Should I buy the Disneyland Paris PhotoPass – is it worth it?

Should I buy the Disneyland Paris PhotoPass – is it worth it?

Welcome to the enchanting world of Disneyland Paris, where every moment is magical. One of the ways to capture those magical moments is through the Disneyland Paris PhotoPass. In this blog post, we’ll explore the ins and outs of the PhotoPass service, answering your burning questions and helping you decide if the Disneyland Paris PhotoPass is worth it for you!

What is Disneyland Paris PhotoPass?

At the heart of the Disneyland Paris experience is the PhotoPass service, a souvenir photo system designed to immortalize your special moments with characters or capture your expressions on attractions!

Throughout the parks, you’ll encounter skilled photographers ready to snap your photo at character meet-ups or create whimsical scenes with Magic Shots. The photographers or attraction Cast Members will scan the barcode on your PhotoPass and these will link your magical memories to your photo account.

If you don’t own a PhotoPass, these photographers will provide you with a temporary paper card featuring a barcode, which serves as your gateway to your Disneyland Paris memories.

Is this the same as the Disney Memory Maker

The Disneyland Paris PhotoPass is very similar to the Walt Disney World Memory Maker as you can enjoy unlimited digital Disney PhotoPass photos and attraction photos! However, please be aware that Walt Disney World in Florida is about five times larger as Disneyland Paris, and therefore you won’t have as photo locations as you’ll find accross the 4 parks at Walt Disney World.

What’s Included with the PhotoPass?

  • Unlimited digital downloads of all your Disney PhotoPass photos
  • Select Attraction photos
  • Select Character photos
  • Magic Shots – featuring Disney Characters and more, added to your photos
  • Discounts on prints of your photos

The PhotoPass encompasses a range of photo opportunities, from character meets to on-ride photos and captivating Magic Shots.

On-ride photos and fixed meet and greet locations, such as Meet Mickey, contribute to the diverse array of images you can collect during your holiday. In addition to these standard photos, Disneyland Paris also offers ‘Magic Shots’ which add a touch of Disney magic to your photos and offer creative and fun alternatives to traditional character shots.

Disneyland Paris Character Attraction Photo Locations

  • Hero Trainining Center
  • Meet Mickey Mouse
  • Princess Pavilion
  • Starport

While Disney Photographers won’t be available at every character meet and greet, they are located inside all fixed meet and greet locations, and can also pop-up at the Disney Hotel character locations and special outdoor meet and greets allowing you to collect even more memories with your favourite Disney Characters.

Disneyland Paris PhotoPass Attractions

  • Avengers Assemble: Flight Force
  • Big Thunder Mountain
  • Buzz Lightyear Lazer Blast
  • Hyperspace Mountain
  • Pirates of the Caribbean
  • Tower of Terror

Disneyland Paris PhotoPass isn’t confined to still moments; it extends to the heart-pounding excitement of on-ride photos. After braving attractions like Big Thunder Mountain or Hyperspace Mountain, you’ll find a screen displaying a selection of on-ride photos.

Simply note the number associated with your photo and share it with a Cast Member at the photo location to have the photo linked to your PhotoPass.

Magic Shots

Prepare to be charmed by Magic Shots! These enchanting photos involve a dash of creativity from Disney photographers, adding beloved characters or whimsical effects to your pictures.

Keep an eye out for the small placards indicating a Magic Shot location, and let your imagination run wild. It’s not only an opportunity to capture unique seasonal memories with characters, but also to celebrate key events with special photo frames or spooky overlays to your photos!

Types of Disneyland Paris PhotoPass

The Standard PhotoPass is a fantastic starting point. It’s free, providing temporary cards and watermarking photos, with the option to remove watermarks upon purchase of the photos online. However, for guests wanting to purchase multiple photos it will be worth getting the PhotoPass+.

PhotoPass+ is the enhanced, paid option, which you can buy inside the park or add to your Disneyland Paris Booking. Priced at €75, it grants access to download all your character photos, on-ride photos, and Magic Shots for up to one year.

Annual Pass holders enjoy an even sweeter deal, as it is offer at a discount or free of chrage (depending upon the Annual Pass level) and the PhotoPass+ lasting the duration of their pass!

Certain features come with an additional cost outside the Photopass+ plans. Specifically, the Avengers Campus Training Centre slow-motion “action shot” video or the Animated Magic Shot has an additional €15 fee. This dynamic slow-motion video immerses you in the Avenger experience, placing you beside your hero while multiple cameras capture the moment. You can preview this video at the Training Centre photo kiosks or on the Photopass website (watermarked) before making your purchase decision.

ribbon and bows disneyland paris

How to Get Disneyland Paris PhotoPass

Acquiring the Disneyland Paris PhotoPass is a breeze. The easiest way to purchase the PhotoPass is to add this to your Disneyland Paris booking. When you arrive you’ll be presented with a voucher which you can exchange for a physical PhotoPass+ card at any photo location within the park.

The popular location to exchange this voucher or to buy the Disneyland Paris PhotoPass is at the Ribbon and Bows store at the top of Main Street USA. You can also purchase the PhotoPass at any attraction photo location. Your PhotoPass+ card is valid for 10 days from activation. 

Whether you purchase it as part of your Disney Hotel package or at select boutiques, PhotoPass+ elevates your Disney photo experience to new heights.

How to Download and View PhotoPass+ Photos

Now that your Disneyland Paris adventure has been captured by PhotoPass+, let’s talk about reliving those magical moments.

To download your photos, start by opening a free account on disneyphotopass.eu. Register your PhotoPass+ ID number, a unique identifier found on the card’s reverse side or the Activation Ticket provided with your purchase.

Once linked, the digital realm awaits—view, download, and share your treasured photos to your heart’s content.

Disneyland Paris PhotoPass Worth It?

The burning question – is the Disneyland Paris PhotoPass worth the extra pixie dust? Yes, whether you’re a casual visitor seeking a few cherished snapshots or an Annual Pass holder craving a year-round visual diary, the Disneyland Paris PhotoPass has something magical for everyone.

For one time visitors seeking a one or two photos, you may be better purchasing the single photos, but for most guests the PhotoPass will be the perfect add-on to your Disneyland Paris Package. Its perks, including a 10-day validity, unlimited downloads, and inclusion of Magic Shots, make it a no-brainer for those wanting to capture every magical detail.

Make the most of your Disney experience, immerse yourself in the enchanting world, and let the Disneyland Paris PhotoPass be your guide to capturing the smiles, laughter, and wonder that make your journey unforgettable. Here’s to turning every moment into a cherished memory at the happiest place on earth!

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