Disneyland Paris Offers Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings with an Enchanted Carriage

Disneyland Paris Offers Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings with an Enchanted Carriage

Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings is now available at Disneyland Paris for couples to celebrate their special day in the most enchanting and romantic city in the world! From intimate weddings to spectacular affairs you’Ll be able to create your own fairy tale at Disneyland Paris.

Once Upon a Time: A Disney Fairy Tale Carriage

Couples have been able to create their fairy tale wedding at Disneyland Paris since 2017, but this year the resort has added an iconic symbol, its first Disney Fairy Tale Carriage, designed exclusively for private celebrations with Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings. The one of a kind Disney Carriage is drawn by four beautiful white horses and features more than 2,000 gold leaves and 13,000 Swarovski crystals.

It’s the ultimate magic touch for a royal entrance or an unforgettable photo shoot in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle. Indeed, every last detail of this carriage is designed to offer an enchanting and immersive moment for couples. With heart-shaped windows, a crown atop the roof and an interior reminiscent of a starry night, no detail was left to chance.   

“And they lived happily ever after”

Weddings at Disneyland Paris are individually created based on your unique desires and preferences. The first choice is the venue as part of Romance Collection or Once Upon A Time Collection.

The Romance Collection makes offers wedding venues inside the Disney Parks, such as Central Plaza in front of the breathtaking Sleeping Beauty Castle, the intimate Auberge de Cendrillon courtyard, or aboard the Thunder Mesa River Boat. The Once Upon a Time Collection offers venues inside two hotels – Disney’s Newport Bay Club and Disney’s Hotel New York – The Art of Marvel.

More magic can be added to any occasion such as Disney Characters or musicians, to make the ceremony even more enchanted.

For more information on Disney Weddings please contact Disneyland Paris.

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