UK Lockdown Forces People to Miss Disneyland Paris Feb Reopening

UK Lockdown Forces People to Miss Disneyland Paris Feb Reopening

Breaking News…Boris Johnson has just announced a new lockdown in England. Following the recent Scottish and Irish lockdown announcements, England came at 8pm this evening. Part way through his speech he said this would be in place until at least the February Half Term Holidays. In the UK this is usually half way through the month of February. Our local schools have this advertised as the 15th-19th. Disneyland Paris is due to reopen on the February 13! This means many people will miss Disneyland Paris Feb Reopening!

Don’t forget to Cancel your Pre-Registration.
If like us and this makes you change your plans for visiting he Parks for the reopening please do make sure you CANCEL your Registration to access the Disney Parks. This will make sure other Disney fans, who can visit, have the chance to!

However, the UK is not the only one increasing the restrictions and measures. After lockdown measures in France meant that Disneyland Paris had to close its gates back in October. The planned reopening of cinemas and museums was postponed from the 7th January for the foreseeable future. This lead to Disneyland Paris remaining closed throughout the festive period. In addition to this, an 8pm-6am curfew is currently imposed, meaning people must stay at home between these hours apart from essential reasons. On top of this, in 15 departments, the curfew will be from 6pm-6am.

Disneyland Paris Closure and Reopening Feb 2021

Temporary closure of Disneyland Paris
While we were hoping to be able to reopen during the Christmas holiday season, the latest government measures announced for France do not allow us to deliver the Disneyland Paris experience and therefore the destination will remain closed until 12 February 2021.
We look forward to welcoming you upon our reopening. In the meantime, if you have a booking with us during the period we are closed, please check here for our latest commercial conditions.
We thank you for your continued loyalty and understanding.

Last updated (25/11/2020; 10:00 AM)

Our New Vlog Series – Delayed!

As part of our new site, we hoped to bring a new Vlog series. We originally planned for our video to be New Years in Disneyland Paris. However, the French regulations meant this was not possible. So we did move our trip to February and hoped to be able to show you all the re-opening of Parks. However, this time, its the UK restrictions meaning we will miss Disneyland Paris Feb 2021 reopening. I guess like many more people, we will be rebooking our trips with hope of being able to visit the parks soon!

Update : Closure Update and UK Travel Ban

With the delayed reopening of Disneyland Paris and the recent announcement made by Boris Johnson on the 22nd Feb, read more on will UK Guests miss the Opening of Disneyland Paris in April due to the extended UK travel Ban?

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