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15% OFF Disney Lego at ShopDisney

15% OFF Disney Lego at ShopDisney

Today ShopDisney have released a new offer of 15% off Disney Lego sets on ShopDisney, allowing you to save up to £100 whilst creating endless fun! Currently ShopDisney has 6 Lego sets available within this promotion, with the offer ending at 8am on the 14th of November. Great timing to buy those Christmas presents! Included in this offer is 6 lego sets, which can be split into two categories, Disney and Star Wars.

15% off Disney Lego Sets

Within the Disney section, they have added the loved Walt Disney World Castle Set 71040 and the Lego Disney Train Station Set 71044. The latest addition of the Lego Micky and Minnie Figures is not included in this promotion.

Created from 4080 lego pieces, the Walt Disney World Castle Set includes special Disney Lego Characters. Including Micky, Minnie, Donald, Daisy and Tinker Bell. The Lego Castle Set is a statement piece to any room. Standing at around 74cm high, 48cm width, 31 cm depth.

Tthe Lego Disney Train Station Set is built with 2925 lego pieces. The limited edition characters included in this set are Micky, Minnie, Goofy, Chip and Dale. Train station building H39 x W36 x D16cm with the train coming in at H12 x W8 x L78cm approx.

15% off Star Wars, Saving up to £100

The Lego Star wars collection has 4 products within this promotion. From the Massive Star Destroyer and Millennium Falcom to the smaller Darth Vader Castle Set.

The Millennium Falcom is available in two sizes. From the massive 7541 piece to the child friendly 1351 version. Each one is great for its own reasons. The smaller version is a great toy for children to build and play with. Whilst the large one is a labour of love and a must have collector item!

Similarly to Star Destroyer is another labour of love lego set. With 4784 pieces, The Devastator Imperial Star Destroyer model features swivelling guns, a tilting radar dish, huge engine exhausts and intricate surface detailing

Finally, the Darth Vader Castle. A different twist on the usual Disney Castle, this Star Wars castle is produced from 1060 lego pieces. You will also get a buildable version of Vader’s TIE Advanced Fighter

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