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Disneyland Paris Christmas Treats, Snacks and Festive Cocktails

Disneyland Paris Christmas Treats, Snacks and Festive Cocktails

With the festive season just around the corner, we can now share the Christmas menus, treats, snacks and cocktails coming to Disneyland Paris this year. From November, guests will be able to enjoy these Christmas Disney Treats from select locations within Disneyland Park, Walt Disney Studios, Disney Village, and Disney Hotels.

Disneyland Paris Christmas Snacks & Treats 2022

  • €5.00 – Winter Wonder Whip (Victorias)
  • €4.00 – Pluto’s Christmas Cone (Old Mill)
  • €4.00 – Red Nose Macaron (Carts)
  • €4.50 – Mickey/Minnie Christmas Crispy (Arbre Ench.)
  • €3.80 – Return of the Gingerbread Trees (Arbre Ench, Café de la Brousse)

Victoria’s Christmas Treats at Disneyland Paris

  • €7 for 3, €9 for 5 – Christmas Pastries assortments
  • €9.00 – Mickey’s Christmas Waffle (Victorias)

Disneyland Paris Festive Burgers and Mains

  • €14 – Raclette Burger (Cafe Hyperion and En Coulisse)
  • €23 – Festive Pesto Burger with potato pops (Annette’s Diner)
  • €8 – Cheese and bacon Tartiflette (L’Arbre Enchanté) also available with drink for €10

Disneyland Paris Festive Deserts

  • €4 – Mickey’s Choco Igloo dessert (Cafe Hyperion and En Coulisse)
  • €11 – Santa’s Chocolate Pudding (Auberge de Cendrillon and Walt’s)
  • €15 – Strawberry Snow Delight (Auberge de Cendrillon and Walt’s)

Winter Drinks & Cocktails

  • €13 – Gingerbread and Cherry Milkshake (Annette’s Diner)
  • Merry Mint, Bailey’s and Jet 27 (Table Service, Disney Village and Hotel Bars)
  • Christmas Spirit, Martini Fiero, Red Wine (Table Service, Disney Village and Hotel Bars)
  • Santa’s Mocktail, Apple, Cranberry, Raspberry, Pumpkin Spice (Table Service, Disney Village and Hotel Bars)

Christmas Specials available at Buffet Restaurants

  • Smoked salmon baguette
  • Mrs. Claus’s poultry and mushroom pie
  • Chicken mushroom stew
  • Truffle cheese potatoes
  • Jolly chocolate log

Golden Nugget Christmas Menu

A new 30th celebration menu has been released and is now available at The Lucky Nugget. The menu features a Pepper Rush Burger and an exclusive gold nugget-themed dessert. With the release of this menu, it appears that the Golden Nugget will not be offering a Christmas turkey meal this year.

Golden Nugget Christmas Menu

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