Which Disney Villain Are You Based On Your Zodiac Star Sign?

Which Disney Villain Are You Based On Your Zodiac Star Sign?

In any Disney film there’s always an interesting and funny character, with some of the best lines, costumes and songs. We’re talking about the villains. Over and over again, these loveable rogues steal the light and become the icon of the film. Who’s your favourite and most importantly, which Disney Villain are you based on your Zodiac Star Sign?

Aries – Gaston

Bad : Impatient, Demanding, Stubborn,
Good : Courageous, Competitive

You’re passionate, motivated and live on your own terms. As an Aries you are very demanding and are often unwilling to compromise. You’re also much more than an attention seeker, you actually, demand it.

Taurus – Cruella


Bad : Materialistic, Short Tempered
Good : Independant, Artistic, Selfish

As a Taurus your stubbornness is due to the strong will and determination. Like Cruella you are strong and unwavering from your goals. You can blame the planet Venus for your love of luxury items.

Gemini – Ursela


Bad : Crafty, two faced, Manipulative
Good : Adaptable, Outgoing, Intelligent

You’re a social being, have a sharp wit and possess an extremely dry, sarcastic, sense of humor. You like to sugar coat things, and compliment others to their face, whilst you hide your true feelings and desires.

Cancer – ‘Evil’ Queen

Evil Queen

Bad : Vain, Possessive, Holds onto Grudges
Good : Loyal, Intuitive

Ruled by the moon, your moods can quickly grow dark. You’re very difficult to please and can easily become resentful over the smallest details. Like the Evil Queen with her mirror, you’ll cling to and obsesses over an item or situation until you have all the answers you want.

Leo – Queen of Hearts

Queen of Hearts

Bad : Vain, Bossy, Jealous, Over Sensitive to Criticism
Good : Self-confidence, Charisma, Determination

Much like the Queen of Hearts, you always want to be the best, the brightest, and most beautiful in the world. If someone outshines you, you become jealous and competitive . You wouldn’t think twice about using lies and trickery to defeat your rival and get what you want.

Virgo – Lady Tremaine

Lady Tremaine

Bad : Fussy, Over Critical, Old School
Good : Creative, Problem Solver,

Your blessed with powerful intelligence, but are often overly critical and demanding. This makes you difficult to get along with. You prefer things in their old traditional ways, and are quick to judge people based on one aspect.

Libra – Mother Gothel

Mother Gothel

Bad : Manipulative, Superficial, Good at Lying
Good : Great Listener, Idealist,

You’re the most charming of them all, and influencer! However, you have a tendency to use these skills to manipulate others. Like Mother Gothel you’re also superficial and have a natural affinity to visual beauty.

Scorpio – Scar

Scar - Which Disney Villain Are You based on your star sign

Bad : Jealous, Possessive, Resentful
Good : Focused, Ambitious

Scorpio’s are known for their passion, assertiveness, determination, and decisiveness. However, these traits can quickly turn to being Possessive, Dominating and Resentful. For Scorpios, like Scar, a mix of high jealousy and revenge is always on the mind.

Sagittarius – Hades

hades - Disney Villain Star Sign

Bad : Impatient, Attention Seeking, Hot Headed
Good : Wild, Smart

Consider yourself the luckiest people in the world, Big spirited and smart! On the other hand you will go after what you want regardless of what other people think of you. Impatient, Boastful, Attention Seeking are just a few words people may say about you.

Capricorn – Dr. Facilier

Dr Facilier - Which Disney Villain Are You

Bad : Unforgiving, Insensitive, Deceitful
Good : Ambitious, Charming,

The Capricorn personality can at times seem distant and emotionless,. Like Dr Facilier you’re very resourceful, whilst your ambition, and deceitfulness often work together to get what you want.

Aquarius – Maleficent

Maleficent - Which Disney Villain Are You

Bad : Impulsive, Unpredictable, Hard to Get Close To
Good : Free Spirited, Intellectual

Aquarians are intelligent, spontaneous and independent. However, you could also look at this as impulsive, unpredictable and stubborn. Like Maleficent you can be appear cold and emotionally detached, whilst hiding your true feelings.

Pisces – Captain Hook

Captain Hook - Which Disney Villain Are You

Bad : Moody, Lazy, Idealistic, Over Sensitive
Good : Artistic, Emotional,

Your likable and friendly but can be very moody, emotional and a bit of escapist. You can often be found day-dreaming about what you want, and can easily get lost in your own mind and imagination. TIK TOK, TIK TOK!

Which Disney Villain Are You? Do you agree with our selection for your Disney Villain Star Sign? Or do you think another Villain is better suited, let us know in the comments below…

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