Touch of Magic within the Lets Sing Christmas Minnie Mouse Costume

Touch of Magic within the Lets Sing Christmas Minnie Mouse Costume

The popular Let’s Sing Christmas! show is in its final few weeks at the Videopolis’ theatre at Disneyland Paris, where this year, Minnie Mouse had a special surprise in store for Mickey and Guests! A cover version of a famous song called “All I want for Christmas is… Mickey.”

To make this moment even more memorable, Disneyland Paris’ Costuming teams have embellished Minnie’s outfit, which is now more beautiful than ever! 

Sophie and Steve, patternmakers & tailors within the Costuming workshop, discussed the way they created Minnie’s incredible stole and her glittery tartan skirt to life. 

Sophie worked specifically on the stole, which is bordered by a boa that is over 6 metres long! Sewn on a taffeta material – which is a delicate and hard-to-handle fabric – the stole was first made by a plumassier [feather craft artist]. After the initial request was made in June, it took over 6 months to create with the design finished in early November.

Steve worked on Minnie’s skirt, which is made out of glittery muslin, a very flowy and pretty complex fabric. The most complicated part was to work on the tartan print, as we had to properly align checkered patterns. More generally speaking, for this project, we were fortunate to be able to talk directly to the show director and clearly understand what he had in mind. This costume has been designed for a show, so there were many elements to take into consideration so that Minnie’s performance can be as successful as possible! 

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