Disneyland Paris Confirm Newport Bay Club as Vaccination Center

Disneyland Paris Confirm Newport Bay Club as Vaccination Center

Last month, we said that Disneyland Paris will remain closed but New Port Bay Hotel will open as COVID-19 vaccination center, and today we’ve seen official confirmation of this. Opening on the 24th April 2021, the Convention Center within Disney’s Newport Bay Club will be available to distribute COVID-19 vaccines on weekends between 9:30AM-5:30PM.

The vaccination center, under the name of the ‘vaccinodrome’ will be separate to the hotel and will be managed by the Seine-et-Marne fire department (SDIS). The SDIS will over see the operations and will aim to provide 2,000 vaccinations per weekend.

Disneyland Paris Reopening Discussions

Sources at Disneyland Paris have said that they are many ongoing discussions with the management teams at Disneyland Paris and the French government in relation to the re-opening of the parks. They are currently arranging a date where Disneyland Management, Government officials and unions can all meet and discuss this in more details and set guidelines for when the parks can reopen.

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