Meet the Makers : Ears by Pixie

Meet the Makers : Ears by Pixie

Ears by Pixie is a family run business born from a background in design, but most importantly, from a love of magic and sparkle. Each month they have a shop opening, with brand new designs available. Each opening sells out very quickly, so our best advice is to be ready and on time and to keep an eye on the next shop opening date on their Instagram page.

For those who don’t know, give us a quick intro into how Ears by pixie started. 

My full time current career is in designing all kinds of products, but my background is in fashion and I grew up in the dance world, which meant lots of theatrical costumes! I had a couple of pairs of park ears but wanted something a bit more unique and that matched certain outfits. I’d always intended to just make myself ears as a fun project, but as I wasn’t going to a Disney park anytime soon, the first pair I made was actually taken on a trip by a family member. Then I made another pair as a gift for someone’s Honeymoon to WDW, and I had great feedback so I thought there might be other people who’d also like a pair!

Who’s your biggest inspiration?

I can’t really pin point one specific person, but I’m inspired by any small business owner who has passion, drive and self belief and have worked hard to build something from humble beginnings into full time careers. I really admire people who take risks and have faced adversity but never let it tamper their dream, and that throughout their journey show kindness and professionalism. Something I feel really strongly about, is that you don’t have to demonstrate attitudes of aggression to succeed in your ambitions. Kindness is magic!

What would you say is the most important aspect of ears by pixie? 

Definitely that I only ever make things that I truly love and am happy with. I design to convey my passion for magical storytelling, and I care about showing the highest standards of craftsmanship – if I wouldn’t wear it, then it doesn’t get sent out. I think that if you don’t truly love what you’re doing, then it shows through your work. Every pair brings me joy to know that it’s going to a forever home and contributing to amazing magical memories.

What’s your top tip to your buyers? 

You can always find the next shop opening date and time on my Instagram bio. At each shop opening definitely be on time! Make sure you have 100% researched your time zone equivalent. I get lots of people missing out because they didn’t realise the time zone difference here in the U.K. It also helps to have other family/friends on other devices to help get the pair you have your eye on and to practice fast checkouts when you’re doing other online shopping. Sadly I can only make a certain number of Ears each month, since this isn’t my full time career, but I bring designs back in future openings as well as newness!  

If you could build your dream pair of ears without any limitations. What would they be?

I know it’s not technically Disney, (although they do own Fox now) but I’d love to do a pair based on the Anastasia film. Her dresses are beautiful, and I still love that film so much.

What character has given you the best reaction to your ears? 

I haven’t worn my ears yet myself (hopefully soon!) but I’ve had customers tell me stories about Minnie reacting and also Tinkerbell to my Pixie Dust ears!

Are there any plans to further expand the ears by pixie products? 

Yes! I have plans to release Wedding t-shirts and some other designs (did anyone say Snacks?!) I’ve been working on it for a while but still sampling quality as this needs to be 100% right, as I care about the highest quality and about environmental impact too.

What’s your favourite Disney park and why? 

On my last visit it was Hollywood Studios – I just love the vibe there in the evenings and the vintage theming – although that was before toy story land & Galaxy’s edge opened so I’m sure things are much crazier there now!

What’s your favourite Disney attraction and why? 

Flight of Passage because it’s just so immersive and you completely forget you’re on a ride! Or Expedition Everest – I have really fond memories of seeing it being constructed and then having the surprise of going back the following year to ride it. The queue is also amazing, I love museums and history so it doesn’t feel like a queue to me which is always a bonus.

Tell us something interesting about you that your fans don’t already know? 

For my 6th birthday I had a Disney themed party at our house where everyone invited had to come as a Disney character. My parents even dressed up as Captain Hook & Cruella DeVil! 

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