Disneyland Paris 30th Anniversary Logo, Video Trailer & Celebration Start Date!

Disneyland Paris 30th Anniversary Logo, Video Trailer & Celebration Start Date!

Disneyland® Paris will kick off its 30th anniversary celebration in just 6 months, on march 6, 2022. Whilst Walt Disney World’s 50th anniversary may be taking center stage at the moment, it’s important to remember that Disneyland Paris will also be celebrating a major milestone next year. As the countdown begins, Disneyland Paris have released the 30th anniversary logo, video trailer and celebration details!

Disneyland® Paris officially welcomed its first guests on April 12, 1992, and the park has continued to expand with new stories, characters and adventures ever since. With franchises such as Disney, Pixar, Star Wars and MARVEL, it’s no surprise the park has become the number one tourist destination in Europe.

Disneyland Paris 30th Celebration Details

With a major milestone approaching in just 6 months, guests can anticipate more Magic on the horizon as Disneyland Paris kicks off the 30th Anniversary on March 6, 2022. This once-in-a-lifetime celebration of the resort’s enchanting past and exciting future will invite guests to enter a shining new era where they will dream bigger, laugh louder and smile wider.

Watch the Disneyland Paris 30th Anniversary Video

Stay updated about the Disneyland Paris 30th Anniversary

We’ll keep you updated with what Disneyland Paris have planned for their 30th Anniversary as more details are revealed about the celebration.

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