Disneyland Paris Premier Access Pricing Released

Disneyland Paris Premier Access Pricing Released

The Disneyland Paris App has been updated for the soft opening of the the Disney Premier Access and we can finally see the initial prices each guest will have to pay to grab this new FastPass. We have been waiting to see the physical pricing structure for the new paid for Disneyland Paris FastPass system since it was first advertised to have prices ranging between €8 to 15.

We have known this day has been coming since the official announcement at the start of July and recently we have seen the Disney Premier Access signs being introduced at Disneyland Paris. We initially thought the pricing range may be based on seasonal times where you would pay the higher amount on peak days, however, this appears not to be the case. Instead the pricing appears to be based on the attraction popularity with Buzz Lightyear, Peter Pan and Twilight Zone being the most expensive with a family of four paying around 60 to skip the queue!

Disney Premier Access App Intro

Disneyland Paris Premier Access Pricing

Lets take a look at pricing of the new Disneyland Paris FastPass system, Disney Premier Access…

Disneyland Park

  • Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast – €15 per guest, per ride
  • Peter Pan Flight – €15 per guest, per ride
  • Big Thunder Mountain- €12 per guest, per ride
  • Autopia – €8 per guest, per ride
  • Star Wars Hyperspace Mountain – €9 per guest, per ride
  • Star Tours : The Adventures Continues – €8 per guest, per ride

Walt Disney Studio Park

  • Twilight Zone Tower of Terror – €15 per guest, per ride
  • Ratatouille : The Adventure – €12 per guest, per ride

Our Thoughts…

To many of us when Disney announced the new paid for Fast Pass system we were very disappointed and with the release of the price information it has shocked even more people, and we are waiting to see if the Super or Ultimate FastPass return where we can compare the costs.

However, after thinking about this for a few weeks we do think they are going to be some benefits to this but Disneyland Paris will need to think about how the queue lines are going to work. For this work, they needs to be a proper Disney Premier Access queue line that works, for example at Hong Kong Disneyland the premier access queue line gets you directly to the loading platform and there is not any merge points.

If you have been to Disneyland Paris and used the old Fast Pass system before, you will know that many of these Fast Pass queue lines uses a merge point. If I decide to buy a Premier Access ticket, I will be paying a premium so I want to get straight on the attraction. I do not want to pay 15 to enter the Twilight Zone attraction to just skip the first part of the queue, and then queue again after the pre-show (if this is showing) I want to skip this queue too. Same if I pay 9 on Hyperspace Mountain, I don’t want to merge with the standard queue and have to queue for 15 minutes before getting on the attraction. This is something they need to work out and consider if people are paying a premium.

For people like us, who love the old FastPass system, knew how to get the most number of FastPasses per day and make the system work for us, this new update is a bad change.

However, for most people the removal of FastPass could be a positive change for the standard queue lines. For example, some attractions had the FastPass to Standard queue ratio as high as 50%. Meaning that half of the guest who get on the attraction per hour had a FastPass, and in essence everybody in the standard queue is waiting double the length of time.

With people not keen on paying this cost per attraction per guest, it could be that the quick moving queue lines we have seen after the parks reopen will continue, and for the few people who want to pay, they can ride quicker whilst the low number may not affect the standard queue waiting times as much as before.

Disney Premier Access FAQ

What is Disney Premier Access?
This is the new style FastPass system which gives you access to a dedicated priority line to access a chosen attraction during a specific time slot.

When can I buy a Disney Premier Access?
You must enter on of the Disney Parks in order to buy an access ticket. You can purchase a ticket via the Disneyland Paris App. Guest who do not have a smart phone can purchase a ticket from a Cast Member at City Hall or Studio Services.

How many times can I use Disney Premier Access?
Each ticket is a single use only for the date and time shown.

How many Disney Premier Access ticket can I buy?
You can only buy a maximum of 3 Disney Premier Access to each attraction per guest per day.
For larger groups it is also worth noting you can also only hold a maximum of 12 tickets, per attraction per time slot.

Can I get a refund if I do not use the ticket?
The Access ticket is only valid on the day of purchase for the time slot shown. You will not be refunded if you do not redeem your ticket at the attraction entrance.

What do you think of the FastPass system?

We would love to know your thoughts on the new pricing structure for the Disney Premier Access, let us know what you think about in the comments below..

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