass to enter the parks. Please be aware, children under 3’s do not need to pay to enter Disneyland Paris.

      I would advise you crunch the numbers to work out which was more cost effective for you. For example, you could purchase 1 annual pass to benefit from the hotel discounts, then purchase “privilege tickets” via the annual pass platform for other members of your family as required. Or you could book a “Hotel and Ticket” package direct via a Disney travel agent or Disneyland Paris.

      If you stay in a Disney Hotel, you would not need to book into the park as this would be linked to your Rooms Magic Card. You only need to book into the park via the advanced registration system if you are staying offsite.

      Thank you

  • Can an annual pass be canceled after it has been purchased and a refund received for the time not used?

    • Hi, we are unsure if you can cancel for a refund, however, they do offer a monthly payment plan and if any any point a payment is not made the annual pass would be cancelled. In this case they do send you an email explaining the payment issues and the cancellation of the pass if payment is not made by a specific date.

    • Hi

      Yes, you can buy the annual pass online and have the pass start straight away, however, you will need to change the website language to French. I would advise you use Google Chrome as you can select the French language option on Disneyland Paris website and have google translate this for you.

      Please follow this link http://www.tinyurl.com/dlpannualpass

      • Hi guys, great page and so helpful. I’m hoping you can help point me in the right direction. Looking to travel at the end of August and was looking at buying 4 Annual passes for the group. Issue seems to be the fact that with one of the party being disabled, we can’t receive the 25% discount over the phone and therefore wouldn’t be able to get the hotel discount unless we travel without a hotel booking. Any suggestions to maximise the benefits. Thanks in advance

        • Hi Craig

          Thanks for your comment, we have seen this issue a few times and they are ways to resolve this.

          You could purchase 2 annual passes before your trip. These could then be used for your hotel discount for the whole party. Once at Disneyland Paris you could then purchase the additional 2 annual passes at the ticket office ensuring the disability discount.

          If you have any other questions please do let us know or see our guide on how to buy an annual pass online

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