Disneyland Paris Zen Moments Adventureland : Relax for 1 hour at Adventureland ?

Disneyland Paris Zen Moments Adventureland : Relax for 1 hour at Adventureland ?

Imagine yourself in the middle of the Jungle, or on a trip to the Caribbean. It’s time to put on your headphones and embark on a zen journey with Disneyland Paris Zen Moments Adventureland. The new video released on Disneyland Paris Youtube channel gives us some fantastic views of Adventureland whilst we can relax to the natural sound of the land.

Watch Zen Moments Adventureland Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris Adventureland

Unlike other areas, Adventureland does not have a single focus or source of inspiration, this land features 4 inner themed areas.

The first area takes inspiration from 1001 Arabian Nights and Agrabah from the classic Disney Aladdin film. In fact, the Disney Imagineers were designing the entrance and this are whilst the film was in production, and lead to the introduction of the ‘Le Passage Enchanté d’Aladdin’ attraction.

The Second area of Adventureland has an African appearance. This area is focused on shops and restaurants, such as the popular Hakuna Matata Restaurant.

The third themed are takes us to the mysterious jungles of Asia. With explorers in mind, this area features the ‘Indiana Jones et le Temple du Péril’ attraction.

The final area of Adventureland, and by far the largest, is based on the Caribbean. This section covers most of Adventureland with many walk through areas such as Adventure Isle and the Swiss Family Treeehouse. It’s also is the home of Captains Hook Ship, and the fan favourite Disney attraction, ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’.

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