Disneyland Paris Advanced Registration April 2021 Is Now Open!

Disneyland Paris Advanced Registration April 2021 Is Now Open!

Disneyland Paris Advanced Registration April. Be at the new re-opening of Disneyland Paris! With the recent announcement that Disneyland Paris will be opening on the 2nd of April they have now opened their “Advance Registration System” for April 2021.

As the 2nd of April will be the new re-opening date for Disneyland Paris, we can see many of these booking up quickly! Therefore, if you want to be a the re-opening event make sure you book your dates as soon as possible.

The Advanced Booking System allows Disneyland Paris to monitor the number of people inside the park and ensure compliance of the distance regulations.

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Disneyland Paris Advanced Registration April 2021 Errors

Please note, Disney are currently many issues with the Advanced Registration system. When re-arranging our booking, we noticed all days in April were available, however, when going through to book a day we saw the following error…

The selected day and park for your party is no longer available. Please click back to make a new date and park selection.

After speaking to Disneyland Paris, we were told due to the large number of people changing their dates, the system can not keep up with the number of bookings. We have currently seen this error on many dates we have tried to book including the official opening date most weekends in April.

However, we have been told that people appear to booking a large number of dates, and then removing unwanted ones once their booking has been moved. Therefore, we would advise you keep checking the system over the next few days if the date you wish to visit is currently unavailable.

Disneyland Paris Advanced Registration April Dates to Consider.

April could be a busy month for Disneyland Paris, due to the re-opening of the park, and many Easter (spring) school holidays.

  • Disneyland Paris Re-opening Date 2nd April
  • France Spring Holidays (Zone A)* 11 – 25 Apr
    France Spring Holidays (Zone C)* 18 April – 2 May
    France Spring Holidays (Zone B)* 25 April -9 May
  • UK Easter Holiday Dates : 1- 16th April
    UK Good Friday : 2nd April
    UK Easter Monday : 5th April
  • German Easter Holiday Dates : 6 – 16th April
  • Spain Easter Holiday Dates : 7 – 28th April

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