Earth Month 2021: Celebrate the nature of Disneyland Paris

Earth Month 2021: Celebrate the nature of Disneyland Paris

This week marks the start of Earth Month and Disneyland Paris, and other Disney parks around the world are taking this time to celebrate the conservation efforts and protection of nature they take through initiatives that improve the nature within the Parks and surrounding areas.

Whilst Disneyland Paris is closed, these efforts are still taking place everyday as the Magic Keepers continue to care for the nature and plants within the area, alongside other projects including the construction of the one of the biggest solar canopies in Europe. Once completed this will improve the experience for guests in the parking areas whilst help to reduce the amount of CO2 and provide renewable clean energy to the park. The projected numbers show a massive 750 tons reduction of CO2, whilst the canopies will also provide around 17% of the overall parks power consumption. This environmental project is just one of many planned for Disneyland Paris as they work towards their 6 priority actions of reducing greenhouse gas emissions, sustainable waste management, conserving water resources, protecting and enriching biodiversity, developing a responsible supply chain, and supporting global actions to preserve the environment for the future.

Disneyland Paris have promised that they’ll be helping us discover the magic of the resorts green spaces as part of Earth Month and we’ll keep you up to date with any new content.

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