10 Best Disneyland Paris Hotels with a FREE Shuttle Bus

10 Best Disneyland Paris Hotels with a FREE Shuttle Bus

Attracting visitors from all over the world, Disneyland Paris is the largest tourist attraction in France and throughout Europe. When choosing your hotel at Disneyland Paris, you’ll want to make the right choice for you and your family and even better if you can save money in the process! One of the easiest ways to save money is by choosing the right hotel, taking advantage of the latest offers, and choosing a hotel that is within walking distance to the park or offers a free shuttle bus service.

Hotel facilities and distance to the parks are the most common comparison guests make before booking a hotel at Disneyland Paris. Staying at a hotel near Disneyland Paris with a shuttle service can make it easier for you to get to the parks, while saving you time and money as you won’t need to pay for any additional transport costs.

Which Disneyland Paris hotels offer a Free Bus Shuttle?

We’re often asked “Which Disneyland Paris hotels have a free shuttle?” through our social media channels and therefore created this helpful guide to allow you to easily compare Disneyland Paris hotels. We’ve included Disney hotels and several partner hotels which offer a complimentary shuttle service.

Here are the top 10 hotels near Disneyland Paris, including budget and luxury options, that offer a free shuttle bus service to the parks.

1. Hotel New York – Art of Marvel ****0.6km8 minute walkFree ShuttleCheck Price
2. Hotel Newport Bay Club ****0.95km14 minute walkFree ShuttleCheck Price
3. Hotel l’Elysee Val d’Europe ****2.3km33 minute walkFree ShuttleCheck Price
4. Sequoia Lodge ***0.85km12 minute walkFree ShuttleCheck Price
5. Hotel Cheyenne ***1.1km18 minute walkFree ShuttleCheck Price
6. Adagio Marne la Vallée Val d’Europe ***1.9km25 minute walkFree ShuttleCheck Price
7. Campanile Val de France ***3.0km38 minute walkFree ShuttleCheck Price
8. Explorers Fabulous Hotels Group ***2.6km33 minute walkFree ShuttleCheck Price
9. Hotel Santa Fe **1.3km20 minute walkFree ShuttleCheck Price
10. B&B **2.7km35 minute walkFree ShuttleCheck Price

Which Disney Hotels do NOT offer a free shuttle?

1. Disneyland Hotel *****0km0 minute walkNO Free Shuttlereopening 2024
7. Davy Crockett Ranch ***8.8km15 minute driveNO Free ShuttleCheck Price

We have timed the walk from the hotel reception to Fantasy Gardens, the entrance to Disneyland Paris.

Benefits of a free shuttle

Many hotels at or near Disneyland Paris offer a free shuttle service, this includes hotels which are within walking distance to the parks. So why do Disneyland Paris offer a free shuttle service if you can walk to the park?

If you have ever experience a full Disney day, you know that you and your family will be tired by the end of the day, and your feet will be aching, and all you want is to get back to your hotel and recharge ready to do it all again tomorrow! A free shuttle is a great way to get back to your hotel at the end of the day, and allows you to press that snooze button in a morning!

How often do the free shuttles run?

The free shuttle bus runs every 10-15min at the peak times, and around every 30min during the middle of the day.

Some shuttle buses do have multiple drop-off points which can make them very busy at peak times. For example, a single shuttle bus will see stops at multiple partner hotels such as the B&B, Campanile Val de France, Explorers and more hotels on route.

What’s the best hotel closest to Disney Paris with free shuttle?

Distance wise, Hotel New York – Art of Marvel is the closest hotel which offers a complimentary shuttle service. It’s that close, it could take you longer to take the shuttle than just walk to your hotel!

However, the best hotel will depend on you and your families needs. If you want a hotel with a pool, then the Sequoia Lodge and Newport Bay club are the closest hotels which offer a free shuttle.

What’s the cheapest hotel closest to Disneyland Paris with free shuttle?

There a few highly recommended hotels near Disneyland Paris. However, we would always recommend a Disney hotel or partner hotel. When choosing these hotels and booking direct with Disneyland Paris you benefit from the Disneyland Paris Price Promise and Zen Guarantee. The Partner hotels such as the B&B are great budget options, however, we have seen great offers on Disney hotels which have saved us even more money!

Location of Disneyland Paris – Marne la Vallée

Before we get into the guide, it’s worth remembering that Disneyland Paris is not actually located in center of Paris city, but in Marne-la-Valleé, around 40km from the city centre of Paris. While it is possible to travel to Disneyland from the center of Paris, it does take around an hour by train, and so it is recommended that you stay at a nearby hotel while you visit the theme park.


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Disneyland Paris Hotel FAQ

Which Disneyland Paris Hotels offer a free Shuttle?

Hotel New York – Art of Marvel ****
Hotel Newport Bay Club ****
Sequoia Lodge ***
Hotel Cheyenne ***
Hotel Santa Fe **

Which Disneyland Paris Hotels DO NOT offer a free Shuttle?

Disneyland Hotel *****, it’s not needed, the hotel is located above the entrance to the park!
Davy Crockett Ranch ***

Which Disneyland Paris Partner hotels offer a free transport to the park?

Hotel l’Elysee Val d’Europe ****
Adagio Marne la Vallée Val d’Europe ***
Campanile Val de France ***
Explorers Fabulous Hotels Group ***
B&B **

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  • Top tip for families: the shuttle bus will take anyone to and from a Disney Hotel, you don’t have to stay there. We use them when staying elsewhere to go to the restaurants in Hotel Cheyenne and Santa Fe. It gives the family a welcome rest after a busy day in the parks, and the bus drops you off not far from the main car park afterwards.

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