France approves Vaccine Pass and what it means for guests visiting Disneyland Paris

France approves Vaccine Pass and what it means for guests visiting Disneyland Paris

The vaccination pass has now been approved by the French Government meaning people aged over 16 years will need to provide a certificate of vaccination to enter public places, such as restaurants, cafes, cinemas, and public transport. This update means people will no longer be able to provide a negative PCR or antigen test result to enter many public places within France.

Disneyland Paris Update

The French Government has announced the upcoming launch of a Vaccine Pass for all people aged 16 years old and above to access leisure activities. Disneyland Paris will follow government requirements accordingly, however, the exact date and rules for implementation are pending official publication of the law and its implementation decree(s)

You can find official information about Vaccine Pass on the French government website.

We continue to work closely with the authorities and will share information about how this measure applies to our resort as soon as possible.

A Health Pass currently remains required for any guests aged above 12 years and 2 months in order to visit the Disney Parks, the Disney Hotels and Disney Village.

Please visit our Health and Safety page for information on Health Pass vaccination and testing requirements.

What is a vaccination certificate?

The vaccination pass applies to anyone aged 16 and over and consists of the following…

  • Proof of full vaccination (two doses or one, depending on the vaccine)
  • Certificate of Covid recovery less than six months after an infection
  • Starting February 15, a booster dose will be required four months after the previous dose for the pass to remain valid. This is currently set to seven months.

Minors between the ages of 12 and 15 will continue to present the current health pass to access leisure activities, restaurants and bars, fairs or interregional public transport.

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