Walt’s – an American restaurant will reopen from April 12th at Disneyland Paris

Walt’s – an American restaurant will reopen from April 12th at Disneyland Paris

As preparations begin for the Parks 30th Anniversary, Disneyland Paris has once again updated their App and we noticed that “Walt’s – an American restaurant” is now available to book on set days from April 12th.

The new menu will feature Corn Chowder, Chili con Carne, a new Mac and Cheese with Shiitake mushrooms, Pineapple upside-down cake, vegan chocolate hazelnut cookie skillet and a “Celebration Cake”!

Walt’s – an American restaurant

Walt’s – an American restaurant offer six Magical Worlds inside one Restaurant, each one reflecting the worlds of Disneyland Park.

The themed rooms are:

  • Fantasyland 
    A gothic-style room that presents an early vision of Fantasyland. The room is adorned with paintings, concept art and sculptures of European tales, such as Sleeping Beauty, Pinocchio and Alice in Wonderland
  • Adventureland
    Oriental in style, this room features sketches of the Pirates of the Caribbean ride by Imagineer Marc Davis
  • Discoveryland 
    To underline Jules Verne’s strong influence on Discoveryland, this room displays a huge collection of illustrations from his many books. There’s even a fireplace ornamented with a golden model of the Nautilus
  • Disneyland Hotel
    A smaller room featuring sketches which inspired the architecture of Disneyland Hotel
  • Grand Canyon 
    Adjacent to the main Frontierland room, this quiet space displays drawings of the Grand Canyon as seen from the Disneyland Railroad attraction
  • Frontierland 
    Big Thunder Mountain, Phantom Manor and Thunder Mesa Riverboats dominate this library-like room themed after the haunted town of Thunder Mesa

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