Disneyland Paris World of Disney Store Reopening May 22, 2021

Disneyland Paris World of Disney Store Reopening May 22, 2021

We finally have some good news from the UNSA Disneyland Paris union, the World of Disney Store at Disneyland Paris will reopen its doors on the 22nd May, 2021. This is only a few days after the 19th of May when the French government has authorised the reopening of ‘non-essential businesses’ and outdoor dining for restaurants and cafes.

The World of Disney store will have similar restrictions to the ones in place when the store opened in February, this will include a reduced capacity ensuring a space of 8m2 per person. Based on the size of the store, this would make the capacity around 175 customers.

The Next Phase for the World of Disney Store

The next milestone will be on the 9th of June. Currently this date is the start of the third phase and will allow the store to double its capacity to around 300 customers as the minimum space per person would only be 4m2. The forth and final phase will start on June 30th with the lifting of all restrictions.

Disneyland Paris Reopening Dates

Following our previous post about the possible Disneyland Paris Re-opening date, this latest announcement shows they are ready to open as soon as possible and makes a July reopening even more likely.

From June 9th, foreign tourists are once again expected to be allowed to enter France as long as they have a vaccination certificate, health pass or negative test. On this date specific nightly curfews will also be extended from 7pm to 11pm.

Our prediction of Disneyland Paris reopening in July, will allow Disney to start the process of bringing Cast Members back to work and occur after all restrictions are lifted on June 30th. However, we do expected many of the COVID-19 prevention protocols to remain in place around the park for a long time.

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