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Stitch Crashes Disney : Beauty and the Beast

Stitch Crashes Disney : Beauty and the Beast

Experiment 626, Stitch, is back at it again. Just like he did in 2002, Stitch will be crashing fan favourite Disney Classics in this ShopDisney new range. Every month, starting on the 18th January, an exclusive Stitch pin and Plush will be released featuring Stitch crashing an iconic Disney movie scene. The first in this collection Stitch Crashes Disney Beauty and the Beast.

Stitch Crashes Disney : Beauty and the Beast

Hide the Dishes! Stitch is our (uninvited) Guest and is crashing the classic Disney film, Beauty and the Beast for the first of our limited-edition pin and soft toy releases on the 18th January.

Stitch Crashes Disney : Beauty and the Beast

This new ShopDisney series will release two new Stitch products, and will be available at around 8am on the release date. Stitch Crashes Disney : Beauty and the Beast is due for release on the 18th January 2021.

In true Stitch form, we can find him crashing his first collection just in time for the 30th anniversary of “Beauty and the Beast.” This month, Stitch is the ‘uninvited Guest’ , check it out:

Stitch Crashes Beauty and the Beast

This is the first look at this new range. This month Stitch Crashes Beauty and the Beast.

The new Stitch Beauty and the Beast plush soft toy and Pin both features Stitch covered with the film’s iconic roses and stained-glass artwork design. In addition to this, he is also holding the famous rose in his mouth!

We assume the price of the Stitch plush would be around £25-30, with the pin at around £20-25. However, we will confirm this once we get more information

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Stitch Crashes Disney Facts

  • This is another year long Series. Stitch will be crashing 12 classic Disney films we are all invited join in the fun with him and collect all 12 styles!
  • In addition to the Plush and Pin, USA ShopDisney customers also have the chance to purchase a Magic Band, T-Shirts and Mugs

Popular Questions

These are some of the most common questions we are asked about the Stitch Crashes Disney series. Therefore, we have answered these with the most up to date information.

When is the Stitch Crashes Disney : Beauty and the Beast Released?

The release date of this collection is the 18th January.

What is included in this Series?

This series has a total of 2 products available. These are…

  • Stitch Pin
  • Stitch Plush Soft Toy

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