“Leave A Legacy” Win a place at a Private Event in Avengers Campus, Disneyland Paris

“Leave A Legacy” Win a place at a Private Event in Avengers Campus, Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris have launched a new “Leave A Legacy” contest with one of the most fantastic prizes ever! You have the chance to win a place at a private event in Avengers Campus on the 7th October. To enter, simply complete the quiz and/or leave a digital message sealed inside the Quinjet for your chance to win an invite!


Move your mouse or finger over the pictures to discover the clickable items. When clicked, a pop-up window opens with a multiple-choice question that you will need to answer.

Each correct answer will enable you to move forward in the quiz, until the final stage when you can register, leave a personalized message that will remain private, and automatically enter the draw to have a chance to participate to an exclusive event to be held on the evening of 7 October in Avengers Campus.

Good luck and click here to start the challenge


Hotspot 1 Answers

They are 6 spots to find in this first screen, including the Pym Particle, Flight Force, FRIDAY and more.

Hotspot 2 Answers

See the 4 hotspot below in the form of stickers!

Hotspot 3 Answers

4 more hotspots on the Campus lockers!

Hotspot 4 Answers

4 More to find on the screens of Flight Force!

Hotspot 5 Answers

Find 4 more in the cages including Sunglasses, Gloves and Costumes!

Hotspot 6 Answers

Find the final 4 hotspots in Peggys office

Avengers Campus: Leave a Legacy

What could be more memorable for a fan than leaving a personal mark in an epic universe like Avengers Campus at Disneyland Paris? Avengers Campus – Leave a Legacy is an online platform with a Marvel Quiz and an option (no obligation) to enter a drawing to attend a private event at Avengers Campus on October 7. 

Test your knowledge about Avengers Campus and the SuperHero universe in an interactive way thanks to a Quiz created especially for the occasion. Once finished – regardless of the result – you will have the opportunity to enter a drawing by registering and leaving a written message with your name. Validated messages will be compiled and encrypted on a USB drive to be deposited in the Quinjet at the heart of Avengers Campus.

If you choose to leave a message at the end of the Quiz, you will be entered into a drawing to attend an exclusive event at Avengers Campus in Disneyland Paris with the person of your choice on the evening of Friday, October 7! The event will allow a limited number of guests to enjoy various Campus locations and the Stark Factory restaurant in peace, to cosplay or “Marvel-bound,” as well as a live activation around the Quinjet when the messages are left inside! The platform will be available until midnight on September 29.

Click here to start the challenge

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