Disneyland Paris Introduce Gender Neutral Restrooms

Disneyland Paris Introduce Gender Neutral Restrooms

For the first time in a Disney Park history, gender neutral restrooms will be available to guests during normal park hours!

At Disneyland Paris, diversity and inclusion is a top priority and the park has become more welcoming of guests from all backgrounds and identities. Disney are working hard on making the Parks and Resorts more welcoming to all and the last few years have been especially transformative for Disney with updates to the terminology and language used within the park to the removal of insensitive references within attractions.

Gender Neutral Bathrooms

This is not the the first time guests have seen gender neutral restrooms at Disneyland Paris. At last years Disneyland Paris PRIDE party, within the Walt Disney Studios Park, gender-neutral bathrooms were available to guests at the special event but these were not available during normal park hours.

More Details

The current gender neutral restrooms are being trialled until the 3rd of April. The restrooms being used for the trial are located near the Autopia attraction within Discoveryland.

This bathroom location is ideal for the test as this will offer mens, women’s and gender neutral options to guests. This has been made available as the women’s bathroom has two separate rooms enabling Disneyland Paris to offer one area for gender neutral guests.

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