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New Disney Castle Collection Series

New Disney Castle Collection Series

ShopDisney have announced a new line of Limited Edition pins, figures, ornaments and more as part of their new Disney Castle Collection. Taking a new approach, ShopDisney have decided to focus on Disney ‘Castles’ rather than Characters. With a total of 10 ‘series’, with each one celebrating a Disney Princess’s enchanted dwellings and castles.

Each series will inspired by each castle and will contain 5 different products. As well containing the limited edition Castle Collection Pin, it will also feature decorative Ornaments, Light-Up Castle Figurines, Limited edition journal and a unique jigsaw puzzle.

The new series launches online on April 16th 2020 at 8am (GMT). The first in this series will be Cinderella.

The series will be based upon 10 Disney films. These will include Cinderella, Frozen, Mulan, Snow White, Tangled, Sleeping Beauty, Aladdin, The Little Mermaid, Brave, Beauty and the Beast. From the release of the products so far, it also appears that they are being released in this order.

Disney Castle Collection Pin

Popular Castle Collection Questions

Here we will try and answer the most common questions in relation to this new Castle Collection series released by ShopDisney.

When are they released?

The collection was announced to be a bi-monthly release date. At first there was a little confusion of this statement. We initially considered this being released twice a month. However, as we have now had multiple releases this has been confirmed that they will be released once every 2 months. They were first released in April 2020. However, although they stated it would be bi-monthly, this is not set in stone. They did delay the Mulan Series by a number of weeks to coincide with the release of the film on Disney+.

Will each series have the same products?

Each series does have some similar products, however, they are also difference in each. With the releases so far, they have had the same. Each Collection has included a Disney Pin, Ornament, Castle Figure, Journal and Jig-Saw Puzzle.

How can we store and display the Disney Castle Collection Pins?

Disney Castle Collection

These special edition pins are far larger than the normal pins. If you don’t want to display them on your lanyard, I am not sure you will have space to fit them all on, they is a special display frame available! Disney have released an Official Disney Store Castle Collection Pin Collector Frame. Thats a lot of words! However designed to fit the unique shapes of each Pin, this will be a must have frame for any collector!

view on ShopDisney

When will the next series of the Castle Collection be released?

Disney release the information around a week before the actual release. However, below we have created pages on all of the series within the collection to ensure we can provide you with the most up to date information on one page. Please click the series below for more information on the products, release date and other news regarding.

Release information for each Series

  • Disney Beauty and the Beast Castle Collection
    The final Part 10 of 10. Complete your collection with the Disney Beauty and the Beast Castle Collection, which will take inspiration from the Beast’s Castle. One of the most famous Disney Castles, and maybe why they left it till last, it is the home […]
  • Disney Pixar Brave Castle Collection
    Part 9 of 10, the Disney Pixar Brave Castle Collection will take inspiration from Castle DunBroch, of Clan DunBroch in the Highlands of Scotland. This Castle is the home of Princess Merida, King Fergus, Queen Elinor and Harris, Hubert, and Hamish. This series will be […]
  • Disney The Little Mermaid Castle Collection
    Part 8 of 10, Disney The Little Mermaid Castle Collection can take inspiration from two homes within the film. Will they pick King Tritons Palace or Prince Erics Castle, only time will tell. Which ever option they pick I am sure it will be a […]
  • Disney Aladdin Princess Jasmine Castle Collection
    Part 7 of 10 of the Disney Castle Collection will take inspiration from the film Aladdin, in particular Princess Jasmine and the Sultan’s Palace. This series is due for release on the 14th May at ShopDisney. Princess Jasmine Castle Collection will include 5 new products. […]
  • Disney Sleeping Beauty Castle Collection
    Part 6 of 10 of the Disney Sleeping Beauty Castle Collection will take inspiration from Sleeping Beauty Castle. This series is due for release on the 22nd February at ShopDisney. They say if you dream it more than once, it’s sure to come true Sleeping […]
  • Disney Tangled Castle Collection (Repunzel)
    Part 5 of 10 of the Disney Tangled Castle Collection takes inspiration from Repunzel’s film Tangled. We think this may feature the famous Repunzel Tower or Corona Castle. Although the set is yet to be released we can’t wait to see what they incorporate into […]
  • Disney Snow White Castle Collection
    ShopDisney have announced the latest release date for Snow White Castle Collection, the 4th release in the series. The latest addition to this series is the original Disney Princess Snow White, and features the ‘Evil’ Queens Castle. Situated atop a cliff, this beautiful castle is […]
  • Disney Mulan Castle Collection
    Finally, after weeks of waiting ShopDisney have announced the 3rd series in the Castle Collection. The Mulan Castle Collection will be released on the 4th September. Although no official word has been stated about the delay in the release of this series, we assume this […]
  • Disney Frozen Castle Collection
    The Disney Castle Collection has quickly become a fan favourite collection with many items selling out within minutes. After the beautiful Cinderella series, ShopDisney have announced the second series featuring Arendelle Castle from Frozen. The Frozen Castle Collection (2 of 10) will be released in […]
  • Disney Cinderella Castle Collection
    ShopDisney have announced the latest release date for the 1st series of the Castle Collection. This new and exclusive collection at ShopDisney begins with Cinderella. Although we do believe it should be Prince Charming, as after all it is his castle! The royal palace possesses […]

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