Disneyland Paris 100€ Gift Card for Cancelled Christmas Guests if they Rebook

Disneyland Paris 100€ Gift Card for Cancelled Christmas Guests if they Rebook

Following the recent announcement that Disneyland Paris would not open over the Christmas Period, Disneyland Paris today made a second announcement in relations to guests bookings. For any guest who has had their Christmas trip cancelled will receive a €100 gift card if they book a new trip by February 12th 2021. However, they are some conditions to the for the Disneyland Paris 100€ Gift Card we will outline below.

The news broke last week, that due to the new COVID-19 measures in France that Disneyland Paris would not be able to open for the festive period. When the parks closed for a second time in October, they were hopeful that they would be able to welcome guests to the Parks for the Christmas Period. However, they did say they would close again after this period until February 2021. We did state at the time of this announcement, that we did think that the Parks would remains closed throughout. Unfortunately for the many guests who hoped for a Christmas break, including ourselves, this has turned out to be true.

Disneyland Paris 100€ Gift Card

However, every cloud has a silver lining. Disneyland Paris has offered an exciting bonus for any guests who reschedule their cancelled Christmas trips, a €100 gift card.

This gift card will be valid around both Parks, Disneyland Paris and Walt Disney Studios, as well as the Resorts shops, restaurants and within Disney Village.

Gift Card Conditions

100€ Gift Card if you rebook If you had a booking during the Christmas holidays* and you book a new package by 12 February 2021 for an arrival up until 30 September 2021, we will be happy to offer €100 spending money to be used at Disneyland Paris during your stay*.


They are a few conditions that you would need to meet to ensure you get this free gift from Disneyland Paris.

  1. This is only available for Guests with bookings over the Christmas and New Year.
  2. You only need to book by this date, and is only includes arrivals up to 30th September 2021.
  3. Only available on Room & Ticket Bookings
  4. NOT available to Annual Pass Holders!

The fourth condition was a massive surprise. We had planned to visit Disneyland Paris to celebrate the New Year. When we called to move our booking, we were not made aware of this gift card. When we questioned this with the Cast Member, they had to check with their manager.

The response was that this offer is only applicable for packages with park tickets. As we had a room only booking, this gift is not available to us. It’s very disappointing, and an unusual approach to take by Disney.

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