Star Wars Discoveryland Themed rooms near Disneyland Paris, Discoveryhome by Tadico Homes

Star Wars Discoveryland Themed rooms near Disneyland Paris, Discoveryhome by Tadico Homes

Tadico Homes are a rental company who own some very magical apartments close to Disneyland Paris. The very talented team have created immersive experiences through the magic of the lands from the Disneyland Parks, and within this post we’re going to describe our amazing stay in their Discoveryland/Star Wars themed apartment.

DiscoveryHome is where fantasy meets futuristic adventure in a meticulously crafted themed room. The ambiance is infused with the awe-inspiring essence of Star Wars, featuring iconic elements from the galaxy far, far away. Imagine walls adorned with starry skies and futuristic technology seamlessly blending with the timeless charm of Jules Verne’s Nautilus. The room pays homage to Space Mountain, capturing the thrill of interstellar travel with cosmic decor and immersive visuals. Every corner whispers tales of exploration, where Star Wars enthusiasts and seekers of the unknown can revel in an unparalleled experience that transcends time and space.

The Rooms

Dive into the extraordinary within this open-plan apartment, where the living and kitchen areas seamlessly blend to transport you beneath the waves inside the iconic Nautilus. The walls come alive with an enchanting Argonaut mural, capturing the beauty and mystery of the deep sea. The living room beckons with a plush sofa, inviting you to relax while indulging in your favorite shows on the TV equipped with Netflix and Disney Plus. In the kitchen, culinary adventures await, surrounded by a dining table and modern amenities like a hob, fridge, and coffee-making facilities. It’s a space where the wonders of the Nautilus meet the comforts of home, creating a unique and immersive haven for relaxation and creativity.

Interactive Features & Treasure Hunt

Channel the spirit of Han Solo’s daring escapades and embark on an intergalactic adventure with a Nautilus and Star Wars-themed treasure hunt. Follow cryptic clues that lead you through the ship’s corridors and discover all the hidden details the room has to offer. The anticipation builds as you unlock each clue, unveiling the combination to the captain’s locker.


With the apartment being only 3.5km away from the parks, it’s super close and there’s three main ways to get to the parks.

If you’re driving to the apartment, you’ll have your own designated parking spot within the complex and with an 8 minute drive to the park, you’ll be immersed in the magic of the parks in no time.

Their is a local route bus stop located around the corner from the apartment. The bus route takes you past the partner hotels and take around 15 minutes to get to the park.

And finally, you can also book a taxi or Uber direct from the apartment to the parks. These cost roughly €10 each way.

DiscoveryHome Amenities

  • TV with Disney Plus & Netflix
  • Wifi
  • Air conditioning
  • Kitchen with Electric Hob
  • Fridge & Freezer
  • Microwave
  • Washing machine & Dryer
  • Board Games
  • Free Parking on premises
  • Kettle & Coffee machine
  • Dining Table
  • Toilet paper, soap, shampoo
  • Towels
  • Hair dryer
  • Baby Crib
  • No Smoking, No Pets

DiscoveryHome by Tadico Homes

Size: Suitable for 4 people.

Beds: 1 Queen size bed, 1 Sofa bed, 1 additional Child bed available

Rooms: 1 Bedroom Area, 1 Open Plan Living & Kitchen Area, 1 Bathroom with shower.

Check in/Check Out: Access the room from 5pm, check out by 11am.

Prices: 100 EUR – 300 EUR / Night

Address: 60, rue du Moulin à Vent, 77700 Magny-le-hongre, France

Who are Tadico Homes

Gérôme and Sandy have created Disney themed apartments to allow the magic to continue after your day in the parks.

As theme park fans, and ex-cast members, making magical apartments was the next step in their adventure. Each apartment is an extension of a land at Disneyland Paris with many hidden details and interactive and immersive experiences.

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