Character Dining Could Be Returning to Disneyland Paris in April!

Character Dining Could Be Returning to Disneyland Paris in April!

Character Dining is one of our favourite experiences at Disneyland Paris and on our Instagram page we’ve been asked a lot about the return of character meals so we thought we’d create this post with all the latest information we know about the possible return of Character Dining to Disneyland Paris.

Since the reopening of the park, we’ve seen many experiences return such as live entertainment and Disney Illuminations, however, character dining is still missing and many of the restaurants are still closed.

When will Character Dining to Disneyland Paris?

We expect to see the return of Character Dining at Disneyland Paris from the 31st March.

We’ve heard many rumours of the return of character dining, however, we’re now seeing more printed information and marketing material showing this option. We originally saw this in the special festive menus, but due to the high Covid levels many restrictions were reintroduced in France which stopped this from happening.

Recently, we’ve seen a change in the meal plan options available to guests from the 31st March. The change removes the old Premium meal plan and introduces an Extra Plus meal plan which offers “one meal per stay with Disney Characters”.

Character Dining Restaurants

They are four character dining locations within Disneyland Paris. These are Cafe Mickey (Disney Village), Auberge de Cendrillon (Disneyland Park), Inventions (Disneyland Park), and Plaza Gardens (Disneyland Park). Each of these locations offer a selection of characters to dine with, for example you can see the Princesses at Auberge de Cendrillon.

Will the Character Dining experience change?

We’ve seen character dining return in many Disney Parks around the world with slight modifications. In the American Parks guests have been able to dine with characters for many months but they’ve had to remain seated. Recently this has changed to guests being invited to take pictures with the characters a table at a time.

We hope Disneyland Paris will follow this trend and we can’t wait to see character dining return Disneyland Paris!

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