Disneyland Paris Cars Route 66 Road Trip Changes Its Name to CARS ROAD TRIP

Disneyland Paris Cars Route 66 Road Trip Changes Its Name to CARS ROAD TRIP

Disneyland Paris today has reviewed the ongoing construction of the Cars Route 66 Road Trip attraction. As part of this review they’ve changed the name from “Cars Route 66 Road Trip” to “Cars Road Trip”. There hasn’t been any communication in relation to the reason behind the name change, however, our sources say this could be due to the licenses to use the name Route 66 within Europe.

Construction Continues on the Cars Inspired Attraction

The transformation of the former Studio Tram Tour into the new Cars themed attraction has been underway for over a year. With help from local companies such as Axyon Engineering and CarolauxParadis, Disneyland Paris has transformed Catastrophe Canyon

“We helped transform an American truck into one of the icons of the attraction revisited. In particular, we designed, produced, tested and installed all the mechanics and electronics necessary for its animation, and to finish we used a 250-ton crane to lift it and install it in the canyon ”

Philippe Barbot, director of Axyon.

Working alongside Disneyland Paris for a long time, Carolaux-Paradis provided many elements for the attraction. As well as re-painting they also provided new decorative pieces on the semi-trailer.

During the attraction experience guests will see vehicles from the Cars franchise. The mechanisms to animate these characters has been provided by the Axyon company.

The Opening of Cars Road Trip

The attraction is due to open this year. We cannot wait to see the changes the Disney Imagineers have made. Whilst we have been provided a sneak peak of the Canyon and Station, a lot of the changes have been kept a secret.

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