Halloween Arrives at Disneyland Paris, with Halloween Selfie Spots!

Halloween Arrives at Disneyland Paris, with Halloween Selfie Spots!

Halloween has officially returned to Disneyland Paris! This is exciting times for us, as Halloween is one of our favourite times of the year! Disney’s Halloween Festival is back from the 26th September to 1 November 2020. Come and join us, as we take a look…if you’re brave enough!

Disneyland Paris also goes all out for guests visiting the Parks during the Halloween period. Although the Halloween party will not be happening this year due to the current restrictions, this hasn’t stop Disney bringing Halloween to the Parks. Disney have released a teaser video for this years Halloween on Youtube on the 14th September. This has made us even more excited about visiting the park once this event goes live.

Halloween Character Indoor Meets & Greets

The much loved meets and great or ‘Selfie Spots’ are undergoing a villain make over. Our favourite Disney characters will be in their Halloween best and bringing the Spooktacular fun to the meet and greets. Whilst the Disney Phtoographers will be available in set areas to grab some some halloween pictures with you.

In Fantasyland, within Disneyland Paris, if you head over to meet Micky Mouse in his theatre you will be treated to a halloween meet and great make-over! Featuring some of the your favourite Disney characters in their Halloween costumes. At any time, you will see three characters on stage, with one always being Mickey Mouse! We got to see plenty of characters during our time over in the magical theatre. With the likes of Donald, Daisy, Goofy, and Pluto just mentioning a few we saw. There was no Disney photographer to help you take pictures here.

The Studio theatre, over in Walt Disney Studios, is also getting a villain make-over. Starting on October the 1st, for duration of the halloween period, Disney Villians will be replacing Marvel characters. During our trips to the park, it appears this will feature 4 characters at a time. However, these four characters rotate ever 30 minutes. This gives you a change to meet 8 villains! During our visits the first line up was Gaston, Claude Frollo, Cruella and Jafar. The second line up contained Lady Tremaine, Captain Hook, Evil Queen and Queen of Hearts. However, we did notice on one instance this second line up featured Dr Facilier instead of Lady Tremaine. Another positive note to make in regards to this Meet, was that they were 2 Disney Photographers ready to take your picture.

Halloween Selfie Spots at Disneyland Paris

With the new rules and regulations within the Park may mean you hug your favourite characters. However, I have to say, since this was introduced I have seen many more characters around the park. As well as much shorter queue times to meet them!

The characters will continue to greet you into Disneyland Paris from the Main Street Station. As you enter the park you will be able to see Goofy, Pluto, Micky, Minnie as well as Chip and Dale waving down at you. Although, during our visits we have only seen Micky and Minnie in their halloween costumes!

Within this area you can also meet many more characters. At the top of Main Street you will see Donald and Daisy in their harvest costumes. Whilst over by the entrance to Liberty Arcade you will be able to see Max, covered in bats and dressed in his Halloween costume. Goofy will also be available later in the day by Ribbons & Bows. At the bottom of main street you will be able to meet Stitch, who is making everybody halloween costumes!


Heading over the Frontierland, you will get the chance for a further three selfie spots. You will have Pluto by the Cowboy Cookout Barbecue, Minnie and Micky in their Día de los Muertos Outfit, and Jack Skellington over by the Haunted Hansion.


In Adventureland, you will be able to see the Genie by Les Tresors de Scheherazede. If you head over to the entrance to Captain Jacks restaurant you will also get the chance to see Captain Hook and Mr. Smee. I also finally managed to see the main man himself, Captain Jack hanging out on the balcony!


Over in Fantasyland, we saw a selection of characters from Winnie the Pooh and Alice in Wonderland. From the White Rabbit by the Mad Hatter Tea Cups to Pooh Bear himself by the Old Mill. If head to the back of the Castle, you will see that Maleficent has taken over. At random times of the day you will also be able to see her stood on the Castle Balcony looking over her handywork!


Discoveryland has continued with its Star Wars take over. Head over behind Space mountain for your chance to meet Stormtroopers, Darth Vader and Chewbacca.

Halloween Magical Shots at Disneyland Paris

Due to the popularity of the Magic Shots introduced into the park after its re-opening, its no surprise that they have updated some of these for Halloween.

At different times of the day, you will be able to take part in Disney Magic Shots. Most of these are available down by the Castle to ensure you get a good backdrop to your pictures.

You can go down and brew your own witches potion, surprise the Evil Witch holding the Poison Apple, or get a Halloween Overlay Castle shot.

One of the Photographers also provided us with this timetable, to ensure we could see what was available, to allow us to plan our day.

Disneyland Paris Halloween Decorations

There are certain times of the year where the Disney Decorations go above and beyond. For me this is at Christmas wen it is ‘snowing’ down main street, and when Halloween arrives at Frontierland.

Frontierland is decorated in a colourful Mexican, Coco inspired, festival atmosphere decorations mixed with the traditional pumpkin decoration. They are some interesting facts about this area Disney released this year. Firstly, 13,262 flowers make up the new garlands from Halloween to Frontierland. Secondly, 175 meters of giant light strings illuminate the road to Frontierland. Finally, the 3-meter-tall female “Catrinas” skeletons are inspired by Mexican culture.

The other focal points in around the park are the decorations down main street and the central hub. In addition to this you also have the fantastic Maleficent take over around the castle. This includes her famous vines reaching out over Fantasyland, forming the outline of a Dragon!

As you can see, Halloween is being celebrated all around the Disneyland Paris Parks. With many surprises to discover and things to see in every corner. The ghosts have even taken over Disney Village, with pumpkins popping up all over!


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