Rex and Bullseye will be part of the new Pixar: A Musical Adventure show at Disneyland Paris

Rex and Bullseye will be part of the new Pixar: A Musical Adventure show at Disneyland Paris

The brand-new show “Pixar: A Musical Adventure” opens on the 15th of July this summer at the Walt Disney Studios Park, Disneyland Paris, and as part of the media preview showings, the French TV Channel has aired some live clips from the show which include some brand new characters never seen at Disneyland Paris before!

Monsters Inc Scene

Within the clips aired yesterday, we saw Mike and Sully working inside Monsters, Inc, with doors lowering and sliding onto the stage. In a second clip we warning lights, and multiple CDA agents dancing around the stage whilst Mike and Sully run around!

Toy Story Scene

The Toy Story clips shown have got us really excited for the new show. Not only do they show Buzz Lightyear flying across the stage, but we also get to see which Toy Story characters will be part of the show. We previously were made aware that the popular characters such as Woody, Buzz, Jessie, Bo Peep and Lotso, but the new clips also show that guests will be able to see Bullseye and for the first time ever Rex!

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