Regal Transformation of the Disneyland Hotel at Disneyland Paris

Regal Transformation of the Disneyland Hotel at Disneyland Paris

A few weeks ago we highlighted that The Disneyland Hotel was undergoing a secret refurbishment and today Disneyland Paris have confirmed that the iconic hotel is having a regal transformation. This will be the first Disney hotel to celebrate a royal theme and become the true kingdom of many favourite Disney Princesses and Princes. The elegant Victorian exterior will remain, whilst inside the hotel will be undergo a Disney makeover including creative decor and magical touches that only Disney can achieve.

Disneyland Paris hotels are much more than just a room and a place to sleep, they are a way to fully immerse yourself in the Disney experience and is one of the best ways to enjoy a Disney holiday. With the infusion of Cars to Disney’s Hotel Santa Fe, Toy Story to Disney’s Hotel Cheyenne and of course fully incorporating MARVEL into the new Disney’s Hotel New York – The Art of Marvel, Disneyland Paris is quickly moving onto transforming the iconic 5-star Disneyland Hotel with a Royal Theme.

Disneyland Hotel Regal Transformation

The Disneyland Hotel is not only known for its perfect location above the entrance to the Parks, but also its restaurants, lobbies, character dining, and of course the high level of customer service and superior rooms.

Information released by Disneyland Paris today confirms that the outdoor Victorian architecture will remain the same, whilst the interior of the hotel will be transformed and infused with a royal theme and will become the true kingdom of many Disney Princesses and Princes from the past and present including Beauty and the Beast, Sleeping Beauty, Elsa, Rapunzel and of course Cinderella just to name a few.

To achieve this reimagining, public areas inside the hotel will pay homage to the much love characters and films, whilst every hotel room and suite will be completely re-themed with creative decor and magical touches only Disney can do. This includes improving the hotels public spaces and in room equipment to provide an enhanced and personalised service to all guests whilst incorporating the latest technologies.

The Hotels pool and spa areas are also being increased, whilst the restaurants and bars are being updated to create the most magical royal experience at the iconic Disneyland Hotel.

“At Disneyland Paris, we create enchanting experiences for all ages…The completely refurbished Disneyland Hotel will do just that, immersing guests in a timeless royal atmosphere. Guests will be welcomed with unique refinement as soon as they enter the lobby and will stay in rooms and suites with elegant décor celebrating Disney Princesses and Princes”

Sylvie Massara, Walt Disney Imagineering Paris – Design and Show Quality. 

“When it reopens, Disneyland Hotel will offer to our guests an enhanced experience even more worthy of the prestigious French five-star hotel rating…We are proud to welcome a lot of repeat visitors at our iconic hotel, and we want them to be immersed in a 360-degree experience using the power of beloved Disney fairytales, with an array of brave and kind heroines as a central theme. Our loyal guests expect to be enchanted and surprised by their stay each time they visit us, and we take pride in delivering impeccable service to create memorable moments. A full Disneyland Paris experience can truly be achieved only when staying in one of our themed hotels, and we cannot wait to welcome guests to the Disneyland Hotel after its transformation.

Tomás Feier, General Manager of the Disneyland Hotel.

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    • There is nothing released as of yet, but we hope it is in-time for the 30th anniversary. We have already seen many items from the hotel for sale in local shops such as beds and tables, so we believe it well underway

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