Avengers Campus Disneyland Paris Hotel & Ticket Offer

Avengers Campus Disneyland Paris Hotel & Ticket Offer

Get ready for your next powered-up mission with the latest Hotel & Ticket savings from Disneyland Paris!

Assemble in MARVEL Avengers Campus at the Walt Disney Studios Park, where you’ll team up with the Avengers and take on the mightiest MARVEL missions and experience unexpected appearances several times an hour with Super Heroes like Thor and Black Panther are ready to drop in and recruit you to help them save the day!

Latest Disneyland Paris Hotel & Offer Detail

  • For £137 per person, per night
  • Based on 2 adults and 2 children
  • Stays at Disney Davy Crocket Ranch, Pioneer Cabin
  • Arrivals from 22nd July to 1st September, 2023
  • Subject to availability. Conditions apply.

Team up with the Avengers on their home turf!

This summer guests will be able to experience the best live entertainment from the Guardians of the Galaxy dance challenge to learning the 5 tenets of the Dora Milage!

Hero Training Center

Let some of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes teach you their epic moves in this state-of-the-art physical training facility designed by Tony Stark himself!

Heroic Welcome

Join Earth’s mightiest heroes as they gather to celebrate the arrival of their newest recruits and give them a truly heroic welcome.

Warriors of Wakanda

Learn from General Okoye as she teaches you the 5 tenets of the Dora Milaje, the elite Wakandan warriors who protect the Black Panther himself!

Avengers Unite!

Enemy forces are always trying to infiltrate Marvel Avengers Campus. Luckily, the Avengers are prepared for such attacks.

The Amazing Spider-Man!

Keep your eyes peeled and you could spot Spider-Man as he runs, jumps and swings from the rooftops of the W.E.B. Workshop!

Guardians Dance Challenge!

Could your sense of rhythm save the world? Show Star-Lord and Gamora your best dance moves and join the Guardians of the Galaxy!

Super Heroes on patrol

The Super Heroes are out in full force as they roam the grounds of Marvel Avengers Campus to meet new recruits. Encounter them throughout the day!

Heroic Encounter

Attention recruit, don’t miss the chance to meet an Avenger as you step inside the Campus! Take on your first mission and join forces with a Super Hero.

180° multi-frame photo

Train with one of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes and capture your best action stance in an epic 180° multi-frame photo from Disney PhotoPass+!


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