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Disney Mulan Castle Collection

Disney Mulan Castle Collection

Finally, after weeks of waiting ShopDisney have announced the 3rd series in the Castle Collection. The Mulan Castle Collection will be released on the 4th September. Although no official word has been stated about the delay in the release of this series, we assume this is to go alongside the release of the Mulan film to Disney+ as a joint marketing venture.

With the previous two releases, and information into the Mulan range we can now see that the product ranges are the same for each series. If like any other products in the series some of these will sell out within minutes so make sure you are online when it launches.

The grandest monument in all of China, the Imperial Palace is used to host important guests, like our warrior princess Mulan. Featuring spectacular spaces from within the palace


This new series of the Mulan Castle Collection (3 of 10), brings with it 5 new and exclusive Imperial Palace inspired products.

The Mulan Castle Collection Pin

The new Mulan Pin takes inspiration from the Imperial Palace. Similar to the previous releases the pin is beautifully designed and will open to reveal the hidden interior of the Palace.

Pin Approx Size: H11 x W7cm, Please note we assume this is a mistake by Disney, as it is much wider than its height.

Price £22

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The Imperial Palace Light Up Figure

The third ‘Castle’ figure released as part of the Castle Collection is the Imperial Palace from Mulan.

Inspired from the film Mulan, this light up Figure is an intricately sculpted figurine with painted details. It also features a Light-up design with on/off switch and uses AAA batteries (supplied).

Figure Approx Size: H18 x W28 x D18cm

Price £120

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The Imperial Palace Ornament

The Imperial Palace is one of the grandest momuments in China, and it is now available as an ornament as part of this collection.

Once used to host the warrior princess Mulan, and many other guests, the Palace is painted red to symbolise strength and prosperity.

Ornament Approx Size: H8 x W12 x D7cm

Price £22

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The Mulan Castle Journal

Another fantastic journal as part of the Castle Collection, perfect for all Mulan fans. The hardcover journal contains an embossed castle artwork with ‘Castle Collection Vol. III’ embossed on spine whilst also having a Palace and comb artwork in corner of pages.

With around 140 white lined pages, the journal features Imperial Palace artwork at intervals. In addition to this the journal includes a Red Ribbon bookmark with a charm. Finally, this journal also includes a pull-out poster!

Journal Approx Size: H24 x W19 x D3cm

Price £19

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The Mulan Castle Jig-Saw Puzzle

Created by Ravensburger, this high-quality printed jig saw puzzle is part of the Mulan Castle Collection. As with the others from the collection the puzzle will feature 1000 pieces and will be great for all ages.

Approx Finished Puzzle Size: H70 x W50cm approx

Price £15

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Popular Questions

These are some of the most common questions we are asked about the castle collection series. Therefore, we have answered these with the most up to date information.

When is the Mulan Castle Collection Released?

The Mulan Collection Pin, and other products will be released on the 4th September 2020 at 8am (GMT), a month later than expected. We assume this is to go alongside the release of Mulan to Disney+

What is included in the Collection?

This series has a total of 5 products available. These are…

  • Disney Pin
  • Castle Figurine
  • Ornament
  • Journal
  • Jig-Saw

Other Series within the Disney Castle Collection

With a total of 10 ‘series’, with each one celebrating a Disney Princess and their enchanted dwellings and castles. Find out the latest information for each of the series within the Castle Collection

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