Is it cheaper to book your Disneyland Paris holiday from a different country selection?

Is it cheaper to book your Disneyland Paris holiday from a different country selection?

When researching information for our latest guide on the who to book your next Disneyland Paris with, the same rumour and information was been shared throughout many websites and forums and has grown popular within the Disney community. The rumour was that you could book your next Disneyland Paris vacation at a lower cost by switching the country zone on the website.

We’ve seen massive changes within the Disneyland Paris website and the transparency of their pricing. With the introduction of specific pages displaying the latest Hotel & Tickets Package discounts and even showing guests suggestions for alternative ‘cheaper’ dates when booking their Disneyland Paris package direct. After reading this over and over again, we became intrigued to see if it was true…

So lets take a look…

We wanted to see if this rumour if is true and went ahead comparing the exact same date, hotel and package. The packaged used for comparison is for 2 adults, 1 Child for a 2 night stay (3 day park tickets).

Date RangeUK Price (£)UK Price (€)France PriceGermany PriceSpain Price
18-20th June£1092.93€1203.08€1203,08 €1203,08 €1203,08
14-16th August£1200.93€1321.94€1321.94€1321.94€1321.94
19th-21st Sept£1001.58€1102.52€1102.52€1102.52€1102.52
18-20th October£987.00€1086.44€1086.44€1086.44€1086.44
7th-9th November£742.95€817.82€817.82€817.82€817.82
12th-14th December£878.73€967.28€967.28€967.28€967.28

Upon looking at the results of this, we can see that the price is the exact same no matter what country you choose. Guests visiting from the UK could save the smallest of amounts by switching the payment option to Euros rather than Pounds (depending upon the current exchange rate). However, with massive fluctuations with the exchange rates, we wouldn’t recommend it, as it could quickly change the other way.

Date RangeUK Price (£)UK Price (€)UK Price Convert (1.112)
18-20th June£1092.93€1203.08£1081.91
14-16th August£1200.93€1321.94£1188.79
19th-21st Sept£1001.58€1102.52£991.47
18-20th October£987.00€1086.44£887.58
7th-9th November£742.95€817.82£735.44
12th-14th December£878.73€967.28£869.85


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