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Day 19 Christmas Quiz Time : Disneyland Paris Christmas Advent Calendar

Day 19 Christmas Quiz Time : Disneyland Paris Christmas Advent Calendar

For a second day in a row we get another first in the Disneyland Paris Advent Calendar. On the 19th of December 2020 we have our first Disneyland Paris Christmas Quiz Time! This live show will again be hosted on Youtube on Saturday at 7pm. In addition this this, the video will also be available to rewatch on YouTube you can watch and sing along with the Disneyland Paris Karaoké – Christmas is Here.

Disneyland Paris Christmas Advent Calendar 19th December. Disneyland Paris Christmas Quiz Time

This unique online quiz is only available on YouTube. The quiz is hosted in french, and for UK viewers you may want to wait until it’s available to rewatch to ensure you can pause and translate if required.

Each question you will be given a single questions and 4 possible answers. However, you will only have 20 seconds to make your choice. If you are rewatching you can pause and give yourself longer.

After the timer has stopped it will then show you the correct answer. The questions range from Character based, to rides, and hotels. They will also ave fun rounds where you have to put together a jigsaw by numbers.

As well as being a fund quiz to do, it also provides some great knowledge about the parks. I will not say any of this within this article, but give the video a watch and you will see!

The Lyrics to Disneyland Paris Christmas Is Here!


Christmas Advent Calendar Countdown

As each new day arrives and a new window opens, we will also be highlighting whats behind each door. We will be showcasing all the days in the Disneyland Paris Christmas Advent Calendar heading our way.

We have created a dedicated section on our blog to allow you to quickly and easily see all the days of Christmas. Click here to view the complete collection of the Disneyland Paris Christmas Advent Calendar.

Merry Christmas and Au revoir!

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