Disneyland Hotel – Non Guest Access Update at Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Hotel – Non Guest Access Update at Disneyland Paris

Following the recent update that non-staying guests will be able to enter the Disneyland Hotel from the 10th of February, Disneyland Paris have updated the access procedure. Given the popularity of the Disneyland Hotel, for those without a hotel package or restaurant reservation limited access will now be granted through a time-slot reservation system.

  • From Saturday 17th February at 9am,
  • Entry reservations available via the Lineberty mobile app
  • Reservation must be made on the same day, for a maximum of 4 people per reservation
  • Access subject to availability.

Once your reservation is confirmed, please go to the hotel’s entrance in Fantasia Gardens at the indicated time. Your reservation is guarantee for an hour. After this, the reservation will be automatically cancelled.

Disneyland Paris are delighted that non-residents have the opportunity to visit this royal establishment. In order to offer a great experience for all our guests, they encourage you to adopt an appropriate behavior in the hotel and towards our Cast Members.

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Disneyland Hotel Access FAQ

Is the Disneyland Hotel Limited to hotel guests?

up until the the 10th of February access to the Disneyland Hotel was Limited to Hotel guests. From this date access was opened to all.

Can I visit the Disneyland Hotel without staying there?

Yes, you can visit the Disneyland Hotel without booking a stay at the hotel. You’ll have limited access to the hotel and its facilities during your access.

Can I visit the Disneyland Hotel without a reservation?

Yes you can visit the hotel, however, you now need an access reservation which can be booked via the mobile app Lineberty.

Can I purchase items from the Disneyland Hotel shop during my access?

Yes, you have access to the shop inside the Disneyland Hotel and you can purchase specific items, please note some limited edition items do have purchase limits.

Can I book a Royal encounter if I’m not staying at the Disneyland Hotel?

No, the Royal encounter is only available to Disneyland Hotel guests. During your limited access you may see princess roaming the hotel, but you will not be able to book or meet a princess within the Royal Encounter.

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