Breaking News : Disneyland Paris to Pause All Annual Pass Sales & Renewals Tomorrow

Breaking News : Disneyland Paris to Pause All Annual Pass Sales & Renewals Tomorrow

BREAKING NEWS : Could Disneyland Paris be pausing all sales of a new Annual Pass beginning tomorrow (15th June 2021). This rumour is spreading just before the Disneyland Paris Annual Pass-holder preview on June 15th and 16th.

This rumour is saying that all current Annual Pass will be honoured until they expire, but they will not be renewed. Please remember, Disneyland Paris is adding the number of days the Park was closed to your current pass expiration date.

We are unsure to the exact reason behind this and this could be to help resolve the recent issues with the annual pass system, but we will keep you updated here…

update 14:50

The news on this is moving very quickly with some sources, including outsidEARS, are saying that “according to the various information at our disposal, there is currently no question of stopping the Annual Pass program at Disneyland Paris.” and the team have worked hard to ensure the current issues are resolved quickly.

However, can we really exclude this possibility when looking at the situation among our American and Asian neighbours? First Annual Pass sales for Walt Disney World, apart from the continuous renewal of an already existing pass, was paused on the parks reopening in July 2020. Then came Tokyo Disneyland announcement of the outright suspension of its Annual Pass program with the cancellation and pro-rata refund of passes still valid in October 2020. Then it was Disneyland Resort in California’s turn in January 2021 when they announced the discontinuation of the Annual Pass program.

update 15:10

various sources confirm the information, the sale would indeed be stopped for at least several months, without the teams not knowing at the moment what will happen to the program. An overhaul of the offer would not be ruled out for the moment. Disneyland Paris does not wish to communicate proactively on this subject, so no press release will be issued until the fate of the program is sealed.

However, here is some information that has reached us on this subject:

  • If you want to acquire a Pass following the reopening, you will have to take your troubles patiently and where to find your way, in the meantime, on tickets and stays.
  • If you have a Temporary Annual Pass, you must go to the Walt Disney Studios ticket offices before September 30, 2021 to obtain your definitive Pass. All Temporary Passes expired during closure have been extended until September 30th.
  • The addition of the 60 days offered by the destination will take place in the coming days. If you have a reservation by then and your Pass has expired, the entrance teams will do what is necessary to admit you to the parks.

We will continue to update the article as we hear more on the topic.

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