Disneyland Paris Closed, More Closures Announced!

Disneyland Paris Closed, More Closures Announced!

Disneyland Paris closure has been extended until the 2nd April 2021

After the recent update by Emmanual Macron the Disneyland Paris Park will be closed to all guests from the end of the day on 29th October 2020 until February 12th 2021. However, Disneyland Paris is hopeful they can welcome guests to celebrate the Christmas Season between December 19th 2020 and January 3rd 2021

After the recent update by President of France, Emmanuel Macron, Disneyland Paris closed. Disneyland Paris Parks have closed for a second time to all guests from the end of the day on 29th October 2020 as part of the new Covid-19 restrictions and measures in place within France. 

This is the second closure the park has seen this year, after only re-oping in July in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. As the pandemic saw a recent  spike again in France, a 9pm curfew was put in place. This was only in place for only a few weeks before the new announcement confirmed a new lockdown and closure of Disneyland Paris.

Disneyland Paris Confirms Closures.

After only opening 3 months ago, Disneyland Paris has no option to close once after a new emergency lockdown measure was imposed. Disneyland Paris confirmed this temporary closure with a statement on their website.

Temporary closure of Disneyland Paris. In line with latest direction from the French authorities, Disneyland Paris will be closing end of day on October 29th. In anticipation of celebrating the Christmas holiday season we will be taking reservations from December 19 – January 3 and hope to be open based on prevailing conditions and government guidance at that time. Disneyland Paris will be closed from January 4 through February 12

Disneyland Paris

This new statement from Disney confirms that that both Parks at Disneyland, and the Disney Hotels will be closed from October, throughout November and December 2021*, continuing into January and February 2021.

* Disneyland Paris is hopeful of a re-opening over the Christmas holiday period, which is yet officially to be confirmed. Disney appears to be trying to do everything they can to stay open at least for this short timeframe.

However, it has been stated that the Disneyland Paris Christmas Period Opening will only occur if “prevailing conditions and government guidance” is suitable at that time.

Confirmation of a third Disneyland Paris Closure in Jan-Feb 2021

The official statement brought further shock to Disney fans. Confirming further closures to Disneyland Paris from January 4th to February 12th 2021. This additional closure, outside of current guideline scope, could be a pre-emptive move by Disney. As the early months of the year having limited success due to the cold nature of the park. This could be a way to close during this quieter period.

However, this does raise questions if they are closing during this time due to the virus, why are they hoping to open over the festive holiday? You may be surprised to hear this is also the case with many theme parks around Europe including Futuroscope and Asterix Park.

We assume many of the theme parks, including Disneyland Paris, is hopeful that the Christmas and New Year celebrations will help boost attendance numbers and income. As they use a pre-booking system to control the number of guests each day, many of these dates over the festive period are fully booked. We can see the benefit of leaving this open for these dates rather than having to cancel all these just to re-open and cause a large flood of traffic if they are able to open.

At the moment, if you have a booking between December 19 2020 and January 3rd 2021, your booking is still confirmed. You can still also make a booking for times during this period.

In the statement released by Disney, if you have a booking during the Disneyland Paris Closed period, outside of the dates above, please do contact Disney. They have stated they will be contacting all guest booked within these periods. You can view more information about this here

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