Are Disneyland Paris fireworks every night?

Are Disneyland Paris fireworks every night?

We are often asked if the Disneyland Paris fireworks are performed everynight and the simple answer is yes, the fireworks at Disneyland Paris are performed every night! Disneyland Paris currently have 3 night-time spectaculars, combining captivating music, drones, dazzling fireworks and breathtaking projections onto Sleeping Beauty Castle, or Tower of Terror, that together create… pure magic!

Magic lights up the sky every evening in Disneyland Park!

After an epic adventure in the Disney Parks, end your day with a dazzling finale full of breathtaking beauty… and leave with your heart soaring.

Head to Central Plaza and prepare to dream bigger as Peter Pan’s shadow leads you through beloved Disney stories spectacularly brought to life with jaw-dropping fireworks and magical effects on Sleeping Beauty Castle.

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